Travel Vietnam: A Perfect Itinerary for Nghe An

Nghe An is the land of Vietnam culture, traditional and typical humanity values which is the hometown of many Vietnamese scholars through history.With 82 km coastline, Nghe An attracts foreign tourists with its beautiful beaches.  Cua Lo, cua Hoi, Nghi Thiet, Bai Lu, Quynh Bang, Quynh Phuong, Dien Thanh are some of the spectacular beaches. Furthermore, Nghe An is also advantageous in term of cultural tourism & recreational travel.

Nghe An has more than one thousand cultural and historic sites which are included nearly 200 ones ranked. Especially, Kim Lien relic area, the hometown of Ho Chi Minh, has attracted more than 2 million visitors & researchers yearly. Located at 291 km to the south of Hanoi, tourists to Nghe An would be entertained with a variety of interesting tourism types such spiritual, relaxing, adventuring, sea-relating, forest-exploring tourism. You will also discover the town’s unique culture.

Travel Vietnam: A Perfect Itinerary for Nghe An

Things should know about Nghe An

“As round and round road to Nghe –  As blue high mountains and river like picturesque” – The old poetry has been heard through all the hearts of Nghe an people as well as Vietnam. It is to honor a charming area with mountain, river, forest and sea. Nghe An is a regional masterpiece. It not only has the impressive and poetic natural landmarks but also the town of origin of many heroic men.


Handy experiences to explore Nghe An from A to Z

Visiting Nghe An, you will not only relished  the sea and mountain but also discover the primeval forest Pu Mat, Pu Huong, enjoy the beach Cua lo, Quynh Phuong, Dien Chau, Nghi Thiet. There are many cultural and historical sites. The archaeological history – Tham Om, Quynh Van, Lang Vac, nationwide architectural works such as Cuong temple, Con Temple, Qua temple, Bach Ma temple, Hoanh Son, Trung Can temple, Quang Trung temple.

You will see the images and hear the echoes of the heroic – An Duong Vuong, Mai Hac De, Quang Trung and most especially – President Ho Chi Minh. Besides, there also has Bach Lieu, ho Tong Thoc, Nguyen Xi, Nguyen Thiep, Phan Boi Chau. Feel the poetry of Ho Xuan Huong, Pham Nguyen Du. If you visit  Nghe An, you will discover the unique things about 6 ethnic living together in this land.

What’s the best time to travel to Nghe An?

Naghe An has tropical monsoon climate  and is impacted directly by the dry and hot southwest monsoon wind (Apr to Aug) as well as cold and wet northeast monsoon wind (from Nov to next Mar).So if you would like to enjoy the Cua Lo beach, you should better come in between Jun to August. And If you want to take home the beautiful photos of Sunflowers  Mar – Apr or Nov – Dec – are the two floral seasons of the year.


Travel Tip: You should avoid visiting Vinh from September to October because it’s the flood season of the Central. Or in January – March, when is the cold season, the weather will be very harsh, drizzling rainy, wick and the extreme temperature dropping. 


What’s the best way to Nghe An?

By Flights:

You can choose within Hanoi, Danang or Ho Chi Minh to be a transit destination before departing to nghe An. Flights are highly recommended if you departs from Ho Chi Minh city and Da Nang to save time.  

Vietnam has three major low-cost airlines features int’ flight as well. The price is fairly cheap if you know how to hunt them. Only Vietnam Airline has flights from Hanoi/Danang to Vinh.

By Bus or other Public transportation:

Vinh city (Nghe An) is 291 km from Hanoi so you can hop on a bus or train to Vinh. Some trusted buses are Phuc Loi, Van Minh, Mai Linh departing from My Dinh station.

By personal vehicles:

The 291km is not a quite long distance so another option is driving motorbike or car. Though Saigon or Danang both are quite far from this “traditional-learning-land”. The center of Nghe An included Tran Phu, Le Duan, Truong Thi streets… You can note them to have a better arrangement of traveling.


What are the best places to stay in Nghe An?

 Hotels in Nghe An are also a variety of your choices. 

Reservation is needed to avoid unavailable rooms left in Nghe An.

Travel Vietnam: A Perfect Itinerary for Nghe An

Travel Tip: Bring tents, coats, pots if you intend to camp.


