7 Weird Yet Funny Facts About South Korea

South Korea is an awesome place to live. Its culture, lifestyle & people are so cool that once you step inside its border, you would never wanna go back.  It has such a beautiful contrast all over its demography. While the cities are developed, modern & fast-paced, the countryside is lush green & hilly. However, there are certain weird & funny facts about South Korea that you must know.


Funny Facts about South Korea

1.Cover up

South Korea is one of the most fashion-forward countries. Men, women, boys & girls, all are impeccably dressed. Girls wear high fashion apparel like bodycon dresses, minis, shorts but cleavage show is yet not in practice. You will see the girls wearing skirts & shorts all of lengths & sizes but they are always covered up on top.

7 Weird Yet Funny Facts About South Korea


2. No mirrors in the trial rooms

Liked a dress, try it on. Go ahead…But what the heck? How do you check it out? Because there are no mirrors in the trial rooms. You will have to step out every time you want to check out your new dress, in full public view. If you are not sure about the dress just look around. Check the expressions of people looking at you, you might be able to decide OR drop the idea of shopping all together :D

7 Weird Yet Funny Facts About South Korea

3. You are already 1 yr old at birth

South Korea has a strange system of calculating the age of a person. A child is considered a year old at birth. So if you are 18 years old you will be considered 19 in Korean age. Feeling old already ;)

7 Weird Yet Funny Facts About South Korea

4. High Heels obsession 

Korean Women are obsessed with High heels. No matter if they have to walk on a plain or uphill, stand for hours or walk miles, they would never do away with their heels. And, mind you, I am not talking about the kitten heels. Korean women wear stilettos all the time with great ease & panache. How do they do it? Something I am still clueless about?!!

7 Weird Yet Funny Facts About South Korea

5. Couple dress alike

You will agree with me when I say Korean looks cute. They look even cuter when they dress alike. They don’t do it on special days but on a day to day basis. Walk on the streets of any Korean city, you will find many couples dressed alike holding hands, giggling, lost in their own world. A complete “Awww” moment!


7 Weird Yet Funny Facts About South Korea


Weird Facts about South Korea


6. Don’t Flush it

If I could rate the weirds facts, I would have put THIS on top of the list. South Korea is one clean & well-kept country. But as soon as you enter the washrooms, you will find a heap of used toilet paper. It absolutely gross & repulsive, to say the least. South Koreans don’t flush it as its old drainage system can’t handle such a large amount of toilet paper. Hope they will do something about it…SOON!

7 Weird Yet Funny Facts About South Korea

7. Dirty Dishes get picked

Hungry? Order a home delivery. Within a few minutes, food would be delivered to your doorstep. Eat your food & keep the dirty dishes outside your apartment. Believe it or not, the delivery boy comes back to collect the dirty dishes. Where else on this earth do you get this service? South Korea you are  AWESOME!!! :D


7 Weird Yet Funny Facts About South Korea

You must have experienced all this & many more. If you have anything to add in the list of facts about South Korea, Just mention in the comment section below.

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What’s your favorite Fact about South Korea?

We picked these weird & fun facts about South Korea during our travels. We didn’t find these anywhere else in the world. What was your experience like in South Korea? Let us know in the comment section below. If you like the list, don’t forget to Share & comment!

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  1. Such interesting facts! Doing the dishes… that’s one that should be shared with the rest of the world. I loved my time there and hope to make it back soon — Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes! Who wouldn’t want to have the luxury of leaving the dishes after a meal? In South Korea, the restaurants pick up the dishes after you are done with your meal. This is just one of the many interesting facts about Korea.Thanks for droping by

  2. Those are seriously some fun facts about Korea :D
    Btw, if there were no mirrors in trial rooms in India, the biggest headache would be for the Shopkeepers/Salesman/Girl. Indians like to return/exchange clothes even after they loved it on trial. So, without trial the rat would increase exponentially.

    • What I have experienced by far is the fact that Koreans are non-fussy. They don’t fret over exchanges, trails. Even shoppers are conscious of not troubling the staff. Somehow it works pretty well here. I, being a regular shopper, never had an unpleasant experience. I have returned few merchandise ( old habits die hard :D)

  3. Doing the dishes for you…that’s awesome Korea…and ya can’t understand the no mirror tradition in trial rooms…that’s rather weird. Hehe…’twas an interesting read about the oulandish Korean side :)

    • Bushra..actually that’s the best part. You won’t believe how much I miss my house help here. Leaving the dirty dishes without having to worry about the clean up, is like a blessing here :)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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