No one wants to believe that something in their home is responsible for making their kids sick. Indoor pollutants occur in every household, though. It could interfere with your kid’s sleep, hygiene, and overall health.  You can reverse the problem by pinpointing what’s causing asthma, allergies, or respiratory issues running amok through the family.

3 Main culprits that make your kids sick

A Filthy Fridge

Cleaning out your fridge is likely on your weekly to-do list of cleaning tasks. Good for you; fridges get cluttered and messy in no time. How often do you empty it completely to scrub the drawers and shelves? Do you dig deep into all the corners, nooks, and crannies? Better put those tasks on your to-do list, too. It’s not necessary to deep clean the refrigerator weekly, but once or twice a month is critical. It affects the food you feed your child.

Most refrigerators these days are of the frost-free variety. These units melt all the frost in the fridge and freezer every few hours. The water that results from this process drips down into a pan, where it’s evaporated by the appliance’s compressor. However, if you don’t clean that pan, it quickly builds up a coating of dust and general ickiness. It’s worth noting that the tray is also responsible for containing anything that spills in the fridge.

To say that the filthy firdge is a breeding ground for mold is an understatement. It affects the food your kids eat and the air they breathe.

A Dirty Heating and Cooling System

Your heating and cooling system is one of the leading culprits of home-borne sicknesses, whether it’s a singular, integrated system or separate units. No matter how you heat and cool your house, you need to check ducts and filters regularly. You know that the fuel that heats your home can stain your walls. Imagine what it does to your lungs and throat. especially it can make your kids sick pretty quickly. Regardless of if you use oil, gas, or wood, change your filters every three months or so.

Each year before winter, have someone clean out the ducts and check that everything is in working order.

Your air conditioning unit is something else entirely. As it cools down the house, water remains in the ducts. With window units, that condensation leaks down along your windowsills and walls. Even though it’s a minuscule amount of water, it invites microbial growth. As bacteria and mold flourish, they’re released out into the air each time the A/C blows. That leads to health problems such as allergies, asthma, chest congestion, dry throat, and excruciating headaches. It’s essential to have your air conditioning unit serviced every couple of years at least. 

A Dusty Bedroom

It’s horrible to think that your child’s room causes sickness, allergies, or other health problems related to indoor pollutants, but it’s true.

Bedrooms are playgrounds for dust mites, microscopic bugs that show up even if you dust your child’s room on the daily.

Dust mites like clean rooms, in fact. They love-worn chairs and cozy bed sheets, as well. They adore the warmth and humidity created by human bodies. No home is immune to them, but regularly washing linens in hot water and drying them through completely will cut down on dust mites. Keep dusting and vacuum frequently, too.

Are you plagued by indoor pollution? How will you get rid of it?

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