Top 5 Beaches Of Geoje To Visit This Summer

Summer in Geoje could be a lot of fun. Geoje, the blue city, is a beautiful island in South Korea. Its vast coastline has many beaches. The water is clear, air crisp & weather soothing. If you want to simply relax or enjoy water sports, swim or go fishing, beaches of Geoje has something for everyone.

Almost all the beaches of Geoje are pristine. They are not as crowded as the beaches of regular tourist places. You can actually spend a nice day lazying around on a beach without being interrupted by hawkers or over-enthusiastic crowd.  The beaches of Geoje also offer many activities to keep  you busy for the day. You can try your hands on Kayaking, ride a water ski, go parasailing & lot more.

Here is a list of Top 5 Beaches of Geoje that you must visit this summer

1.Gujora Beach

Top 5 Beaches Of Geoje To Visit This Summer

Gujora beach is one of my favorite beaches of Geoje. It is located in Ilwoon Myeon. the water is calm & shallow. It gives you a feel of private beach as the visitors are quite less. Go with your camping gears & enjoy it on a nice sunny day.

Top 5 Beaches Of Geoje To Visit This Summer

The sunset from this beach is a sight to experience. The sun goes down behind the beautiful mountains leaving a trail of beautiful hues.

For more details visit: BEAUTIFUL GUJORA BEACH GEOJE

2. Wahyeon Beach

Top 5 Beaches Of Geoje To Visit This Summer

Wahyeon sand beach is one of the most popular summer getaways of Geoje. People flock this beach during summer. If you like to indulge in water sports, this beach should be on your list.

How to spend your vacation in Geoje? Read this for some amazing ideas – 7 COOL IDEAS TO SPEND YOUR VACATION IN GEOJE

3. Deokpo Beach

Top 5 Beaches Of Geoje To Visit This Summer

A cozy little beach located in Deokpo Dong Hadeok town. Good for a nice walk or camping. Not much activities around the place but it has one of the major attractions to try…The Zipline :)

For more details visit: DEOKPO BEACH GEOJE

4. Hakdong Pebble Beach

Top 5 Beaches Of Geoje To Visit This Summer

As the name suggest, Hakdong Pebble beach is unique in itself. It stretches around 1.2 km & completely covered with black shiny pebbles or the black pearls. It is also known as the Hakdong black pearl beach. It is absolutely clean & calm. My favorite one for camping…

Do you know the sound of pebbles rolling along the waves on Hakdong beach is listed among Korea’s ‘Top 100 beautiful sounds‘. Fasinating isn’t it?!

For more details visit: HAKDONG PEBBLE BEACH

5. Yeocha Pebble Beach

Top 5 Beaches Of Geoje To Visit This Summer

Yeocha Pebble beach is absolutely goegeous. It offers the most spectacular view of rock formations in Geoje. It is located in the southern side of Geojedo & strecthes around 700m. A beach with nice view & clear water. You can’t afford to miss this one :)


Some of my favorite moments on the beaches of Geoje. Some day I might write a book ‘Confession of a beach-o-holic’ ;)

Top 5 Beaches Of Geoje To Visit This Summer

I totally love beaches. I can literally live along the seaside & never return. Such is my fascination with sea. Are you a beach bum too? Share your experiences & don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE!


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