List of the best place to visit in Nghe An

Historic side Kim Lien

Located at 10km from the west, it’s the home village of President Ho Chi Minh – the Father of all Vietnamese people, World Great man of culture. You would have a chance to visit where he has been grown, learned or even lit an incense to Nguyen Thi Loan’s grave – the president’s Mother. Besides, this place is also the home village of many patriotic such as Phan Boi Chau, Le Hong Son, Le Hong Phong…

Cua Lo Beach

It’s 16 km to the northeast of Vinh city, Cua Lo has been ranked at one of the most beautiful beaches of North Central Coast with up to 12kms coastline which its natural beauty still maintained. The beach is also a port of many local boats before sailing so besides enjoying the sea, you could also discover the fisherman’s life or buy the freshest seafood right here.

Cua Lo nowadays also have many touristic activities: Swimming, Diving, Beach-volleyball, Surfing, Sailing and even Paragliding…


From Vinh city travel 40km by road, you will find yourself among the tranquil nature of Sen Vang eco-tourism park or enjoy the three of many famous and beautiful beaches of Nghe An – Dien Thanh, Dien Chau, Bai Lu. The most attractive beach among those the is romantic and natural Nghi Thiet which is named as “Ly Son island” of Nghe An.

Apart from gorgeous beaches you must also explore visit the relic sites such as Cuong Temple on the Mo Da mountain. The place has the memorial temple of the ancient King An Duong Vuong who had committed suicide.

Other options are My Chau well, Dien Lam zoo – the habitat of many animals and conservative species. Xuan Huong Lake with the beautiful forest around.


Travel Tip: Bring mosquito, insect repellent, and common medicine.


Sunflowers field

Just off the Ho Chi Minh road, the sunflowers field belongs to TH True Milk Corp, Nghia Son, Nghia Dan. From 2010, sunflowers field has been a favorite among youngsters visiting Nghe An.      

In a 60 ha area, right from the beginning of Ho Chi Minh road in Nghe An, visitors could view a part of the vast field of sunflowers. The main purpose of this field is to supply the animal feeds. These flowers are beautifully planted in straight lines to offer the visitors a fascinating sight.  

Those golden flowers proudly growing out in the cold weather make the scene here become strangely alive. Flowers & leaves create a deep contrast between the yellow of flowers and the eternity green. It’s hard to believe this fascinated bright flowers carpet is painted in the arid and sunburned area.    

There are two Sunflowers season: March/April and November/December. This is also the time they are about to be in the best bloom. The floral area is originally a field supplying raw materials for feeding so it’s open for everyone to visit without any ticket paid.

Travel Vietnam: A Perfect Itinerary for Nghe An

Historical Sites

In addition to the historical tourism potential, the tourism cluster in the west of Vinh also offers visitors with two spiritual tourist sites: Ho Chi Minh Square and the tomb of Quan Hoang Muoi. You can also visit Pu Mat National Park, where there are many precious animals and majestic waterfalls.

If you do have time, do not forget to explore a variety of other places.  Nam Can border market, Xiao Va waterfall, Tham On cave, Quiet mountain resort; Nghe An ancient citadel, Su Nu Pagoda (Can Linh Pagoda), Hong Son Temple, Guan Son Temple, Cua Nam Lake Tourist Site, Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Museum…

Travel Tip: when visiting spiritual places, avoid wearing sleeveless T-shirt of skirt/pants too short – above the knee.

Must Try food in Nghe An

Well-known specialties are Eel soup, Lam rice, ‘nhut’ Thanh Chuong, Sauce in Nam Dan, Orange in Doai village…

Nghi Hai fish-sauce village

Nghi Hai fish-sauce village is located at 11km from the east of Vinh. Visit the fish-sauce business family to discover the process making the fish sauce. The village is known for fresh products made from seafood such as fish, shrimp, and others.

Eel Soup

Not only people in Nghe An like to eat eel soup but also tourists. It’s generally delicious and way too hard to describe by words!


Nam Dan sauce

Not only being famous as the hometown of President Ho Chi Minh, Nam Dan is also famous for its recipes. Nam Nam sauce is famous not only in Nghe An but also throughout the country. It’s used as a sauce – made from water and rice – which is very popular in Vietnamese families’ traditional meals. It’s mainly made from soybean seeds, sticky rice, and corn seeds. You can buy as a gift or personal use. In the cold and rainy season. It could be a perfect choice to eat hot rice with this soy sauce!


Orange in Doai Village

Doai Commune now is Nghi Dien Commune – Nghi Loc District – Nghe An Province. Here, nature has given preferentially to produce delicious oranges that can not be found anywhere. So remember to buy them as gifts, then package carefully. You might need to storage in Hotel’s freeze before hand-carry them back.  Traveloka wishes you a trip to Nghe An with many memorable memories.


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