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5 Amazing Reasons To Have Friends Of The Opposite Gender

5 Amazing Reasons To Have Friends Of The Opposite Gender

5 Amazing Reasons To Have Friends Of The Opposite Gender


Do You think we all need friends of both genders? Of course yes! Isn’t it the most natural thing. We have both the genders in our families. We have grown up watching both the genders existing together. We live in a web of social ties that comprises of many relationships at so many different levels. Love & Relationships, Friendship, Family, Live-in & Marriage.

I have both male & female friends. In fact. at one point in time, I was the only girl in all boys class. I will be lying if I say it was easy. It was awkward & tough at first. By eventually, it proved to be the blessing in disguise.

1. No More Shy Most of the relationship & dating sites thrive on the fact that girls & boys find it rather intimidating to approach the other gender. This hesitation stems from the system we follow, of isolating the genders at the beginning itself. We encourage kids to play within their gender group, provide them gender specific toys ( barbie for girls & guns n guns for boys). And when they grow up into this conservative environment later  we only blame them for being shy & hesitant. It is proven that kids who mingle up with the opposite gender are more adjusting & sociable.

2. A Healthy Perspective – Friends of opposite gender prove to be so helpful in developing a rational thinking. Having friends of opposite gender gives you a better perspective of thinking & facing problems. You rationalize the situation better & act accordingly. I shudder at the thought of having to face a misandrist or misogynist. They are extremes of unwanted behavior. Do you wanna be converted into one? Guess not!

3. Respect For Each Other- When the kids mingle with the opposite gender from the beginning, they learn so many things about each other. The behavior, reaction in a particular situation, thinking & many other things. 

4. Bursting the Stereotypes – Sample this


– Don’t cry

– Don’t need help

– Are always strong & invincible

– Superior to the Fairer Sex

– Suppose to be dominant & aggressive

– Not meant for doing house chores


– Need protection

– Are fragile & vulnerable

– Better at making decision

– Are better with ‘Light Jobs’ like academics, arts & managing.

– Should be submissive & obedient

– Better off at home taking care of the house & kids


Rings some bells? Aren’t we all fed these stereotypes & much more since the day we are born? We grow up having many misconceptions about the other gender. It eventually leads to huge gaps & misunderstandings. On the other hand, having friends both girls & boys clears many myths. It burst many age-old stereotypes & strengthen the bond between the individuals.

5. Better Preparation For The Future Ahead At some point or the other, you will have to work & coordinate with the opposite gender. Whether at school, work place & in a relationship. Having friends of the opposite gender indirectly teaches you many things about each other. You grow more tolerant & accepting. It reflects in your behavior.

The gender is only a part of one’s personality. Why we forget that we are much more than just being a man or a woman. Unfortunately, these so-called ‘norms’ governs our choices & behavior widely.

As a parent & an individual, it’s our duty to give a balanced upbringing to Gen Next. Let the boys cry, tell them there is nothing wrong with crying. We are all human after all. Let our daughters be assertive & physically tough. We need to teach them to be independent thinking & value themselves. Teach them that their opinion matters. They have a say in every matter concerning their lives & people around her. She doesn’t need to be protected but nurtured. Let’s not limit their potential & imagination. A guy can do art & still be a man and a girl who does a combat can be a caring mother too.

Male & female are supposed to be the ‘Yin & Yang’ energy of the universe. One can’t survive without the other. It helps you discover a part of your personality that you didn’t even know ever existed. Still doubtful about having a BFF of the opposite gender, GO WATCH re-runs of ‘ FRIENDS’, you will know what have you been missing all this while :).


    • HI Nikita

      Thanks for your amazing comment. Friends be=ring out the best in us. Friendship teaches us so many things. Even I never sat & pondered over it. Its when I started writing this post then I realized what a relationship it is. And having opposite gender friends makes it more eclectic & pleasant.

      Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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