Alsvik Natursenter Sandnes-7 Fun Family Activities To do

Alsvik Natursenter is a wilderness recreational area in Sandnes Stavanger around Kyllesvatnet lake. It is located in the Lakes of Lutsi. It is one of the major recreational zones in Sandnes, Stavanger with many activities for individuals & families.

Stavanger has a continental climate where you will get cold winters & warm summer days. While we might complain about constant showers almost every month, it is still better than extreme weather conditions up north.

You can plan outdoor activities almost any time. Alsvik Natursenter is an ‘All year round’ place where there is something for everyone.

With loads of fun activities, opportunities for social gathering & adventure sports, no wonder people love to visit the place in all seasons.

If you are staying in Stavanger or come for a visit remember not to get bogged down by the weather. Rain is a constant here.

Eventually you will get to live with it. As they say here in Norway …

Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær meaning There is no bad weatheronly bad clothes!

Alsvik Natursenter Guide

Alsvik Natursenter
Picture Perfect

One might wonder what is in store at a ‘Nature Senter. Well, exactly what it says. It is a nature center untouched & unspoiled. 

Whenever you what to run away from the stress of city life, such places turn out to be such a blessing. 

It is home to hundreds of trees and other shrubs. The landscape changes dramatically in different seasons. I’ve included pictures from Summer & winter both so that you can compare the difference & how beautiful it looks!

Gapahuk– It is around 150-200 meters from the parking lot. You follow the gravel path & end up at a large open space, Gapahuk.

It has barbeque facilities, open canopies, shades, Toilets (You will need to bring toilet paper though), a campfire, etc.

There is also a temporary swing installed at one of the tall trees, a small play area for kids, volleyball court. 

Gapahuk has indoor grill facilities with benches & tables that can accommodate up to 50 persons at a time. 

During my visit to natursenter I have seen school kids with teachers enjoying an outdoor day. The large open space is ideal for outdoor activities for a small group of 40-50 people.

Facilities at Alsvik Natursenter

alsvik natursenter sandnes

The best part of taking a trip to Alsvik natursenter is that you don’t need to preplan it. It is an easy trip for any day. Pick up your car, buy some food & drinks on the way & enjoy a lovely day. 

This is exactly what we do every single time. Just dress up according to the weather, pack some snacks or buy & head out. Often, unplanned trips like these are more fun than planned ones. 

The only thing that I never forget to take with me is my cam. Aah..what would I do without it. How would I share the amazing pictures of all these lovely places if not for 

Well equipped for differently-abledThe facility is well equipped for differently-abled. The central area can be accessed through Wheelchair. It is also suitable for pram & kid’s carriage. 

However beyond the core area, especially towards the lake, the path is more uneven hence not suitable for wheelchairs & prams.

Barbeque facility– There are two large grills indoor & one outdoor grill available. 

Outdoor canopies & shelters- These are available for rent. It can be rented free of charge. You need to make a booking at Sandnes kommune website. 

Rent a Tent site- alsvik natursenter is ideal for camping. A tent sites need to be booked for each tet. Depending on the number of people camping or the number of tents, you may make the booking at Sandnes kommune site.

Usually, there is a space for around 10 small tents (accommodate 2-3 persons each). But if you are carrying a larger tent, you might need to rent the place accordingly. 

Parking– Unmarked parking space is available at Alsvik natursenter. There is enough space to park at least 20-25 vehicles at a time. 

Disabled parking is also available at the launching ramp at Lutsi /Haga. You may also park at Hogstadvika (beachside) and by Alsvik Nature Centre.

Activities at Alsvik Natursenter

alsvik natursenter activities
Happy Family & snowman :)

First, let’s talk about this cute picture. As usual, I was taking pictures at the Alsvik Natursenter. These lovely father-daughter duos were making a snowman. 

They looked absolutely adorable. I walked up to them & introduced myself, asked them if they would like to pose for a pic. They happily obliged. 

Although, I regret not taking down their names & email so that I could send them this candid pic.

So if YOU are reading this article or someone who knows them is reading, pls tell them how sporty & wonderful they both were & I loved the candid picture. Hope they like it too! 

1.Kayaking & Canoeing– If the weather permits & the water level is manageable, it will be great fun to kayak to the place.

You can kayak between Lutsivatnet, Kyllesvatnet, Forenesvatnet & Storavatnet & test your fitness level.

2.Camping– We haven’t tried camping here but I am pretty keen to experience it soon. (checking the weather forecast & praying to the rain gods!) 

BUT, I have done my research & let me share the details with you. You can book one of the 10 campsites for free on the internet ( details mentioned below). 

Pack all your camping essentials for the trip & don’t forget an extra layer of clothing as it may get a bit cold at night. 

