I am a Woman of the 21st century. My lifestyle involves interacting with many strangers or going to Unknown places on day to day basis. I can’t be asking my parents, sibling or friends to accompany me everywhere. It is better to equip myself with useful apps like Smart Suraksha app & keep in mind few handy tricks to avoid any unwanted situation. With ever increasing crime graph all over the country, we can’t simply rely on the law & authorities our safety. Here are 10 Smart safety tips for women

Mumbai or Maximum city is a city that never sleeps. I love the vibe of this city. You can always see hundreds of  people around you.  You are hardly alone.BUT, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t be caught in some unpleasant situation. Occurrence can’t be avoided but you can avoid  the situation to take an ugly turn.

Here are some of my 10 Smart Safety tips that can help you in any sticky situation.


1. Local trains are Mumbai’s lifeline. If you are in Mumbai you got to travel by train. Usually, train is packed but in case you are travelling late, Try and avoid travelling in the comparatively empty compartment. It’s better to travel in general boggy with male passengers in such situation. The presence of people demotivates offenders to commit any crime.


10 Smart Safety tips

2. When traveling to an unknown area, DONOT  discloses it to the cabbie. He might take you for a ride. Use Technology for your advantage & reach the destination safely. If possible, do some research beforehand. Mark some important landmark so that you can direct the cabbie giving him an idea that you are familiar with the place.

3. Try & note the cab no. & driver’s name, if possible. You can store it in your phone or message it to Special contact numbers. You can call any of your friend or parents & tell them about your whereabouts & time taken to reach your destination. If a third person knows about  your location, no one would dare to do any wrong to you.

4. Keeping a Pepper spray can or pocket knife comes very handily. It throws the attacker off  guard for a while. Rush to nearest crowded place & inform the police immediately.

Sweet sharing Smart suraksha tips


5. Learn some self-defense techniques. Nowadays there are many martial art institutions running in the vicinity. Enroll in any one of them & equip yourself with some deadly moves to knock down the offender. You will feel a lot more confident & safe.

6. Go easy on Jewellery & cash when in public places. It helps you to avoid unnecessary attention.


Home is the safest place on earth. Agreed ? Well no. There have been several incidents recently that took place behind the four walls of one’s home. Murder, Rape, robbery & assault. If little care & precaution is taken, you could avoid many such occurrences. Let’s take a look at few effective tips to make your home safe.

7. Install a home security system . You can customize it as per your requirement. It is especially useful for working couple who have to leave their children at home for long hours, senior citizens or ladies living alone for a long hour after their husbands leave for office.

Sweet sharing smart Suraksha tips

8. Know your neighbors. Too busy to interact with your neighbors.Well, its time to mingle with them a little. When an emergency strikes, they are the first people who can extend immediate help. Maintain cordial relations with your neighbors. After all William Shakespeare had rightly said

‘ Love thy neighbor as thyself”- William Shakespeare

9. Hire Domestic helps after proper verification. In all most all house robberies & assault, whose help was involved. Take services of Domestic  help agencies who follow proper procedures. Don’t pick random people just because they come cheap & conveniently.

10. Now the most important of them all, a very useful app which allows you to contact five of your chosen contacts by a single message. Smart Suraksha APP.  Outdoors or indoors, you can remain connected with your close people 24x 7. Most wonderful features of this app are that it sends your location to your chosen numbers ensuring better safety. It ensures that help will reach you quickly without wasting valuable time. STAY ALERT, STAY SAFE.




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