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5 Reasons Why Men Must Share The Load

5 Reasons Why Men Must Share The Load

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5 Reasons Why Men Must Share The Load

5 Reasons Why Men Must Share The Load

One fine day one of my neighbors visited us. The door bell rang & I opened the door. After the usual meeting & greeting, a round of hot coffee & usual gossip started. While I was making the coffee, my husband passed from there with a bucket of washed clothes. He greeted the lady & carried on with the work. When I returned with the coffee, she was giggling. I asked what’s the joke.

” You have given a good training to your husband. Washing clothes.”

“Training.” I asked ” What training. He helps me in household chores whenever he can.”

” How lucky you are! My husband doesn’t even lift a spoon.Let alone washing the clothes. You are really lucky.” She winked at me. I knew what she intended to say. I bid her goodbye & went to the balcony. He was working on his tab. The clothes were neatly line dried.

” Listen. You know what Mrs. Kulkarni was saying.”

“What?” He asked reluctantly

“That Mr. Kulkarni doesn’t help her at all.”

” Was She complaining ?”

” Maybe but I think she was rather amused that you were doing the Laundry. She has  a new gossip to spread across the town now.”

” Whats the gossip? That your husband helps you with the household chores. What’s the big deal in it. Maybe it’s a deal with women who have never seen men helping in household chores. It’s rather unorthodox for them. You don’t think about it.OK”

” Ya! ” I brushed off the image of a bunch of women laughing at the newly found gossip.

It been a while since that incidence. A week back I receive a notification from Blogadda to participate in the #WashBucketChallenge. An initiative to involve & encourage men to #ShareTheLoad.

I smiled when I read the mail. We as a society & community need such initiatives. I called my husband & asked

” Hey will you be my model”

” Another blog post. Hmm..What is it about ?”

” It’s about how a modern man is a multitasking person.Just like you honey.” I giggled

” And you want me to model with. A frying pan or a broom?” He joked.

” Perhaps a little more. Doing the laundry. Will you. I am going to include it in the post.”

” Sure why not? What the problem.Go ahead I am all game for it.”

” So you think it’s ok that men do the laundry.”

“Absolutely! whats the big deal in it. In fact, I will give you much reasons why men MUST do the laundry.”

“Really! Go ahead. I am all ears.” Here comes the content idea I thought :)

5 Reasons Why Men Must Share The Load

1. It’s My Home, My Work  – ” I don’t understand why men need to be coaxed into doing household chores. Don’t they live here too?Using the utilities, eating, sleeping then what’s the problem in cleaning the place & other stuff. What say G.”

” I completely agree with you hubby. But our society has been such that men shouldn’t do the chores.”

” What rubbish! In fact, in olden times the kids were sent to gurukul where they were taught to do all their day to day chores by themselves irrespective of the caste, creed & status.”

” Ya, thats right! Up till maturity the students were taught all the skills to survive that included these basic skills as well. What has become of our society of late.”

” Don’t blame anyone . We are the ones who started the unfair practices & has been following it ever since.”

” Hmm. Point one. Well said !”

he smiled!

 I Pledge To Share The Load

2. Because laundry is not only ‘her’ job – ” another habit that bugs me is that all the household work are considered as whole & sole responsibility of the woman of the house.”

” That’s right! But why? I mean is it a written rule or what that woman are supposed to do all the homework & men can stretch their leg & watch TV whole day long.”

” Hey G ! are you pointing towards me. It was World Cup yaar.”

” Oh no! Not you. But you do watch Tv don’t you.” Poor me cracking egg on a frying pan & pondering about my next article on ‘role of men in the kitchen’ :D

” Ya sure. All the time.” he laughed. ” But I have seen many of my friends hardly lending a hand while their wives slog the whole day.”

“It’s sad. Hope it changes some day.Soon”

” It will.”

He gave me a hope!

I Pledge To Share The Load

3. Change starts from Home – ” We keep talking among ourselves, share the thoughts on the social network, pinpoint others, but we hardly do anything in reality.Do we ?”

” I agree. All these protests, candle marches, propaganda etc are ineffective unless we change ourselves first.” I replied.

” Yes G. And you know, kids learn what they see. Set an example for them. Be a role model. Do what you preach. I want our kids to raise above these narrow thinking & be a rational thinker.”

” They will honey. You are setting a great example in front of them. We are trying to give them a balanced & unbiased atmosphere. They are surely going to adapt what they are witnessing.”

” Never knew doing laundry could have such an impact”

” You bet ” We had a hearty laugh :D

 I Pledge To Share The Load

Teaching our Genext to follow the suit :)

5 Reasons Why Men Must Share The Load

4. My Laundry, My Work – ” G, have you seen boys & men ordering around in the house. Get me a cup of tea, bring me a towel, food, water & all sorts of stuff.”

” Hundreds of times. It becomes so irritating when I see both husband & wife returning from work. While the woman straight away rushes to the kitchen, man usually slouches in a couch & order around. ”

” I know!  I guess at least men should take the responsibility of their own belongings. Just imagine how much workload would be reduced if boys & men organize themselves a bit. Small things pile up & become a huge task for the ladies at the end of the day.”

” Absolutely!

5 Reasons Why Men Must Share The Load

5. The last reason is because ‘I care for you’ – ” Do I need to say more ” he looked at me.

” Guess not’ I blushed.

So let’s do the Laundry………

“Now you know Why I said that Men Must Share the Load.”

” All 5 Points taken sir. Can we do the laundry now? Remember we have to do the activity. You know it or shall I explain.”

” I am not doing it for the first time Honey. Just relax & let me take the lead.”

” All yours ! Go ahead.” I handed him over the ‘Ariel Matic Packet’ & Watched him doing the laundry like a pro!

5 Reasons Why Men Must Share The Load

5 Reasons Why Men Must Share The Load

Step 1 – He collected the laundry

I Pledge To Share The Load

Step 2 – Separated the whites & colored clothes.


I Pledge To Share The Load


Step3 – Checked the care label of the clothes that were washed for the first time.

I Pledge To Share The Load

Step 4- Cut the pack & poured the required amount of detergent in the tray.( The amount he used was less than the usual as Ariel Matic is required in lesser quantity for the desired result). Set the washing on the desired washing mode.

5 Reasons Why Men Must Share The Load



I Pledge To Share The Load

Step 5 – Once the washing cycle is complete, line dries the clothes. And the job is well done !!

I Pledge To Share The Load

At the end of this activity, we once again discovered that it is not at all difficult to #ShareTheLoad. All it takes is a mutual understanding, care & love. After all, sharing is caring.Isn’t it!


I nominate these men for #WashBucketChallenge

1. Vishal Bheroo

2. Keyur Seta

3. Anmol Rawat

4. Monish Nag


This post is a part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity at BlogAdda.com is association with Ariel India


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