A Ritual Done To Stimulate Menstruation In Men

A Ritual Done To Stimulate Menstruation In MenSource

A tribe, Australian Mardudjara Aborigines, performs a unique ritual to stimulate menstruation in men. They do so to sympathize with their female folks.

It’s a unique & somewhat bizarre ritual performed when a boy reaches a certain age, usually 15-16, the older members of the tribe take him to a secluded place. A fire is set & boy is made to lie next to it. A group of men would sing & dance around him. Another such group called mourners, cry & wail while the ceremony is performed.

A Tribal Ritual Done To Stimulate Menstruation In Men Source

The ritual is performed in two parts circumcision & sub-incision. Circumcision is still performed in many parts of the world. The procedure is almost same with a creepy twist it. Once the foreskin from the male genital is chopped off, the boy is made to swallow the ‘good meat’ which is nothing but the same foreskin. The boy is told that he has eaten ‘his own boy’ & it’s going to make him strong from inside. The creepiness doesn’t end here. The procedure continues…

In the second procedure, sub-incision which is performed after few months of circumcision when the wounds are healed, an elder person then takes a knife and makes a split on the underside of the penis underneath the head of the penis to near the scrotum. The boy is made to stand above the fire to allow the blood drip into it. From now on the boy must squat when he urinates just like women do. According to some anthropologists, the ideology  behind this ritual is to respect & sympathize with the females of the tribe

A Tribal Ritual Done To Stimulate Menstruation In MenSource

The rite of manhood in Australian Mardudjara Aborigines is slowly disappearing. The current generation doesn’t want to go through the slithering pain nor do they want to eat their ‘own boy’.

A Ritual Done To Stimulate Menstruation In MenSource

While we might not agree with their ways but still we should respect the thought behind the ritual. At least  they are considerate towards their females. They acknowledge the fact that female have to bear so much of discomfort & pain every month for at least 35-40 years of their lives. No matter how bizarre some customs are, sometimes they  teach us a thing or two about being a good human being.

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