10 reasons why Men Must Keep Karva Chauth

1. Karvachauth is a great occasion to show your loyalty. You were caught red-handed drooling over the ‘New neighbor’  or talking endlessly about the new ‘Hot chick’ at your office. It’s the time to start the damage control. Make her believe that you are still her loyal ‘Duchy-Koo’ 😉

2. You don’t want to mess with the ‘Woman’ of the house. To be in her good book, sacrifice your one-day appetite. Keep fast for your spouse. Try it its not very hard.

3. You bulging belly won’t earn you any brownie points at home or outside. Agreed one day of ‘Forced’ hunger strike won’t get rid of years of the fat pile but you would feel fresh & lighter for sure.

4. Pray for spouse’s long life. No one else, mind you, would ‘nurture you ‘ the way she does. You are a grown up “kid’ your mother has handed over to your wife & you wouldn’t want to upset your keeper.Would you ?? 😀

5. You got married, you are lucky. With a current Girl boy ratio, it’s a miracle to find a girl to marry.

6. It’s possible that India -Pak live peacefully till eternity, but it’s highly improbable that your wife & mother live under the same roof without fireworks. If, of late, there are no gunshots & mutiny at the home front, Thank you, wife. Maybe your mother & wife have signed some secret peace treaty.Show some respect by celebrating the K- day in honor of  “Commander-in-chief.

7. Your super bratty kids are keeping two warring countries in check. Only your wife can control them & keep the house intact. Don’t believe it. Keep them with you for a day by yourself. I bet if, by the end of the day, you would crawl on your knees pleading for your life. Don’t risk your sanity.

8. Want to make an impression at your office. Boast about your ‘ Karvachauth ‘ day. You would notice an instant increase in your female fan following. Women love this sentimental stuff.  Enjoy all the attention.

9. The action is louder than words. Just praising your wife in front friends or acquaintances won’t work. Lighten your pocket & buy her something special [ don’t even think of home appliances, fitness DVDs or good old chocolate & flowers. They are oh-so-predictable & uncool ]. Be creative & plan something spectacular. Clueless. Google it Mate  😀

10 reasons why Men Must Keep Karva Chauth


10. Thank your spouse for putting together the random piece of your Life’s jigsaw puzzle & making a beautiful picture out of it with her sheer perseverance & tactics.

Karva Chauth is a beautiful day meant just for you & your lovely spouse. Fill  it with your love & warmth. Celebrate Karva Chauth together. Make her feel special. You would cherish these moments for life. Happy karma Chauth !!


  1. Haha! Garima, love the fun aspect of this post..ask for plate full of jewellery and m so happy I am not married..have no intention do so..lolz..reinforce ma beliefs on the capitalism of Karva Chauth..lolz but the post was awesome:)

  2. Pray for a Long Life and ask for a ‘Plate full of Jewelry’ … The two disjoint statements probably contradicts each other 🙂

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