Top 15 Most Popular Beer Brands in India with Price 2021

Beer is the third widely consumed drink after tea & coffee & the first most famous alcoholic drink in the world. Rest all other beverages don’t even come close to their popularity or quantity consumed.

We have a huge market of the best red wines in India as well as some popular white wines in India, but the beer still dominates any other alcoholic beverage.

There are several Imported as well as Indian Beer brands in Indian Market. However, in this article, we are going to discuss some Best & Popular Beer brands in India.

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Best Beer Brands in India with Price 2021

Beer mug and barrel
Beer Brands in India with price 2021

We are going to include some of the best Imported Beer Brands in India as well as the Best Indian Beer Brands which are hugely popular among beer patrons.

Beer, the world’s most popular drink, is consumed throughout the world. It has been a part of cultural activities & celebrations for thousands of years. Because of its low ABV% and refreshing taste, it is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world.

Beer  Brand  Price
Best Beer in India Under 150 Kingfisher ₹145 approx
Best beer in India under 200 Budweiser ₹175 approx
Best Imported Beer in India Under 500  Guinness Draught Beer ₹490 approx
Best Beer in India Under 1000  Chimay Red ₹570-590 approx & upward with taxes
Most Expensive beer in India  Duvel ₹750 approx & upward with taxes
Most Alcoholic Beer in India

BroCode – 15% Alcohol content (ABV)

₹100 approx for 330 ml
Best Non-Alcoholic Beer in India Budweiser 0.0 Non-Alcoholic Beer ₹360
Best Light Beer in India (calorie content) Bira 91 White – 4.9 % Alcohol content (ABV) ₹200 approx for 330 ml
Best Wheat Beer in India (Craft Beer in India) White Zen by Gateway Brewing Co ₹265 for a glass


Many of the brands mentioned below have great history & legacy. We have made sure to incorporate interesting facts & details about beer brands. You will know where your favorite beer is coming from & the history behind it.

Here are the top 15 most popular beer brands in India with price 2021.

1. Kingfisher Premium Lager – INR 125

kingfisher beerKingfisher is one of the best beer brands in India & certainly most popular among beer lovers.

There are many variants available in the market like the kingfisher Ultra, Kingfisher Premium & kingfisher Blue catering to a large number of people.

Since its release in 1978, Kingfisher has gained a massive fan following. It accounts for 36% of the total beer market share in India.

Kingfisher Strong which is the strongest beer with 8% alcohol content is the beer market leader in India. it is flavorful & goes well with the rich Indian food.

Variants Available⇓

  • Kingfisher Strong -8% alcohol
  • Kingfisher Blue – 8% alcohol
  • Kingfisher Ultra – 5% alcohol
  • Kingfisher Premium – 4.8% alcohol

Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer Price in India⇓

Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer – INR 125.00 ( 650 ML)

Kingfisher Can Beer – INR 100.00 ( 500 ML)

Flavor Profile: Malty & Sweet

Food Pairing: Chocolate, Barbeque, Burgers, Kebabs

Country of Origin: India


2. Carlsberg All Malt Premium Beer – INR 160.00

carlsberg beer

Carlsberg, a brand that has a history of almost 200 years.The brand was established in 1811 by Jacob Christian Jacobsen, the founder of Carlsberg. He took over the business after his father’s demise.

The brand was got international recognition in 1847 when it was introduced in Great Britain & in 1868 the brand started exporting its products in many countries.

Carlsberg is a front runner in Indian Beer Market. With its clean & crisp flavor, it has maintained its position among the beer lovers. It is one of the best beer brands in India.

Variants Available⇓

  • Carlsberg beer – 5% alcohol
  • Carlsberg Classic – 7% alcohol

Carlsberg All Malt Premium Beer Price in India⇓

Carlsberg All Malt Premium Beer – INR 160.00 ( 650 ML)

Carlsberg Elephant Strong Super Premium Beer – INR 110.00 ( 500 ML)

Flavor Profile: Malty & Sweet with a smooth finish

Food Pairing: Pizza, Sausage, Steak

Country of Origin: Denmark

3. Budweiser Magnum Strong Beer – INR 150.00

Budweiser beer  “It is my aim to win the American people over … to make them all lovers of beer.” – Adolphus Busch, the founder of Budweiser

Adolphus Busch was a man of vision. He traveled to America in 1857 from Germany to make his dream come true. He wanted to brew the best beer & dominate the American Beer Market.

Within no time, Budweiser gained popularity not only in America but the world over. With Adolphus’s passion & business acumen, it became one of the most celebrated beer brands in the world.

Budweiser beer is crisp & aromatic with a smooth finish. The freshness of flavors makes it perfect for consumption in warm weather. It is a front runners & one of the best beer brands in India

Variants Available⇓

  • Budweiser Premium – 5% alcohol
  • Budweiser Magnum – 6.5% alcohol

Budweiser Magnum Strong Beer Price in India⇓

Budweiser Magnum Strong Beer – INR 150.00 ( 650 ML)

Budweiser Premium King of Beer – INR 100.00 ( 350 ML)

Flavor Profile: Sweet Rice flavor with hop variants

Food Pairing: Sliders, light snacks, Pizza

Country of Origin: USA

4. Tuborg Strong Premium Beer – INR 120.00

Tuborg beerTuborg is a Denish brewing beer company founded by Carl Frederik Tietgen in 1873.

