9 Tips to travel with a toddler stressfree

Traveling with a toddler is completely different than traveling solo or as a couple. There is a lot to consider like eating, sleeping, clothes, activities, entertainment. Although travel items list varies depending on the type of trip and what is your plan on doing with your little one. But we will give you a list of most useful items to travel with a toddler stressfree.


Useful tips to Travel with a toddler


  • Baby Carrier Backpack and Baby Wearing 

Particularly in foreign countries that may not be stroller-friendly, a comfortable baby carrier is necessary. We highly recommend a lightweight carrier that folds/rolls up and fits nicely into a carry-on. For families looking to have a versatile all around carrier that can work equally well on nature hikes as in the city.

There are also special babywearing shirts that allow both moms and dads to enjoy the benefits of babywearing without the intimidation factor that comes with figuring out multiple straps or complicated tying techniques.

Parents can bond with baby and enjoy all that snuggly closeness just by popping them in the easy to use pouch. Babywearing is the way to do it while traveling, especially while on paths and cobble-stoned streets that are not very stroller friendly. Next time you plan to travel with a toddler, do invest in a comfortable babywearing.


Does your toddler love bath time?


  • Baby bath tub chair

Without a quality bath, you risk having a cranky baby that cannot get to sleep, which is not fun, especially if you are sharing a hotel room. Holding a slippery baby in the bath is not an easy task, so you can use a baby bathtub chair.

On the surface, the bathtub chair appears to be an awkward travel item, but it is actually very easy to travel with. It is lightweight and fits easily in your suitcase. Because it is made of hard plastic, it provides protection for baby bathing products that are in our luggage.

You can use it as an anchor and pack around it. Babies love this bath chair because it gives them the freedom to sit calmly in the water without you having to hold them upright. This, in turn, results in longer, more enjoyable baths. If you have a baby that loves bath time, you will want a baby bath chair with you when travel.


Handy Car & Flight Accessories


  • Convertible Car Seat and Stroller

If you want to make sure about the safety and comfort of your toddler during traveling, then you need to get a car seat. Eventually, little legs get tired and they just want to be held. Particularly, you should look for a special car seat that can easily convert from car seat to stroller.

It is easy to use because this unique piece of baby gear has integrated wheels. It is a complete travel system in one and it is super simple. Just push down the lever, wheels pop out of your car seat. Pull up the handle and it turns into a stroller.

  • FlyeBaby

This item is small enough to easily stash in your carry-on. If you fly a lot, then having this item you can see how placing a sleeping baby in one of Flyebaby swings would be so much more comfortable for everyone involved. This item would make your baby fly much pleasant.


Accessories for an organized travel


  • Portable travel chair

A portable chair is perfect for when you stay at an apartment rental. Most big-name hotels and restaurants provide high chairs, but apartment rentals and small cafes rarely have high chairs available.

You can also take it with you when you are visiting friends and family that do not have a high chair available, so you can use it outside of travel situations too. A portable chair is most useful between the ages of 4 months to 16 months.

  • Portable Travel Crib

A portable crib is an important item in every toddler travel arsenal. Most hotels have standard pack-n-play style cribs available, but especially with a newborn, you should be careful with rental cribs. Most apartment rentals do not provide baby cribs, so you are forced to either rent a crib from third-party service or bring your own with you. You will feel much more comfortable having your baby sleep in a bed that you are familiar with and it is reassuring to know that your baby is sleeping in a safe, clean place.

  • Toddler Sleep Sacks

These sleep sacks are a safer option than traditional blankets and they provide a clean, familiar sleeping experience when traveling. Most importantly, they make it difficult for little climbers to climb out of the crib or bassinet.

You can have several sleep sacks with varying thicknesses and materials, which allows you to regulate their sleeping temperatures.

  • Portable baby bassinet

This portable baby bassinet can replace the portable travel crib mentioned above. It has a metal frame that folds to fit easily in your suitcase. The bassinet is relatively small and lightweight, so it travels well.

It is possible to put it on the bed beside you when you sleep. With a breathable mesh wall,  you do not have to worry about him suffocating. Many couples who travel with a toddler swear by it. 


Cool  gadgets to make traveling with a toddler stressfree


  • Baby video monitor

It is small and easy to set-up, so you can bring it whenever you stay at a vacation rental or if there is a chance you will need to put your baby down for a nap. The monitor comes in handy when you are in a loud environment or far away from the baby room. It gives you peace of mind to know that if the baby is crying you can hear and see him.

  • Tablet with cartoons, games and white noise

Tablets have become an essential travel item for every family. You can have cartoons, movies, games, music, videos that would make a trip to your baby more fun.

There is also a lot of fun baby apps to download. You can load tables with white noise (sounds of rain, waves crashing on the beach, etc.).

At night or during naps, you can crank up the volume and put the tablet beside the baby’s crib. The loud white noise is soothing and drowns out other sounds that could potentially disturb the baby while he sleeps.

It works especially well during daytime naps when you are awake and moving about the hotel room or apartment rental.


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  1. Nice List Garima Mam, we usually avoid travelling with baby as that becomes so hectic, but these things help much, yeah, they are a bit hard to carry, but help us to safe and happy traveling, so we can have more fun :)


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