5 Essentials to decorate a living room like a Pro

Decorating any room in your home is a dream for every house owner. But it seems that decorating your living room according to your lifestyle can be a challenge. You must be wondering what the essentials to decorate a living room are? There must a thousand decoration ideas & trends are running through your mind thus making the life more difficult then it already is.

The biggest challenge is getting started. Even for people who have done it before have trouble getting going. The factor behind this challenge comes down to one thing: figuring out what you want. You’d think it would be easy. In other areas of life it is, but decorating a home is a whole different animal altogether. There’s a lot to consider.


For example, what is your style? If you asked 100 people what they’re decorating style or influence is, 80-90% wouldn’t have a clue. Even if you know your style, you will face the next hurdle. You now have to figure out what mood you’re looking to achieve in your living room. Are you looking for a rustic look or modern? Are you choosing a rug to accent the space or does it serve some other purpose?


You’re now in the middle of a flurry of choices, whether it be color, texture, and so many other aspects before you can decide what items you want to put in the room. Sometimes this leads to indecision. You might be hasty in thinking a specific thing is what you want, but then you see a downside, so you’re back to the drawing board. The dilemma could make anyone want to hang it up.

5 Essentials to decorate a living room



One of the first considerations for a living room is furnishing, and for a good reason. Most decorators believe that the sofa, for example, is the very first furniture item to invest in, as it is, they feel,  is pretty essential to decorate a living room.


Choosing furniture is not like selecting a rug – it can also prove to be a spendy consideration. However, and this has been touched on in the previous paragraph, just as your home is an investment similar is your décor, including your furniture.


Since we’re talking about investment, the idea here is to select quality furniture. Most people buy a home to be their “happily ever after” or “forever” home. The point is, you’re not planning on going anywhere for a good while. And you will spend a significant amount of time in the living room. So it only makes sense, aesthetically and financially to buy furniture that’s going to stand the test of time.

Area Rugs


Choosing a rug, an area rug, in particular, is another part of the decorating equation. It seems so simple, but there’s more to it than going to your favorite wholesale store and pick one out of the bin.


Having an area rug in your living room can take on two roles. One favorite way to use an area rug is to bring cohesion to space. You may have seen a space where the focal point is the fireplace. From a straight on perspective, there could be a sofa on each side with a coffee table centered in between them.


On the floor itself, this is a thoughtful presentation. However, to bring cohesion to space, you transfer that same arrangement onto a large enough area rug. Decorators do this all the time. And you would notice the difference right away.


Okay, so an area rug is a good idea. Now you have to think about the type of area rug. Do you want a solid color, a printed pattern, or a Persian rug? Do you like Berber rugs or shag rugs?


So choosing a rug is much more than what people perceive. Don’t take it lightly. It will make a difference in your living room décor.



Nobody has to go out and buy a Picasso or a Rembrandt to have something decorative to put on the wall. Any painting nicely framed can add a nice touch to a living room.


However, there are other types of art too. Wood carvings, homemade pottery are just a couple of examples. If you’re out choosing a rug, maybe you can find one to hang on your wall! It’s no joke.



You also may be thinking about what colors to put on your wall, or what colors you will use for accents.


Here is an example: You might paint your walls with earth tones, maybe in a few different shades of the same color. But then you take accessories with bold colors, like a Caliente throw pillow to make it pop.


What about the mood you want in the living room? If you plan on doing most of your entertaining there, maybe a shade of red would be useful here to exude energy, the kind that would bring people together to interact.


But if your living room is intended as a place to relax, blues and greens would be better suited here.


And as long as we’re talking about color, it’s just as important when choosing a rug. It can either make a room pop or stand out like a sore thumb. So pick wisely here.



When decorating your living room, the last thing you want is to have stuff leftover with no place to put it after decoration is over. So always think of where you can put things without taking away from your décor. For example, magazines still manage to find their way to the coffee table. Find storage options that will keep them out of the way, especially when the company is here.



There’s no question about it; the ins and outs of living room décor can be numerous, as well as challenging. We hope the information will help you sift through the confusion so that you can choose wisely, and ultimately make decorating your living room a pleasurable one.


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