Father’s Day: A Heart Warming Conversation Between Father-Daughter

A heartwarming conversation between father-daughter is a short story dedicated to the lovely bond between caring father & loving daughter. It is a tribute to the magical relationship of a father & child on the occasion of Father’s Day. It is surely going to melt ur heart. A father-daughter relationship is full of warmth, care & Love.

Fathers are involved in the learning & development of the child. They play a crucial role in the social, psychological, mental & cognitive development of the child. A good father-daughter relationship has a huge impact on the personality of the girl. It helps her to grow into a confident, independent & strong woman.

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A Heart Warming Conversation Between Father-Daughter


A Heart Warming Conversation Between Father-Daughter

( We are dedicating a lovly short story to all caring & supportive fathers who have been always there for their daughter!)

Luna woke up from her slumber & looked around. The window was open letting the fresh breeze waltz in. The curtains were dancing with the wind. The trinkets attached at the bottom of the curtain were singing in a perfect chorus.

Her favorite doll & baby panda was tucked in her bed like every day. What was missing? She moved her neck in all directions & seek if her mother was hiding somewhere. She would come out from nowhere & shout ” Pee-a-boo”.

But not today. Luna rubbed her eyes & climbed down from her bed. She headed straight to the kitchen. Mother was not there too. Instead, she saw a man making himself a cup of coffee.

“Daddy” She called out

“Hey, Luna. My pumpkin. How are you? Did u sleep well?”

” Daddy. When did u come?”

” Yesterday night honey. I know it’s your birthday tomorrow. I couldn’t miss it for the world.” He kissed her tender cheek & embraced her warmly.

Luna hugged him tightly. ” But daddy where is a mommy? We were supposed to go out for my birthday shopping today.”

“Oh dear! She has gone to your granny’s house. Your granny mother is not well. Mom will be back by evening.”

“Oh no,” Her face drooped. ” I told her what I want for my birthday. She knows everything. What am I going to do now?”

” Don’t worry honey. Let’s have some breakfast first. See what I made for you. Banana Pancakes with honey. Yummy”

” Daddy. I don’t like banana. Don’t you know? I don’t want to eat it.”

” No problem. I will make you something else.”

” I want to take a bath.”

” Let’s go, honey.”

Luna loved bathing. She always took her duck family with her in the bathtub. She jumped, splashed the water & giggled. Daddy & luna were having a great time. Her father wrapped her in a towel & brought her back in the bedroom.

” Let’s see what luna wants to wear today. This red frock or the white one.”

” No, daddy. I like pink.”

“Pink it is. My princess.”

” But who is going to do my hair. I want the matching clips with my dress. Who is going to find them? I know you can’t.” Luna was upset again.

Her father frantically searched for the clips in the drawers. He didn’t realize that the fishbowl sitting on the top of the chest was slowly shifting towards the corner due to the vibrations. Suddenly, with a loud sound, the fishbowl hit the floor & broke into pieces.

The fishes were frivolously moving & suffocating. Luna started screaming. Father rushed to the kitchen & fetched a tumbler filled with water. he carefully picked the fishes & shifted them into the tumbler. Luna was still screaming & crying.

” You almost killed my fishes, Daddy. You don’t love me. You don’t know anything about me. You never drop me to school. Never come for my shows. I hate you. I want my mom.”

Her father was taken aback. He never imagined that his little princess had such an image of his father. His job never allowed him to stay with his family & he regretted it. But never in his dreams, he ever thought that his absence would create such a huge gap between them.

He slowly walked towards her, took her hands & said ” I am sorry if I hurt you, honey. But I never wanted to. Would you like to come with me for a moment? I want to show you something, please.”

Luna went with her father. He took her to the library. He took out an album. He made Luna sit on his lap.

” My dear. Your father has always been with you. Look here. When you were born. You were so tiny. Just like a soft cotton ball. When I hold your first time in my arms, I started loving you the most in this entire world. Look at this picture. Here you are riding on me like a horse. We had so much fun. And see this one you painted my face with your tiny fingers. How funny am I looking? Just like a clown.”

Luna smiled when she saw the pictures.

” Sweetheart! this is when you rode your first bike, your first day at swimming class, you play school graduation day. Your birthdays & school carnivals.”

” I have seen all these pictures, Daddy. But you are not there. Mumma was. She took these pictures. You never came with me. Where were you? Why didn’t you come”

” Honey. I couldn’t. Duty call. But you were always there with him.”

He took out his wallet & showed pictures of her from the day she was born till her last birthday. He carried many pictures of her daughter in his wallet every day.

” You know what Luna when your mom sings you a lullaby & put you to bed, I hold you picture close to my heart thinking I am hugging my dear daughter. I might not know that you like honey with pancakes but I know you are afraid of the dark. I might not know what color you like, but I know my princess can’t sleep without her panda in her bed. So I never forget to buy a new panda whenever I come or send it to you if I can’t come.”

” Oh, all those pandas that David uncle brought were sent by you.”

” Yes, dear. I will show you one more thing. I have your letter.”

” No, ways. I am just three. I can’t possibly write a letter. I am going to be four tomorrow.” Luna giggled

” Look! these are your handprints. I asked your mother to send it to me. Whenever I felt lonely & couldn’t call you I used to look at your tiny hands & kiss them”

” Why didn’t you come daddy?”

” Luna. I had to fight the bad guys. I have to not only protect you but many more Lunas. Now that I am here, we are going to celebrate your birthday like never before.”

“Yay!” Luna screamed. She got up from his lap & run towards her room. She came back moments later with a jar of candies in her hands.

” Daddy. These are my favorite candies. I always give one candy to mom whenever she does good work you know.”

” Is it!”  He laughed

” You can take it.”

” One? Ok, I will take.”

” No, daddy. The whole jar. You are the best daddy in the world.” She jumped & hugged her father.

Fathers are not always there with us physically but wherever they are, they are only thinking about us. They might not kiss us, hug us or tell us how much they love like mothers do, yet they love no less. 

His slight smile when you win, the worry in his eyes when you don’t reach home on time, the line of tension on his forehead when you are getting late for the exam, his tight grip on your arm whenever you two cross the road together tell nothing else but the pure, unconditional love he has for his children.

Hope you liked the story. Daughters are precious for fathers. We know we all have our stories & great memories with our father. Do share your story in the comment section below to celebrate the love & bond between Father-daughter on the ocassion of Father’s Day!


Why Father-daughter relationship is important?


1. Have in the overall development: It is a known & proven fact that the families where the fathers are involved in the upbringing of the child have well-developed kids. They excel in academics, socially, physical activities & grow up to be independent individuals.

2. Have a better sleep pattern: Many of you might not be aware of the importance of sleep in the development of the child. A happy hope ensures a sound sleep pattern thus helping the child to grow to her full potential.

Learn about tips & Techniques to improve Baby Sleep


3. Become positive & assertive: A positive & happy environment is crucial for a child. Families who have healthy father-daughter or father-son bonding tend to be more happy & positive. Kids from a happy family are definitely positive & assertive without being aggressive.

4. Confident around men: Girls who have a healthy relationship with the parents especially father tend to be confident around men. A father greatly influences a daughter’s self-image & perspective towards men.

5. Become strong & confident: Needless to say that a close-knit family helps the child to become independent. More so in the case of daughters who know how to expressive themselves in presence of men tend to be more strong & confident.


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Final Words

One day is not enough to celebrate this magical relation. But let’s take this opportunity to make him feel more loved. Hug him & tell him how much you love him. If you are not with him, call him, speak to him, don’t hesitate. He might not be as vocal, but his heart craves for your affection just the way your mother does.


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