4 Miraculous Skin Care Products In Your Kitchen



4 Miraculous Skin Care Products In Your Kitchen

Beauty at home, Our kitchen is an enormous treasure, filled with lovely ingredients that can translate into a beautiful dish or an amazing beauty product at any hour of the day. Here are 4 Miraculous Skin Care Products in Your Kitchen that you probably didn’t know about. Useful tips on how to use these ingredients for beautiful glowing skin.

4 Miraculous Skin Care Products In Your Kitchen

Milk Cream – all those lovely that have dry skin can swear by this natural moisturizer. It works wonders for dry skin.

1. Milk cream with few drops of honey & lemon juice is an excellent cleanser & moisturizer . It removes dirt & dead skin & leave a soft & glowing skin.

2. Milk cream added to wheat bran , rose-water , few drops of lemon , a pinch of turmeric & a dash of honey is a very good scrub .

3. Don’t have time for facial . Try this , add milk crème with few drops of essential oil , apply it as mask , see the difference yourself.

4 Miraculous Skin Care Products In Your Kitchen

Fenugreek seeds: – an amazing product that could be used in so many different ways

1. Soak seeds grind & mix with yogurt makes a great hair mask that can be used on any type of hair

2. Soak a spoon full of seeds in half a ltr of water ,keep it overnight . Drink it first thing in the morning . Its food weight management , constipation , stomach disorder , blood purification among many other benefits .

3. Dry roast it , grind in smooth powder . Have quarter of spoon empty stomach . Highly beneficial in diabetes .

4 Miraculous Skin Care Products In Your Kitchen

Lemon  :- Most versatile ingredient  . Many multinational cosmetic companies use it in soaps , cremes, cleansers.  Why not use it in unadulterated form.

1. Just throw in some slices of lemon, mint leaves, few coriander leaves  in 1 LTR of water. Keep it for few hours & drink normally. You can keep adding water in it throughout the day. Add some slices of the fruit of your choice to enhance the taste & benefits. Great detox recipe.

2. Mix drops of lemon juice in any homemade facial mask to get rid of blemishes, darkness & dullness.

3. Lemon juice with coconut oil is proven a remedy for dandruff. Keep it for 1 hr & cleanse with a mild shampoo.

4 Miraculous Skin Care Product In Your Kitchen

Saffron: – the king of spices lives up to its reputation

1. Saffron strands soaked in milk can lighten up any time of skin. It gave instant glow & freshness to the skin.

2. Mix a pinch of saffron with almond oil, apply it on your dark circle, see the difference shortly.

3. Saffron, rose petal & unboiled milk mixed together is unbeatable lip balm. Leave it for 15 minutes for those tender, poetry inspiring pink lips

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