12 Awesome Things To Do In Jeju Island

Jeju Island is one of the most sought after destinations in South Korea. Summer in Korea is a blessing. People look forward to sunny days when they can hit the beaches, explore landscapes, do fun activities with friends & family. Jeju island offers a perfect summer getaway. It won’t be wrong If I call it Paradise of East’

12 Awesome Things To Do In Jeju Island( Spring bloom at Seongsan Ilchulbong peak)

Must Visit Places  in Jeju Island

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak in Jeju island has an amazing history. It has taken its form due to a volcanic eruption around 100,000  years ago. During the spring season, this place literally cover up with thousands of flowers. The sweet aroma of flowers & sea makes it heavenly.

At the top of the peak, there is a giant crater that measures roughly around 600 m in diameter.  It looks like a large bowl. The place is perfect for hiking & horse riding.

12 Awesome Things To Do In Jeju Island

The greenery around the place is phenomenal.  The colors of the sea give a nice contrast to the green surroundings. If you are planning a trip, try it during the spring season. You will be pleasantly surprised by the Canola flower bloom.  You won’t find a better ‘Yellow Carpet’ in the whole world :D.

12 Awesome Things To Do In Jeju Island

Travel Tip: Do not forget to catch up the ‘Live performance’ by women divers. They don’t use any diving gears yet manage to remain under water for a long time. They start their job with a beautiful song. It’s worth capturing :) 

Jeongbang Waterfall

What is so special about the Jeongbang waterfall? It’s not only one of the best waterfalls of Jeju island but also the one which falls directly into the ocean. If you are in Jeju for a visit, this waterfall should be in your day 1 itinerary.  The soothing sound of waterfall & ocean waves hitting the rocky shore will sooth your mind & soul!

12 Awesome Things To Do In Jeju Island


Oedolgae or Janggunseok Rock is unofficial mascot of Jeju Island ( entirely my feeling). I say so because you will see it on almost every tourism billboard & ad. It’s unique, it is magnificent & it’s beautiful!Due to its exotic location, this place is favorite among the trekkers, filmmakers & visitors alike.

12 Awesome Things To Do In Jeju Island

Manjanggul Cave

This is a fascinating location in the whole of Jeju island. You will not find such a place elsewhere normally. It’s a UNESCO site. Manjanggual Cave is one of the longest lava caves in the world. You will be astonished to see beautiful rock formations. It is a whole new world altogether.

The place gives a different vibe. The temperature inside the cave is much lower than outside. You will feel the chill & thrill while walking in the dark caves. Walk until the end point of the cave. It’s totally worth it!

12 Awesome Things To Do In Jeju Island

The fascinating thing about the famous ‘Turtle rock’ is that it resembles the shape of Jeju Island.

12 Awesome Things To Do In Jeju Island( The famous Turtle Rock)

Travel Tip: Carry an umbrella or raincoat as there is continous water dripping inside the cave. Wear comfortable & non-slippery footwear. The floor is quite uneven & slippery! 

Beaches on Jeju Island

Jeju island has a number of serene beaches. After a long day of sightseeing & activities, hitting a calm beach is the bets idea. Almost all the beaches have fabulous cafes. Dip your tired feet in the cool ocean & sip coffee. The feeling is heavenly :)

12 Awesome Things To Do In Jeju Island


Are you a fan of puzzles? or fantasy movies? Well, I am! I immensely enjoyed getting lost in this huge maze ( Almost 5.3 km …isn’t that HUGE). I wish I could run around with a magic want :D

Mazeland offers a small yet interesting collection of lego art. A two-story museum is dedicated for lego & other puzzle items. You can also try out few puzzles.

12 Awesome Things To Do In Jeju Island

Jeju Love Land

The concept of love or Sex museum is quite popular in South Korea. Jeju Love Land takes pride in being the first such museum in Korea. Dedicated solely to the art of love-making, erotic fantasies,  Love Land is sure to tantalize your hidden desires.

12 Awesome Things To Do In Jeju Island

Travel Tips: Love Museum is strickly for Adults. If you are traveling with kids, you might as well skip it or make some arrangement for the kids. 

 Teddy Bear Museum

Like many major cities of Korea, Jeju island also has a museum dedicated to the universally loved character, the teddy bear. You won’t find anything unique here but the teddy bear in all different sizes & attire will keep you entertained for some time. There is a short movie that runs at regular intervals. All in all a place for the kids to explore & enjoy.

Jeju World Automobile Museum

One of the best museums to visit in Jeju island, Car museum house many vintages as well as futuristic car models. It’s a wholesome activity place for the family. Kids can ride mini cars ( toy :D ), get their own international driving license, play with deer & rabbits outside.

12 Awesome Things To Do In Jeju Island

Miniature Park

Although not as grand as its counterparts, Miniature Land is a to-go place for family travelers. You will find many famous monuments, landmarks & fairy tale depictions in this park. It also has a small museum catering to kids. ( also for adults who still like superheroes & cars)

12 Awesome Things To Do In Jeju Island


The circus is almost the thing of past. We usually associate it with 80’s or early 90’s. It was a pleasant surprise to catch this one. Although not a lavish one, how it used to be, it is sure to keep you glued for good 60 minutes. If you are traveling with your kids, try to catch it!

12 Awesome Things To Do In Jeju Island


The synchronized & sensual performance by Samba dancers is a delight to watch. You will be transported to the vibrant country of Brazil instantly. The acts are well rehearsed & gripping. Apart from entertainment, they also depict a lot about the life & culture of native people.

12 Awesome Things To Do In Jeju Island

If you still need a reason to visit Jeju, check out my Instagram account @garimanag or insta week post on Jeju island for some inspiration! :D

Do share your comments, suggestion or travel trivia in the comment section below. It’s always a pleasure to start a little conversation. Happy Traveling :)

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