11 Best Places to Study Abroad ( Affordable & Student Friendly)

Studying abroad offers a new experience that you can never get at home. When you choose one of these best places to study abroad, you meet new people who enrich your perspective of the world. It is also a chance to visit some of the most amazing places other people can only read about.

Admittedly, studying abroad is not easy. You have to relocate, learn new languages, experience culture shock, and stay away from friends as well as family. Still, it is the only way to get into some of the most prestigious institutions around the world or study courses that are only offered in particular colleges.

The experience you enjoy while studying abroad will depend on the choice you make. While there are thousands of world class colleges around the world, why do you choose one or a country over the other?

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Here are the most important considerations to make when going abroad to guarantee the best learning experience. 

Quality of Education

Global education is an incredible addition to your CV. However, not every institution is worth the time or the resources. Choose an institution that is renowned for offering quality education such that it becomes a positive element in your life. 

You can know about the quality of education by checking the global rankings. A history of excellent performance is good when making your choice. Do not end up wasting valuable time earning a degree that will not be recognized. 

Quality Learning Environment

The geopolitical elements surrounding the learning environment are critical for any meaningful learning to take place. How much freedom and resources are available to learning institutions to guarantee quality learning. 

Choose a college with advanced teaching equipment and reputable tutors. A peaceful country that allows you to complete your studies without hitches is also necessary. You do not have to worry about your life while collecting data in a remote field or enjoying your social life in the evening after a tough day in school.


It is always expensive to study abroad. Most universities will charge a fraction above what the locals pay. You must also consider the cost of accommodation, means, and local travel. In most cases, studying abroad involves flying into the country. In case you need to see your family members or have an emergency, you must prepare a return ticket.

The resources available to foreigners may also be limited, meaning that you have to dig deeper into your pocket. Personal preferences and the possibility of a culture shock are also crucial factors to consider. It is especially important to be comfortable with the learning language used. 

 11 Best Places To Study Abroad

1. Norway

Hardanger Fjord Norway

Norway has one of the best education system in the world. They are committed to quality education. Everyone in Norway has ‘Right to Education‘ which means they are obligated to complete at least primary & lower secondary level education.

Students in Norway have a well-rounded life, a fine balance of Social & cultural activities. The country encourages people from all over the world to live, study & work here.

Most of the educational institutions are state-supported hence providing affordable education to students of all levels. The standard of living is high.

Quality education ,favorable policies, good public transportation system & easy integration of international students makes it on of the best places to study abroad.

2. France 

Eiffel Tower is probably the most iconic image many people have about France. However, it has one of the richest histories in education.

Some of the people who transformed education in the world came from France including Etienne Dolet, Claudius Salmasius, and Rene Descartes, among others. These are among the many scholars who have set a foundation for education in France. 

So, what will give you a rewarding college experience in France and not anywhere else? 

Well, no one will deny that France has one of the richest histories. You have a chance to visit endless chateaus, cottages, and the attractions of Mt. Saint Michel.

You can also spend your weekends visiting Cote d’Azur,  Palace of Versailles, and the iconic Louvre Museum. As an international city, the people are welcoming, guaranteeing the best experience abroad. 

3. Denmark

Demark is one of the most favorable international countries in the world. Rated among the top most hospitable countries in Europe, Denmark has a rich history in education. It is regarded as the land of fairytales. It has been voted several times as the happiest country in the world. 

Denmark also hosts some of the most colorful and iconic castles, towers, and churches. Its prowess has inspired such movies as Cinderella and the Little Mermaid, among others.

While the most common language spoken is Danish, a significant population understands and uses English. You, therefore, will have no problem communicating or making friends. 

4. United States of America

The High Road to Taos

The United States of America is one of the best places to study abroad & largest recipients of international students worldwide. It has an average of 750,000 international students at each moment.

The students are drawn from all countries across the world. While the cost of education is high in US, there are numerous opportunities for students to earn money while studying. 

USA is also receptive to international students & considered one of the best places to study abroad by people worldwide. In fact, most of these students end up staying behind after graduation.

There are excellent opportunities to work and pursue career excellence. Switching between universities and careers also makes learning easier. 

5. South Korea

22 Best Places to visit in South Korea (City Wise List)

If you remember ‘Gangnam style’, then you should know that something fantastic can come out of South Korea. It is one of the few Asian countries that have embraced English as a language of communication and instruction. It is also a leading country in technology and innovation. It is home to some of the most advanced universities in the world. 

Because of its open international policy, South Korea hosts an incredible range of international students. With a vibrant economy, you will test your skills even as you acquire the knowledge. The country also offers a rich cultural and social life, giving you an unforgettable college experience. 

6. Germany 

#InstaWeek 1: From Berlin With Love

Germany has a rich history of invention and technical development. It has given the world some of the most efficient machines. It also has a rich history of arts with some of the most recognizable artists being George Fredrick Handel, Beethoven, and Carl Maria Weber, among others. 

As an economic powerhouse in Europe, you have a lot to learn. If you enjoy sports, you will enjoy expansive activities over weekends. Colleges also offer scholarships to sports personalities, opening numerous opportunities to grow your sporting career in the country. 

7. Japan 


Japan is considered a cultural melting point in Asia. It has a rich history of education and hospitality, making it one of the top destinations for international students.

Japan is also a leading technology giant, pointing at a possibility of expanding your technological understanding. If you are in the STEM areas, this is one of the places you will want to visit as a student. 

Japan hosts some of the most advanced STEM and art programs. The people are welcoming with incredible social activities to enjoy during your free time.

It is also becoming a rich international-education country, meaning that you can expect to interact with peers from around the world. 

8. Australia

Australia is common for wildlife of a kind. It also has gorgeous backdrop for intellectual engagement. You will be spending your free time with some of the rarest animal species in the world.

It is the place to study for students interested in astronomy, biology, and geography, among other classical courses. 

The language of communication and instruction makes Australia a desirable country. Further, you can choose different cities to study, based on personal preference. If you are adventurous, Australia is the place to be. 

9. Ireland

Skellig Michael Ireland

Ireland has some of the most stunning locations, an interesting history, and endless opportunities.

Despite advancement in technology and social infrastructure, the country has maintained touch with its culture. It has a rich literary culture that will capture the imagination of any art student. 

Ireland has a vibrant social life to fill your free time. You will also make loads of friends during the Gaelic football matches.

If you ever wanted to enjoy wrestling in the rawest form, Ireland is where to be. 

10. Canada

There is a reason why students vote Toronto as their top study destination. It is one of the cities in Canada that welcomes learners from all corners of the world.

It is attractive as a city and has one of the most vibrant social experiences making it one of the best places to study abroad.

Beyond hosting award-winning universities, Canada has a thriving economy. Even as you study, you have endless opportunities to work.

Most universities use English as the language of instruction. Because it welcomes students from all parts of the world, Canada will offer the right pedigree for a university student. 

11. South Africa

South Africa offers a mix of cultures and history. It has been regarded among the leading sources of innovative technology ideas. It is the birth place of one of the most courageous innovators of this decade by the name Elon Musk. 

With a rich history and a variety from the African continent, South Africa promises to be an exciting education destination.

You will be walking on the same soil that the iconic Nelson Mandela, a Nobel Peace Prize winner walked. It is also a chance to enjoy one of the most dynamic cultural offerings. 

Parting Words

Studying abroad comes with a mixed bag of fortunes. Research on your desired destination and prepare to embrace the challenges that come with the decision.

Hopefully,one of these best places to study abroad might be where you can further your college education and open a new chapter in life.

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11 Best Places to Study Abroad ( Affordable & Student Friendly)

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