3.Fishing– what’s more relaxing than fishing on a fine sunny day. Away from city noises, surrounded by nature. 

Fishing is a great outdoor activity & stress buster. It helps with your body coordination & improves concentration. 

It is a great way to teach the young ones the importance of patience & persistence. I often see families going out fishing. It is a good family outdoor activity.

There is a lake some 700-800 meters from parking. Bring some chairs & fishing gear while soaking in the warm daylight.

4. Walking Trails- Leisure walks can be so much fun. Walking on these uneven terrains, sometimes muddy, or soft like a rug thanks to dried leaves, those pebbles, or tree roots that test your body balance, you will never like to walk on a treadmill again ever!

If you are not looking for hiking, just take a walk around the area. Go up to the water or to the mountain  & back, the sound of birds & the smell of forest will draw you closer to nature.

Alsvik Natursenter walking trails
Easy Walking Trails

5.BBQ & Bonfires- there is nothing better than bonding over food. Freshly grilled sliders right off the grill are literally everyone’s favorite.

The rustic flavor of food cooked over charcoal or wood taste divine. To top it all, it is an activity where everyone can get involved, unlike at house parties where the kitchen work is strictly a ‘woman’s job’. 

At the Alsvik Natursenter BBQ facility, you can accommodate up to 50 people. You need not worry about sudden showers or if it gets too cold or windy as there is an indoor BBQ facility.

( Pro Tip:- You will have to bring your own wood chips or firewood for bonfire. It’s not available here) 

6.Hiking– Most of the visitor here come for Hiking. There are so many hiking routes that start from here. You may choose anyone according to your skills & time available.

All the routes are marked with ‘red T’. Rest assured you will not be lost in the wilderness (unless of course if you want to!)

Bring enough water, snacks & weather appropriate clothes as weather quickly & drastically change here. Locals are well accustomed to these conditions but a visitor or foreigner might find the change difficult.

Alsvik Natursenter Hiking

7.Swimming– Another popular sport here is swimming. It is extremely relaxing & good for your overall well being.

There are so many activities you can plan around here if you are an outdoorsy kind of a person. But if you come here for some organized activity, you might be little disappointed.

I often here people say ‘there is nothing to do’. Well it’s not a arena or a playground. It is nature in its best form. Here you must plan your own activities according to your physical fitness, time & company you’re with.

It is primarily a large open space to unwind & relax. If this your intention then you must visit Alsvik Natursenter for sure.

Alsvik Natursenter Booking

alsvik natursenter Kyllesvatnet
I walked into a live painting

As mentioned above, you can book tents and canopies in Alsvik nature enter through the Sandnes Kommune site. Even the barbeque facility cab be rented Free of charge through Sandnes kommune website. 

Check out Sandnes Kommune Link for tent, canopies & barbeque booking here

For Rental of canoes check out Kronen Gaard Hotel

For multiple days booking or large events, contact directly Sandnes kommune. You may contact them on Tel: 51 33 58 00.

Alsvik Natursenter Address

AddressAlsvik, 4308 Sandnes

How to reach- You can reach here by car or by canoeing. It is not reachable by public transport. 

By Car– You can reach Alsvik through the national road 13 route at Lutsi. You just need to follow the directions from thereon.

By Kayaking & Canoeing– Fancy paddling til Alsvik? You can actually reach alsvik natursenter via Liavatnet or Kyllesvatnet.

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Alsvik Natursenter Sandnes Stavanger


Parting Words

Alsvik Natursenter is a gorgeous getaway from the hustle & bustle of the city. The serenity of the place will take all your stress away & inspire you to be active.

I have been here multiple times & every time I found something new to do ( depending on the weather). 

If you are a nature lover or like to spend your time away from the burbs, this place should be on top of your list. 

Apart from Alsvik Naturesenter,  I also enjoyed going to Ormen Lange Park for a family picnic. It is a small park in Stavanger where you can enjoy a barbeque, swimming & hike. Try this if you looking for a weekend spot for a family outing.

I am also looking forward to experiencing the Polar Park where you can View Northern Lights While You Cuddle Wolves.

The thought itself is so exciting! I keep checking the Norway corona updates to check if it will be possible anytime soon. 

Norway is full of natural beauty. If you are an adrenaline Junkie, there is no better place than Norway to try fascinating things. Skydive, Fjords cruising, snow Ski, Skating, Mountain Biking, Power hand gliding & so on. 

(P.s – You can connect with me on my Instagram @garimanag where I regularly post updates, videos on life in Stavanger & Norway in general. You also hop on to my FB page @sweetsharingblog for regular updates! ) 

Garima Nag
A compulsive traveler, voracious reader & habitual fashionista. Love to explore, live & laugh. Read More

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