Anapji Pond In Gyeongju South Korea (All You Need to Know)

Anapji Pond is one of the major tourist attractions in Gyeongju, South Korea. Anapji ( which means Goose & Duck lake) is an artificial pond in Gyeongju National Park. It is Currently known as Wolji Pond.

It was once a part of the royal palace complex of the ancient Silla dynasty( One of the three kingdoms of Korea & one of the world’s longest sustained dynasties).


History of Anapji Pond


Anapji Pond In Gyeongju South Korea (All You Need to Know)

It was built in 674 CE by the order of King Munmu. In 1974, during an excavation three spherical shapes were found. It indicated that there were three islands located in the pond. With the help of these findings & historical records, the pond was restored to its formal glory.

Anapji pond is an architectural beauty. The area around the Anapji Pond is filled with the lotus flower. If possible, plan the visit accordingly to witness the spectacular view.


Anapji Pond In Gyeongju

The lush green & well-maintained lawns are so inviting. I can perpetually spend every single evening here :)

Anapji Pond In Gyeongju South Korea (All You Need to Know)

These historical places are like time-machine. You instantly get transported to the bygone era.

Anapji Pond In Gyeongju South Korea (All You Need to Know)

This pond had hidden so many secrets in its depth for so long. A treasure that was later excavated. Mystic & appealing!

Anapji Pond In Gyeongju

Furiously hungry. Could eat you up the moment you enter the water :D

Anapji Pond In Gyeongju

A miniature model of the Anapji Pond. You can take a virtual tour if you too lazy to stroll around :D


Anapji Pond In Gyeongju

Interesting notes about the artifacts excavated from the area & other related information.



Anapji Pond at Night


The beauty of this place increases many folds during the night. The whole place is lit up with beautiful light. The reflex in the pond gives it a surreal feel.

Anapji Pond In Gyeongju

The serenity of the place will entice you…….

Anapji Pond In Gyeongju

Aren’t you feeling like royalty already?

Anapji Pond In Gyeongju

People pile up these small pebbles on bigger rocks. I couldn’t get the reason behind this practice, but it looked like fun so I did it too :). If anyone of you knows it, please let me know.


A small stream making this place even more appealing.

Anapji Pond In Gyeongju

A moment to contemplate what could have the life of royalties been like?


Address & Contact Details


Anapji Pond In Gyeongju


102 Wonhwa-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

How to get there

You can take a bus No. 11, 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606, 607, 608, 609 from the bus terminal or any bus stop & get down at Gyeongju National Museum Stop. From there, it is just 2-3 min walk.

Ticket Price

Adult – W 2000

Teens – W 1200

Children- W 600

Children below three- Free


Places to see near Anapji Pond


Visit Teddy Bear Museum: Fantasy World For Kids

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Travel Tips


Anapji Pond In Gyeongju

1. Visit the place after the sunset preferbaly after 7.30. The whole place is lit up. The view is absolutely spectacular.

2. The place gets a little crowded during night time. Get yourself comfortable at a spot from where you can watch the beautiful area & click pictures. ( A selfie stick goes a long way. Literally :D)

3. It will take you 40 min to 1 hour at the max to explore the area. It is better to keep the visit for the last part of the day.

4. Explore the area around the park apart from the main structures. There are many interesting things that you might find.


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Anapji Pond In Gyeongju South Korea (All You Need to Know)



Parting words

Anapji Pond (Wolji Pond) & Dongung Palace is a must-visit place in Gyeongju. They are superlative during the night time when the whole place is bathed in fancy lights. The place is gorgeous during the fall season.


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