5 Vows to Take This Women’s Day

There is nothing more empowering than living innumerable roles and accomplishing them with perseverance. And this is what we, women do. Yet, the appreciation aspect often goes missing! This Women’s day let’s replace this lack of appreciation with self-actualization. Let’s celebrate us for the marvelous qualities we possess, for the strength we exhibit, for the poise we cherish. Let’s love us for who we are and pledge to celebrate sisterhood every day.


Here are 5 vows to take this women’s day

Vow to uphold the spirit of one-half of the world’s population. So, let’s raise a toast to the might of womanhood and live our lives with pride, confidence, and joy.

1.Be what you are

Love your body, love your attitude. Be who you are. With your unique qualities, take on the world in a way that nothing stays unattainable to your unfettered mind and soul. Let stereotypes take the back seat and unleash the free spirit in you. Don’t allow society to decide on your marriageable age, time or partner; or keep track of your reproductive age. Decide for yourself. Don’t bow down to pretense or pressures. Live who you are, celebrate who you are. Believe in yourself, belief in the power of you.

2.Feel beautiful from within


Does beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder? Well not really! It lies with your potential to discover your inner beauty. When you live on your own terms, you are bound to feel beautiful from within. Dress up the way you want to, follow your own style code, and splurge on your desires unapologetically. Pamper yourself, treat yourself to the luxury you deserve. If you think nothing short of a diamond matches your aura, then leave no holds barred to get one. Set yourself loose to your forever love for dazzling diamond jewelry. In fact, you may also gift yourself loose diamonds as a pat on your back. Here’s a CaratLane video showing the power of woman as resplendent as the glitter of a diamond. Click here.  Raising a toast to the powerful womanhood, CaratLane brings an exquisite range of jewelry, for the millennial diva. This set of double pendulum earrings from CaratLane, for instance, is crafted for the woman of today, channeling her inner beauty.



3.Never judge another woman

This International Women’s Day, don’t just take a pledge to value your own individuality but also spread the word of sisterly solidarity. As a compassionate soul, we must take a vow of never judging another woman by her career choices or the personal goals. Not just as a woman but also as a human being we must be compassionate towards others. Why judge each other by our outer appearance or by the choices in our lives, to each her own, after all. How does it matter if one prefers wearing a traditional attire or goes for Western outfits? Or why is it important for a girl to align with age-old social norms? Respect every woman, and experience the joy of freedom and companionship at the same time.

4.Take care of myself

Treat others with compassion, but let’s not forget to show the same care for ourselves. Not only on the women’s day but through out the year. Even when we are shuffling between personal and professional responsibilities, we need to take out some time for ourselves. Let’s resolve to eat well, exercise regularly, and above all, make no compromises on our health. Regular health checkups will help one in living up to the promises made to self. Our life goals are precious to us (if not for others), so live whole-heartedly for their accomplishment.

5.Evolve as a person

The idea of womanhood takes another leap with every woman channelizing her efforts towards evolving as a person. Let’s follow our passions, learn new skills, and above all, find ways to grow as a human being. Women are expected to don traditional roles which are typical of a daughter, a wife, a mother. How about taking a different route? What about an artist in us? What about an entrepreneur suppressed in the deepest corner of our hearts? How about leading the country donning the role of a politician? Let’s nurture our talents and contribute to the society as not just talented individuals but also good human beings. Let’s imbibe the qualities of empathy and warmth and live a content life.

With these vows, one can not only evolve as a woman but can also play a significant role in contributing to the lives of others. When one values one’s own potential, he or her not only helps oneself but also becomes a source of inspiration for others. Happy Women’s Day :) 


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Garima Nag
A compulsive traveler, voracious reader & habitual fashionista. Love to explore, live & laugh. Read More

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  1. A woman needs to be herself, celebrate her individuality and dare go against the crowd to be One with nature and spirit. Beautifully written.

  2. A lovely post and |I wish more women think and act like you:) Wishing you greater success in all endeavours, Garima!


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