An Open Letter To Salman Khan & His Supporters

For the last few days, print & social media is abuzz with the details of high profile Salman Khan Hit & Run case. Every news channel & paper is following it religiously. It looks as if the whole country’s fate hangs on the result of Salman Khan’s case verdict.

The economy of this country depends on whether its favorite star stays out of jail or serves his term.

I think It is no one’s business to decide whether Salman khan is guilty or not but of our judiciary. We ( read Salman fans) have waited for 13 long years. No questions asked, no judgments passed.

Nobody ever thought about the family of the man who dies that night. Or constable Ravindra Patel who died a miserable death. How possibly could we? We were all enjoying his masala movies.

Producers were laughing their way to the bank. The actor was becoming a bigger star after every blockbuster & the moviegoers were getting entertained. All happy. So why this frizzy when the court has given its verdict on a case like thousand other cases? Why is there such a huge cry?

 Salman Khan & His Supporters

Dear Mr. Salman Khan,

What were you thinking when you hit those people sleeping on the footpath after a long day of work? Oh yes, How could you think. You were drunk & to top it, driving! Drinking & driving is not a crime. Or is it? Drinking is just ‘Being Human’

I don’t say you murdered a person. It wasn’t intentional. Agreed! Yet your carelessness took a life. Doesn’t that matter at all? What stopped you from carrying the injured to the nearest hospital? who stopped you from accepting your mistake & take a stand? Were you afraid or simply ignorant?

Dear Salman Fans, Do you all really think that committing a crime no matter how small or big can be forgiven on the basis of one’s popularity or charity work?

Ms. Farah Khan tweeted

“The govt should be responsible for housing ppl. If no 1was sleeping on d road in any other country Salman wuld not have driven over anybody… It’s like penalising a train driver because someone decided to cross the tracks and got killed in the bargain. #salmankhancase.” 

People sleeping on the road sleep there because they enjoy it not out of sheer necessity. Isn’t it Ms. Farah Khan?


The ‘Noble’ Deeds of Salman Khan?


You have helped many people. That’s a noble task. But you can’t make commit a crime & compensate it some charity work. By this logic

” A rapist can rape a girl & open a shelter for rape victims. He must be forgiven

A murderer could kill a person & compenate the victim’s family

A minister could eat away public money & in return help few hundred

If we go by this logic there would be no need for any judiciary or police. People would simply commit a crime, do some charity & get away with it.

Salman, If charity was your choice so was accepting your mistake. Or were you being human, who simply make mistakes & apply all possible tactics to avoid punishment?

As a supporter, we must learn to differentiate between his onscreen persona & the man he is in real life. We are educated people who are gifted with a mind to think & rationalize.

Behaving like a herd driven by a sentiment doesn’t suit us. we cry over the incapable judiciary & when the same judiciary convicts a popular celebrity, we cry foul.

If we choose to support a star just on the basis of his popular image, we have no right to blame rich & powerful people committing crimes in the future.

We are making the system weak. Let the law take its course. It has to be unbiased, let it remain that way. Power, Popularity & Fame MUST NOT interfere with the law proceedings. Isn’t it what we all want as a citizen of this nation.

Salma, we love you for entertaining us but not for the person you become at times. A person who raise hand & abuse women in his life, get involved in fights after a binge drinking spree. If you really want to be our real-life hero, own what have you done.

Law is equal for everyone. That is how it should be. Accepting one’s mistake is not easy. But when you become a public figure people follow every step. You owe it to your fans Don’t try to find a scape gate. Face it!

Being Human is not just about spending your money on people, it is about showing how to be a human. Don’t make it cool to kill a person sleeping on footpath & escaping the punishment. Agreed you are no God But at least Be human.

No one is above the law. You, Me OR Mr. Salman Khan. Period!


Garima Nag
A compulsive traveler, voracious reader & habitual fashionista. Love to explore, live & laugh. Read More

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  1. I completely agree with you. Even I am a fan of Salman Khan but one should be punished for any wrong done.


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