It is easy to maintain glowing skin at home, but the entire scenario changes while traveling. The amount of exposure to the skin, the type of water and a lot more can affect your skin. These cause many skin problems. You should take extra care of your daily beauty routine, when out and about having the time of your life.

Some useful tips to maintain glowing skin even when traveling

Sunscreen – The New Best friend:

It doesn’t matter if you are in a country, where there are dead winters. Do apply a generous amount of sunscreen whenever you go out, to protect yourself from the UV rays. When you are out traveling, the excessive exposure to the sun can result in early aging and severe sunburn.

The best way is to apply a glowing mask for skin, wash it and apply sunscreen before going out. Reapply it after every 2-3 hours to keep the skin moist from within.

Always Use The Moisturizer:

Your skin is adjusted to the temperature and the weather of the place you live. Whenever you travel, it loses the moisture and hydration that are required to keep the skin healthy. Apply an intensive moisturizing cream the night before you travel, then keep on applying ever night you retire to bed till you are back.

The moisturizer will help in protecting the skin from adverse conditions and will also help in maintaining the natural glow.

Keep Your Cleanser Handy

This one is for all those who have extremely sensitive skin, as their skin can easily lose the glow while traveling. Your skin attracts a lot of dust and dirt when you are traveling, and their constant accumulation can be a reason for severe breakouts. This is why, you should always keep a cleanser with you, and keep on using it for a refreshed skin.

Moreover, keeping a cleanser is also important as “vacation breakouts” can wreak havoc on your skin. So, just use it from time and again to protect your skin from any damage.

Take Blotting Papers With You:

Please read this one carefully, if you are on vacations or are planning to go on one. Do not damage or destroy your skin by constantly rubbing it off with tissue paper.

Majority of the people experience oily skin if they travel to areas with hot temperatures.

In order to prevent the accumulation of oil and dirt on your skin, keep a blotting paper in your hand all the time. Use it to remove the unnecessary oil from your face, especially the T-Zone. They are better than regular tissue papers, as they do not leave any residue or cause reddening on the skin.

Staying Hydrated helps to maintain glowing skin

This is a no-brainer and does not even require any efforts. Not all tips are about beauty products, and some are actually about the healthy lifestyle. If you want your skin to keep its natural glow and to not lose the shine, drink lots and lots of water and avoid soft drinks. The proper hydration will maintain the strength and elasticity of your skin. You won’t lose the glow too.

Say Goodbye to Puffiness of Eyes:

Travelling can leave your eyes feeling tired and puffy. To keep the tiredness and puffiness at bay, always keep an eye cream with you that is not only hydrating but is also soothing to the eyes. Get rid of the puffiness and dark circles by taking care of the eyes. Apply it whenever you cleanse your face and moisturize it.

BB Cream:

Applying a foundation while traveling can be very heavy on the face and can clog the pores and cause breakouts. Therefore, make sure you keep a very sheer BB cream that feels very light on the skin and gives it a nice finish.



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