10 Most Beautiful Mountains in Geoje

I am a nature lover & an outdoor person. Whenever I get a chance, I like to do hiking, tracking & explore the surroundings. Geoje Island in South Korea gives you ample opportunity to be in touch with nature.

There are many mountains in Geoje perfect for hiking, adventure sports & photography.

The mountains are covered with pine trees & other wild trees. During the spring, the whole valley is covered with Azalea flowers which looks like a royal carpet.

As fall is approaching, this is a perfect time to explore these magnificent mountains before winter locks us up in our houses.

10 Most Beautiful Mountains in Geoje

List of Mountains in Geoje


1. Mt. Garasan

It is the tallest mountain in Geoje towering over 585 m. It has an interesting historical link to it which dates back to 503 AD. The origin of the name ‘Garasan’ dates back to Gaya dynasty. If you are an explorer kind, make sure to check out the temple site although the original temple doesn’t exist anymore.

How to reach: from Geoje-> Dongbu->Nambu->Myeon Dadae ( travel time is approx 45-50 mins)


2. Mt. Guksabong

If you ever explored Okpo or Suwol, you must be familiar with Guksabong. It is surrounding these two areas. You can plan a nice weekend hike here. Scholars frequently visited the mountain hence the name Guksabong.

How to reach: Geoje bridge-> Oepo->Songjeong->Okpo ( travel time is approx 20-25 mins)

Geoje bridge-> Sagok->Gohyun->Suwol ( travel time is approx 25-30 mins)

3. Mt. Bukbyeongsan

The majestic mountain range is located in Sageo-dong. Mundong waterfall is a popular site in Geoje. It’s interesting to know that the water in the fall comes from Bukbyeonsan mountain range. In the past, there used to be a Buddha temple. But now you will find only remains of it.

How to reach: Geoje bridge-> Gohyun->Moondongmaeul( travel time is approx 20-25 mins)

Geoje bridge-> Sagok->Gohyun->Moondongmaeul( travel time is approx 20-25 mins)


4. Mt. Oknyeobong

One of the most famous & beautifully located mountains, Oknyeonbong offers s stunning view of the World famous “Daewoo Choson Haeyang” (  Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., DSME,  also termed as one among the ‘Big three’ Shipbuilders in South Korea). Also, plan a visit to ‘Yijin Temple.’

How to reach:    Geoje bridge-> Sagok->Gohyun->Okpo->Aju-> Okrim->Sodong( travel time is approx 60 mins)

Geoje bridge-> SongJeong->Okpo->Aju-> Okrim->Sodong( travel time is approx 30-35 mins)

5. Mt. Daegumsan

10 Most Beautiful Mountains in Geoje

One of my favorites in Geoje with a stunning view atop the mountain. It also hosts the Daegeumsan Azalea Festival ( spring festival celebrating blossom of Azalea flower in the valley). Hike to the top to soak in the breathtaking scenery including Aegan sea & the famous Geoje bridge.

How to reach: Okpo->Aju-> Okrim->Sodong( travel time is approx 60 mins)


Picture perfect Mountains in Geoje

6. Mt. Mangsan

Mt. Mangsan gets its name from a historical event dating back to the Koryu dynasty. It is said that during the Japanese invasion people used to claim up to this small mountain & stood guard (Mang) to track the Japanese ships. Now the place is frequented by locals & tourists alike.

How to reach: Geoje bridge->Geoje->Nambu ( travel time is approx 1 Hr)

                     Geoje bridge->Sagok->Geoje->Nambu ( travel time is approx 55-60 mins)

7. Mt. Aengsan

Mt. Aengsan has a fascinating shape. The name Aengan means a night angel is rising to the sky. With blue water & greenery all around, the mountain gives a nice view of Gohyun bay.

How to reach: Geoje bridge->Sagok->Gohyun->Yeonchohanne->Hacheongseokpo ( travel time is approx 40-45 mins)

Geoje bridge->Gwanpo->Yeonchohanne->Hacheongseokpo ( travel time is approx 30-35 mins)

8. Mt. Seonjasan

Mt. Seonjasan ( shaped like a folding fan) is connected to Mt. Geryongsan. It is also a great site to see the Spring blossom of Azalea flowers.

How to reach: Geoje bridge->Sagok->Geoje->Dongbu->Yoocheonmaeul ( travel time is approx 30-35 mins)

9. Mt. Nojasan

With a magnificent view, rare birds & trees, greenery all around, Mt. Nojasan is a delight to explore. Do not forget to explore the Hyeyangsa Temple & Valley in the vicinity.

How to reach: Geoje bridge->Sagok->Gohyun->Dongbu->Hakdong ( travel time is approx 40-45 mins)

Geoje bridge->Geoje->Dongbu->Hyeyangsa ( travel time is approx 35-40 mins)


10. Mt. Sanbangsan

A must visit the place during fall foliage in South Korea. The whole pine forest gets a makeover. You will see the warm hues of fall reds, maroons, browns & shades of green. The glorious view of Aagean sea from atop the mountain is awe-inspiring.


How to reach: Geoje bridge->Geoje->Oksanmaeul ( travel time is approx 40-45 mins)

Geoje bridge->Sadeung->Oksanmaeul ( travel time is approx 40-45 mins)

Geoje bridge->Sagok->Geoje->Oksanmaeul ( travel time is approx 15-20 mins)


I have hiked a few of these mountains & plan to explore the rest of it.  Hopefully, you will find the information useful. Nature has blessed this small island, Geoje, abundantly. There are many places still need to be seen & I am quite kicked about it. Soon will come back with a new experience to share with you all. Happy Traveling…


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10 Most Beautiful Mountains in Geoje


Final Words

These beautiful mountains in Geoje are perfect for hiking & Trekking. There are proper trails & steps to take you to the peak or an observation point on most of these mountains.

I had a lovely time exploring & capturing the beauty of these mountains & have my favorites too. Which one is your favorite among these mountains in Geoje?


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