It’s a very important saying, which goes like, “when you feel frustrated to go do something positive like mowing your garden.” When we are frustrated and angry, we waste a lot of energy because of the anger. This could lead to many health-related issues. Only best way out is to channelize it in doing something fruitful and positive. There are some simple yet effective techniques that can actually help you to stay calm.

If you have had a stressful day at work or is worried about anything in life and that thought is not leaving you to live in peace, then the best way is to divert your mind from that thought. You can indulge in outdoor activities, start a regular workout or develop a hobby.  Here are few things which you can do at home to deal with job burnout and workplace stress.

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Housework helps you to stay calm

1.Cook a meal!5 Super effective techniques to stay calm & positive

When you are back from work and are not able to concentrate on anything because of your bad day at work or is not able to come out of that high-profile meeting jitters then you should change and freshen up and head towards your kitchen.

See what the favorite food that calms you down is and cook it for yourself. Eating your favorite food will certainly give you that instant kick and help you relive your workplace stress.

If you are the kind of person you love to serve more than to eat, then you can also cook your family a delightful dinner. This will obviously help you channelize your thoughts and energy towards something good and positive. At the end when you see the smiling faces of your family after having that dinner, you will feel good about yourself and will be re-energized and re-motivated towards your life.

2.Do household chores!

5 Super effective techniques to stay calm & positive

Even you have house help to do it, doing a few household chores yourself is beneficial to keep yourself healthy and fit. You can target one area of your house every day and work with your helper to get it organized. There are many things which you could contribute while doing these tasks along with your helper.

You have better organizing ideas. You will help him clean the place in a much better way. Also, you will know what is placed where and don’t have to rush to him all the time you need something.

This will also let you use your creative side which is left unused at your workplace. For that is altogether a different world. This will also help you stay fit and calm and maintain your work-life balance better.


Gardening is a great stress buster

3. Spend some time in the garden!

5 Super effective techniques to stay calm & positive

This is another activity which helps you channelize your energy and help you stay calm. Develop a hobby to build up a garden for yourself.  Check out these not-so-expensive and complete garden tools. Take care of it daily.  For certain phases of life when other things are not going so well, you can come and see your garden is developing and will regain the faith and positivity in life.

It also helps regain work-life balance. If you surround yourself with some work-related things and stress, you are never out of that cycle to have a fresh approach. Hence it’s very necessary to come home and leave your work life behind. This will help you inculcate a fresh approach when you are back at the office.

Spend some quite lonely moments in your garden. This exercise will help you reconnect with yourself leaving behind all the worldly powers impacting you. You will be able to regain your strength and wisdom again. You can also inculcate few moments of meditation and prayer to this regime. This will again help you stay calm and relieve your work life stress to enjoy moments with your family.

Have a healthy daily routine

4.Get up early in the morning!

5 Super effective techniques to stay calm & positive

It is rightly said that one who wakes up early, gains early success in life. If you are the kind you wake up only to get ready and rush to office, then you must change your habit. Try to get into your bed a bit early so that you rise at least with sunrise and feel the dawn.

You will then be able to spend some quality time with yourself and your family or spouse. When you start your day like this, believe me, you are more energized to do your office work, and you will certainly see a positive effect on your overall performance.

Inculcate this into your habit. Slowly you will see that you are going to bed a bit early and can have a sound sleep at night. Sleeping well means a fresh morning. Have a cup of coffee reading the newspaper and chatting with your spouse. Engage in some physical activity. Even 15 minutes of activity is enough

You can see the positive impact these magical moments will have in your life. It will make you feel more relaxed and stay calm when you arrived at your office desk in place of all hurried and worried up when you use to get up late. You will have more productive hours at the office.


5. Stay away from the modern noisy busy life.

5 Super effective techniques to stay calm & positive

The present-day metro life can cause stress and frustration to anyone. Just listening to all those noises is enough to drive you crazy. You must plan to spend some time out in nature. Pack your bags on Sunday morning and go out for fishing in the nearby lake. Or spend some time in your farm house every month. This will take you away from the city chaos and give you some time to connect with nature.

But for some people, home and home only is the best. After all the stress from work and problems in life, all the noise from streets, you must want to hurry home, shut all the door the avoid all those noises. Get into your backyard, feel the nature and its unique way of silence. For me, the sound of the wind works incredibly well. But if you are unfortunate enough to be disturbed by some mockingbirds’ non-stop ‘singing’ sound, don’t be worried and frustrated since there are easy techniques for you to stop the mockingbirds from making noise. That way, you can actually look for some ‘peace in the greens.’

Creating a calm atmosphere in your own house might also be a good idea in case you don’t get much time to go out. Place some indoor plants inside your house. Close all the doors and windows to bar that street noise disturb the peace of your house. Turn on the air conditioner and play some music. You can invest into those aroma diffusers to have that ultimate experience while you relax inside your home. This all will help you to give away your stress and stay calm.



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