7 Tell-Tale signs of a cheating partner & How to deal with it

Relationships are full of happy moments, commitment, care but also uncertainties, betrayals, and sometimes a cheating partner. Most of the people in a relationship have gone through a stage where they feel cheated or betrayed. It could be at physical, emotional or psychological level. Sometimes you know the signs and make the next move. How about times when you are so committed in love that you fail to see the truth of your relationship. How would you identify a cheating partner?

We all deserve love in our lives.  A  relationship that stands the test of time. You know you are giving your 100 %in your relationship but how about the other person? after all, no relationship works until both the partners are equally involved in making it work and last long.


7 Tell-Tale signs of a cheating partner & How to deal with it

Signs of a cheating partner

1.Starts hiding things from you

This is the very first and probably the most obvious sign that your partner is cheating on you. The sign of a healthy relationship is how comfortable the partners are about sharing details of their professional and personal lives with each other. Sharing makes you understand each other better. It makes your partner feel important and desired.

2.Paying way more or less attention to you

A cheating partner, out of guilt or to hide his/her deeds, starts paying you more or less attention than before. Any unexplained change in behavior is a red flag.

3.Is Easily offended

When a person is drifting away from you, you become more of liability for him/her. Anything you do or say might offend your cheating partner as he/she is no longer interested in analyzing your intentions.


Intimacy has a major role to play

4.Non-sexual intimacy has dropped down drastically

A relationship is not always about how amazing sex-life you have? or how physically active you are? It goes much deeper than the physicality.

There are gestures like a hug, caressing, a gentle peck, patting or a simple act of holding hands which define your closeness. If you feel that there is a sudden change in the way your partner treats you, it is the time to pay attention.

5.Not interested in you anymore

When a person becomes totally disinterested in you without any reason, it’s apparent that he/she might have strayed. You need not look for any more reason to move on.

Social behavior of your partner

6.Starts blaming you for everything

In a love relationship or marriage, the blame game is never a good sign. It shows your partner is either trying to control you or giving you a reason to move out of the relationship.

7.Avoid social activities with you

When you are in a committed relationship, you ought to do social activities together. You move in a common circle, have similar interests, attend events together. If this becomes less often, you own an explanation. Giving space to your partner is definitely important. But if you observe that you are no longer in your partner’s social circle, you might need to sit and have a talk about it.

How to strengthen your relationship 

If you are in a new relationship, it is apparently easier to build a bond. Both the partners should work upon strengthening the relationship. Here are tips for a new relationship that will help you to go a long way.

Sometimes a long flourishing relationship hit a rock bottom. A marriage of many years is destroyed by deeds of a cheating partner. A successful marriage is based on sharing, caring, and honesty. Don’t let your mistakes sabotage your relation.





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