An open letter to the righteous guy seeking a virgin girl

An open letter to the righteous guy seeking a virgin girl           An open letter to the righteous guy seeking a virgin girl

An open letter to the righteous guy seeking a virgin girl


Hi Mr. righteous,

After the previous day meeting & greeting,  I am mighty impressed with your “Fusion thinking . Early I didn’t pay attention to your bio- data but after meeting you in personal I was literally drawn towards it.You know why? Because I wanted to understand your mind.

On paper you academic qualifications looks impressive. That’s actually the reason why my parents shortlisted you at the first place. I am sorry to say after our meeting I have come to a realization that you are a ‘literate ‘ man but not ‘educated’. You want a beautiful & professional girl.Nothing wrong in that.But you mentioned ‘Virgin’ ( ya, not the word .Yet your 10 minutes long monologue clearly indicated towards your dire need of an untouched Virgin girl ). Before this question is answered or even discussed, I find it extremely intrusive & humiliating. You are a rank stranger to me & asking such question in disguise is completely out of line.

Actually what are you looking for? A life partner or an alter ego. Clear that in your mind first. I think only two kinds of people would come up with such an idea.First , who never had a girl in his life & totally sucked at being friends with the fairer sex. Hence taking out his frustration here so that his partner doesn’t get to know his fears & weakness. OR you had way too many ‘action’ in your life that now being with a girl who is totally naive is your last wish.Either ways its sickening !!

Now coming back to the girl’s virginity.There is some confusion.It is the physical virginity you meant.FYI I  lost my mental virginity  to Tom cruise when I saw him in ‘Top Gun’. Did u hear this song ….

[youtube url=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]


What if your ‘Virgin ‘ wife thinks about someone else when you two get intimate?Will that ok with you?  Does that account for infidelity? Think about it.

Again, cosying up, going on dates, hanging out together is acceptable.Right ?

Your future wife could ask you the same question. Are you Virgin By the way? Biologically, you don’t even have that ‘Seal proof’ system to prove your point. How are you going to prove yourself? Hmm?. Some test ( there is none .alas !! ), an oath or what? I am sure you must have ‘saved’ yourself for special someone. The point is PROVE IT? Can you?

Your whole idea of a good life partner hangs on a petty issue . Its not the character of the girl that you suspect.Its your upbringing , your values & your mind set that reflects in your action. You are well aware of the fact that a boy’s virginity can neither be tested nor proved .So why not put the whole burden of being righteous & pious on the poor girl . Make her live under constant scrutinizing & fear for rest of her life . Control her each & every action , her life , even every single breath she takes . It is an extremely effective & socially accepted  way of suppressing your life partner .

It would have been nicer if you would have asked for an HIV test. It’s logical & progressive. It would have earned you few brownie points & lots of respect. I will have to admit, you not only failed miserably at being a prospective life partner but are ineligible for being a friend even.

I can just hope that one fine day someone knocks some sense in your frozen mind & clears all cobwebs.Until than god blesses you


Yours truly

A beautiful , slim,gori, professionally successful (but never going to be your wife ) Girl


(P.s – This virginity test can fool you. Don’t believe me. Have you heard of Hymenorrhaphy? Nope .Google it and  Get well soon :D )


Garima Nag
A compulsive traveler, voracious reader & habitual fashionista. Love to explore, live & laugh. Read More

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  1. Hey, nice blog and topics! Very current and real.

    While i don’t agree with the virginity test, and find it quite useless myself, i value being frank with a woman quite a bit. So, if virginity is what he’s looking for, it’s actually a useful thing that he is able to bring it up immediately (even if not directly, and just with a 10min monologue), hence allowing the woman to step away, rather than him just faking it, and then it coming up much later (which many coward men do, just to get sex).

    I also value acceptance. We are different. I believe in letting go of ones ego, to accept others how they are. And in this letter in don’t feel much acceptance. I feel anger. So, i respect the point of view of the beautiful , slim,gori, professionally successful (but never going to be your wife ) Girl, and i don’t agree with how she presents it in the letter. And this is because, unfortunately, her palpable lack of respect toward this other way of thinking, takes away attention from him, and puts it on her negative writing. Which, i assume, was not her intention in the first place.

    I believe a calmer more objective approach to the subject could have been more effective.

    Having said this, keep expressing yourself! That’s awesome! Really. Keep up with the blogging, you have some real good content!


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