5 Sassy ideas for A Garden party dress

Late summer is the perfect time for garden parties. The sun is still warm, but the nights are getting darker and gardens are filled with lanterns and fairy lights. The atmosphere is so romantic and friendly – summer is truly the best time of the year! If you’re invited to a garden party, you want to make sure you dress properly. You can charm everyone with the right choices and this season is full of beautiful fashion ideas. Here are some sassy ideas for garden party dress you can flaunt!


Garden Party Dress: How to get the look?

Here’s how to dress for a garden party using beautiful picks from Laura Ashley’s Collection. You can find the below ideas from Lauraashley.com and use the summer saving vouchers to make your clothes shopping just a little cheaper.

Of course, the below ideas are also general guidelines for the summer garden parties. Therefore, you don’t need to buy the exact dress and brand – you can always find something similar for a stylish look!

A Lace Dress

5 Sassy ideas for A Garden party dress

Lace is a fantastic fabric for summer. It has the same kind of romantic flair as the season and the material won’t be too hot or cold. A lace dress is definitely something to think about when you’re invited to a formal garden party – it’s a great evening dress.

Laura Ashley’s lace dress comes with short sleeves and above the knee length, which is perfect as a garden party dress. You can also get the dress in three different colors: black, blue and red. All the colors are a good choice this summer. Pair it with heels or ballerina shoes in the same color as the dress and you are good to go.



Floral Patterns are perfect for summer

A Floral Dress

5 Sassy ideas for A Garden party dress

You can’t go wrong with a floral dress for a garden party. Floral dresses are made for summer and they add just the right amount of color and fun to your party look. This summer is also full of stunning ideas and prints.

The Sugar Almond Print Dress is definitely a great pick for a garden party. It’s also a little different to many other summer dresses. The design has long sleeves and a higher collar. The print’s navy background with cameo pink and bamboo yellow flowers is refreshing, but not too bright. You’ll also get to enjoy an added mint green. Are you ready to soak in the sun with this gorgeous Garden party dress?


A Floral Shirt with a Pair of Wide Leg Trousers

Of course, you don’t just have to wear a dress to a garden party. However, floral print is still a great pick and a floral shirt would look lovely when paired with wide leg trousers or a skirt.

The Paintbox Ditsy Blouse is a beautiful long-sleeved shirt from Laura Ashley. Again, the print features small flowers in bright blue, red, and white. The darker, navy background means the design isn’t too bright.

If you’d like something shorter, consider the Eine shirt from Marimekko. The loose three-quarter sleeve model is a beautiful pick for the summer. The design comes in green, pink and plum color combination, adding a refreshing touch for your summer design. The fixed bands at the waist can be tied together at the front or the back, providing you with a nice styling element.

Indeed, if you’d like something other than a skirt and a dress, wide leg trousers are the hottest trend of the season. You can add instant glamor and elegance to your style with pair wide leg pants.Pair your floral shirt with the Wide Leg Twill Pants from Laura Ashley. The sophisticated black trousers will look great and the wider design will keep your legs cool.


A Solid Pink Cardigan

5 Sassy ideas for A Garden party dress

If the garden party takes place earlier in the day and the weather is super hot, a classic cardigan with tank top will also do nicely. You should check out the Double Layered Tank Top from Laura Ashley. The jersey knit has a flowing pleated front layer, creating a stylish finish to a traditional design. It’s also easy to pair with a skirt or trousers.

Pick the Cropped Cotton V Neck cardigan in cameo pink to pair with the tank top. You can carry the cardigan with you and simply slip it on if the weather gets cooler during the garden party. It’s a lovely color combination for the summer.


Floral Skirt

5 Sassy ideas for A Garden party dress

You could pair the tank top with the Pleated Scattered Daisy Skirt. The floral print also works in trousers or skirts and if you’d rather keep the top simply, this is a good way of adding a splash of color to your look.The skirt is right below the knee and very airy. It’s dark navy color with plenty of white and light blue daisies decorating the hemline and the top part of the skirt. It would pair perfectly with the pink and white top combination. 


So, if you are preparing for a summer garden party, pick out these outfits and look stunning! What’s your idea of a perfect garden party dress? We would love to hear your fashion pick. Share your ideas in the comment section below. Let the fashionista inside you rock the world! :)


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