The city of Kochi in India has always been known as a popular trade center. It is quite popular among tourists and locals alike. However, its current vibe is far more exciting to shoppers, who have a strong taste for the well-curated. There are so many cool things to buy in Kochi that you need to dedicate a whole day to shopping.
Shopping in Kochi is not just an exciting experience but it also lets you feel the essence of the old and new connecting. You have an option to enjoy the romantic backwaters as well as the modern lifestyle in the metropolitan city of Kochi.

Things to buy in Kochi

If you are wondering what you can take home from Kochi, then the list starts with banana chips and ends with silk clothing. Apart from enjoying the exotic locations & Kerala cuisine, there are several other things that should be on your TO-DO list.

Around the city, you will find old merchants doing business in the same space as hip, younger designers. A perfect blend of family-run businesses that flaunt a traditional vibe with new-age Indies, who create modern, fresh jewelry and clothing is seen as part of the shopping culture in the city.

Shopping is a leisure activity but it also lets you explore the local trade. You can pick several items from clothing to food items to souvenirs. The list is endless. I have compiled a list of famous things to buy in Kochi for you to have a great shopping experience.

Pro Tip: Kochi is a bargain city. You must have good skills to strike a deal

Shopping for Food Items in Kochi



Banana Chips – Little plastic bags containing hard yellow salted chips are irresistible buys. The banana chips are prepared in a way that makes them last a long time.

Spices– Aromatics trade is major in Kochi. Cloves, Cinnamon, Pepper, and other aromatics are readily available in the city.

Coffee– You can’t afford to miss the aromatic coffee blended to perfection. The good things are you can take it back with you to keep enjoy is long after you leave Kochi.

Aromatic oils & Essence: Aromatic oils have great use in medicine & beauty treatment. You can buy good quality essential oils and essence for various purposes.


Handloom and handmade Shopping


Another, Manvi, Cinnamon, and Seemati are all boutiques sporting Indian outfits and handmade embroidered dresses. Drop into Kasavukada if you’re looking for handloom dresses and sarees, or ethnic wear for men.

Buying cute traditional dresses for kids is a lovely idea. They have beautiful clothes for boys and girls in different sizes, colors, and designs. I love traditional clothing & loved the clothes that I bought for my children. They looked adorable!


Gifts & Souvenir Shopping


There are many gifts and souvenir shops in Kochi. They have a wide selection of handmade items, artworks, photo frames, wall art and various decorative pieces to brighten up your home.

I bought many art pieces for my coffee table mainly wooden handicraft and few beautiful metal sculptures that will remind me of my exceptional trip to Kochi



Shopping for clothes

This city is famous for exquisite silver and gold jewelry and its silk emporiums. You can’t leave Kochi without buying at least one traditional dress or silk saree. While most South Indian cities sell the same products, Kochi has a whole lot of this. While shopping is fun, it involves you tramping up and down several locations.



Jewelry Shopping in Kochi


South Indian Jewelry is unique & intricate. There is so much variety & style to suit your budget & taste that you will definitely own some good pieces of ornaments. They are available in various range, material & for different occasions.

I saw some exquisite pieces of jewelry in Gold, Diamond & precious stones. The best part is most of the Jewelry shops & stores will accept personalized orders. If you have time, You can go for a customized piece of Jewelry.


Best Places for Shopping in Kochi

1. LuLu Mall: While LuLu Mall is massive, you can skirt through 215 retail, beverage, food and entertainment outlets, going on a shopping spree.

2. Oberon Mall is another popular spot that plays home to 8 large anchor stores.

3. It stores 80 international brands spread over the entire building.

4. Continue onto MG Road to find fashion’s finest in international and Indian styles.

5. While on the mall circuit, don’t forget to pay a visit to Nucleus Mall. It is considered to be the country’s first LEED-certified green mall. It is the ideal spot for a suburban shopping experience.

6. Grande Gold Souk is another mall with 150 stores.

7. While the malls are mostly on MG Road, Broadway consists of a maze of streets and alleys that house a different market.

8. If you are looking for cherries and trinkets, Mattancherry is the perfect place.

9. Travel to Jew Town to check out the entire setup of art galleries and antique shops.

10. Also, check out the exquisite spice market.11. Tourist-friendly shops can be located on Princess Street, where almost everything is found.

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Final Words

Kochi is a wonderful place to spend time with your family. Explore its bewitching beauty, backwaters, beaches & don’t forget to buy the amazing things from Kochi. Happy Traveling!



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