7 Amazing Reasons To Join A Gym

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In today’s busy life, our health has taken a back seat. Every 1 out of three persons is suffering from lifestyle-related diseases. Still, we hardly pay attention to our body. Nowadays in every housing project, a well-equipped clubhouse is provided. But how many of us actually avail these facilities. If you are looking for inspiration, we give you ‘ 7 Amazing Reasons To Join A Gym’ TODAY!

People come up with all kind of excuses not to work out. Let’s have a look at some of the common excuses we often hear. 

” To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. ” -Budha 

What is your excuse not to join a fitness center?

Excuse No 1 – I am too busy to work out 

Excuse No. 2 – I am too young to work out

Excuse No 3 – The membership is too expensive 

Excuse No 4 – I don’t know anything about gym

Excuse No 5 –  I will regain the weight /go out of shape once I stop going to gym 

Excuse No 6 – Weight Lifting will make me bulky

7 Amazing Reasons to Join A  Gym 

Exercise is any form is beneficial . Problem comes when we can’t maintain the continuity. Every year majority of people start a fitness routine with vigor & after a brief period, their enthusiasm fizzles out. The gym provides a perfect solution to this problem. We give you 7 reasons to join a gym today. 

# 1. Numerous health benefits – Working out regular has many health benefits apart from making your body sculpted.Here are some of the major health benefits

  • Prevent cancer ( Colon & breast cancer )
  • Heart health
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Improves muscle strength
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Optimize heart functioning
  • Increase good cholesterol or HDL
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Control /prevent diabetes

# 2. Stronger mind – It increases brain functioning capacity making it stronger. As it a known fact that exercise improves circulation of blood. The supply of blood to the brain is increased during exercising helping it grow new nerve cells & replace the old ones.

# 3. Weight management – Gym doesn’t only help in weight loss, it is an effective way of gaining healthy weight. It burns the unwanted fat, increases muscle mass thus controlling your body weight. An ideal weight is a key to good health. It helps to avoid many diseases.

# 4. Stay motivated – Regular workout is not an easy task. It exhausts our body & mind.At times when we don’t get desired results in a time frame, we tend to give up. In the gym, we can stay motivated by looking at people like us slowly & steadily working towards their health goals.

# 5. Become social – In our busy schedule, we hardly get time to socialize with our friends & neighbors. The gym is an excellent place to hang out with them while keeping ourselves fit.

# 6. Uninterrupted workout routine – Excessive heat, winter or rain often play spoilsport especially if you are an outdoor person. During extreme weather conditions, we have to ditch our routine.Sometimes it becomes hard to get back to the drill. Gym, on the other hand, provided uninterrupted workout routine. It leaves you with no choice but to exercise all the year long.

# 7. Professional assistance – Injuries during exercise & sports are not new. Even a simple task like walking or running can go horribly wrong if not done in a proper way. Working out in a gym under expert guidance reduces the risk of injuries to a great extent.


How Important Is a Personal Fitness Trainer?

Joining a gym is a half task done. One must know the usage of various gym equipment. Like any other form of fitness routine, gym also needs careful learning & systematic execution. This can’t be achieved by self. Watching other doing the workout or videos on the net is not advisable. Every individual is different.So is his/ her stamina & workout requirements. Only a qualified & experienced trainer can make sure that you are getting the maximum benefit of your efforts without injuring yourself.

” He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything. ” –  Cariyle 

We have not one but two fitness experts to throw some light on this important issue.

 Harshad Parab, a qualified fitness trainer,  has been in health & fitness for past 8 years. He started working out from an age of 16. Eventually, fitness became his passion & profession. He participated in many district level bodybuilding competition. He has done his fitness course from prestigious Leena Mogre’s  Fitness Academy.  Right now he is a fitness trainer & in -charge of a full-fledged gym, personal training more than 30 clients in a day.

Looking at his earlier picture who would have thought that this man could transform from a lanky lad to a well-built man. His dedication towards his body exemplary.  He is strict with his daily workouts & diet. Even distractions like favorite food, cricket or soccer match on Tv or the evil desire of ‘extra sleep ‘ don’t work on this dedicated health enthusiast.

He is strict with his daily workouts & diet. He emphasizes on having a natural supplement rather than the artificial ones. You can check a variety of such natural supplements at Slowfood Nation. Even distractions like favorite food, cricket or soccer match on Tv or the evil desire of ‘extra sleep ‘ don’t work on this dedicated health enthusiast.

7 Amazing Reasons To Join A Gym

 Ashish Dubey, a fitness trainer & pro kickboxer, has been active in this field since last 6 years. He started working out at an age of 18 & never looked back. He has been working as a personal trainer for 5 years.  He aspires to compete in national level kickboxing & bodybuilding championships.  

Being a trainer, he is quite particular about his eating habits & overall health. It takes a lot of efforts to maintain a good fitness level. He practices kickboxing & yoga to stay in shape. In his own words ” my fitness goal to win the gold and go to the national competition of bodybuilding n boxing too…and I’ll make it ..working hard for that .”  Surprisingly he doesn’t abstain from eating his favorite food. He makes it up by working extra in gym & portion control.It is a good way to keep enjoying your favorite food while staying fit.

7 Amazing Reasons To Join A Gym

Our fitness experts have happily shared some tips for the readers.

  1. Never use shortcuts.They do more harm than good 
  2. Never consume steroids or any other harmful drugs to bulk up.
  3.  Stick to a proper & healthy diet 
  4. Workout regularly 
  5. Respect your body 
  6. Don’t over work out 
  7. Stay positive & focused. 
  8. Ensure you get good rest after workout 
  9. Sleep is another must for a healthy body 
  10. Never compare yourself with others. Set practical goals & work hard to achieve them.


Looking for some inspiration? 

Fitness doesn’t come easy nor can be achieved in a single day. It needs constant motivation & strong determination to reach a fitness level. Here are some real-time stories that can inspire anyone. Unlike fancy Tv commercial these people are neither paid artist nor these images are photos shopped. These are proud people with amazing stories to tell. 

 ” The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years.” -Deepak Chopra

Healthy weight gain story 

We have a success story for you. A phenomenal transformation of  Tatha Chongdar, a student who started his fitness journey two years ago at 18. He has worked hard to reach the fitness level he is at today. He has avoided temptation like Junk food, leisure hours, extra sleep & stuck to his goal. He juggles his studies  & workout sessions successfully.

Lack of time is not an excuse. It all boils down to time management.Although he has no role model he definitely has fitness goals.In his words ” there is no role model as such, i just like people who are fit or trying to be fit, it boosts me up.”

7 Amazing Reasons To Join A Gym

Successful weight loss story 

Ladies do not shy away from the gym . It is not a male territory. You can equally enjoy the health benefits.

Balika Ahire’s  inspiring story will make you change your opinion on fitness & gym. A housewife & mother of a 16-year-old daughter, Balika Ahire was once was facing weight-related issues. She was leading a regular life without any specific attention to health like all other housewives. This year she made a resolution to take care of her body & over health. It has just been 7 months since she has started working & the result is for all to see.

. She says ” Kareena Kapoor is my role model. she belonged to the plum family but managed to reduce to zero size…which inspired a lot of young women.” She not only started regular workouts but gave up on junk food. She is not a fan of daily soaps thus easily manage time for her exercise.  She has lost a considerable amount of weight & looking radiant!


7 Amazing Reasons To Join A Gym


” I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” -Joyce Meyer

There are many myths & gimmicks floating about the gym .  Do not get affected by them. A positive approach & right training can help you to reach your fitness goal. If you are still thinking about where or not you should step out, check out what your body says.




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