The brand name has an interesting story. It wasn’t named after a person but a small place, an inn, where people used to meet up. It was owned by a person named Jonas Thues. So people started jokingly call it Thues Borg ( Borg in Danish means Castle) Thues borg later changed into Tuborg!

If you prefer strong beer, this one is for you. Tuborg has a stronger flavor than other beer brands available in the market.

The lager beer is medium-bodied, fresh & crisp flavor with a slight bitterness at the end. It goes well with the rich Indian cuisine.

Variants Available⇓

  • Tuborg Classic- 4.8% alcohol

Tuborg Strong Premium Beer Price in India⇓

Tuborg Strong Premium Beer – INR 120.00 ( 650 ML)

Tuborg Green Beer – INR 95.00 ( 500 ML)

Flavor Profile: Flower & roasted grains

Food Pairing: Spicy Indian Food, Salads & Desserts

Country of Origin: Denmark


5. Heineken Lager Beer – INR 190.00

HeinekenHeineken is a Dutch company manufacturing beer since 1873. It was founded by Gerard Adriaan Heineken.

In its initial years, the brand won many awards including Medaille d’Or (Gold Medal) at the International Maritime Exhibition & Grand Prix at the Exposition Universelle in Paris. As it gained popularity, It was shipped to many countries.

It is just made with three Ingredients Barley, Hops & Distilled water giving it a distinctive flavor that has been consistent over the years.

Heineken is a pilsner-styled Lager beer with a deep golden color & mildly bitter taste.

Variants Available⇓

  • Heineken Premium Beer- 5% alcohol

Heineken Lager Beer Price in India⇓Heineken Lager Beer – INR 190.00 ( 650 ML)

Flavor Profile: Balanced Hop Aroma & Strong taste with a smooth finish

Food Pairing: Light Food, Salads & Desserts

Country of Origin: The Netherlands


6. Foster’s Strong Premium Beer – INR 125.00

foster beerIf Aussies & Indians have anything in common, it should be Foster’s beer. It is the favorite beer brand in Australia & equally loved here in India. Foster’s is the largest selling Australian brand in the world.

It was founded by Wiliam & Ralph Foster in 1887. These brothers were so determined to sell the beer that they sold it with Ice to serve chilled beer in the hot weather in Australia.

Foster is a light lager beer with a clean & crisp flavor & slightly hop bitterness at the endnote.

Variants Available⇓

  • Fosters Beer – 4% alcohol

Foster’s Strong Premium Beer Price in India⇓

Foster’s Strong Premium Beer – INR 125.00 ( 650 ML)

Fosters Lager Beer – INR 65.00 ( 330 ML)

Flavor Profile: Malty & slight hop bitterness

Food Pairing: Chocolate, Crisps, Burgers

Country of Origin: Australia


7. Corona Extra Beer – INR 280.00

CoronaCorona is manufactured in Mexico but the company is owned by AB InBev in Belgium.

If you are looking for a fresh & crisp summer beer, Corona is the answer! It is refreshingly flavourful & clean perfect for a day on the beach.

Since the spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic, People started associating corona beer with the pandemic. In a survey conducted by a firm, it was stated that 38% of Americans said that they won’t buy Corona beer anymore.

However, only 4% of the regular Corona Beer consumers said that they would stop drinking the beer post the Coronavirus Lockdown is over.

Corona is a typical American pale lager beer with slight sweetness & just a hint of hops. Enjoy it with a lemon wedge for the tartness.

Variants Available⇓

  • Corona Beer – 4.5% alcohol

Corona Extra Beer Price in India⇓ – INR 280.00 ( 355 ML)

Flavor Profile: Malty & Sweet

Food Pairing: Spicy food, Steak, Burgers

Country of Origin: Mexico


8. Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer – INR 95.00

haywards 5000

Haywards 5000 is one of the most popular beer brands in India because of its strong flavor & average price. It is especially popular in North Indian states like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, etc.

The brand was founded in the early 1900s, while its star product Haywards 5000 was launched in 1978.

It is a front runner in the Indian Beer market available throughout the country across restaurants & bars. People either love or hate the aftertaste.

The brand also produces a super-strong variant Haywards 10000.

Variants Available⇓

  • Haywards 5000 Strong – 7% alcohol

Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer Price in India⇓

Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer – INR 95.00 ( 500 ML)

Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer – INR 70.00 ( 350 ML)

Flavor Profile: Strong flavor & slight hops with a sweet finish

Food Pairing: Salads, Light Snacks, Dessert

Country of Origin: India


9. Hoegaarden Beer – INR 250.00

Hoegaarden beerHoegaarden Beer is a product of Hoegaarden Brewery. It was established in the 1800s. Today, 9 out of 10 breweries in Belgium are from Hoegaarden.

Want to experience the most flavourful & rich beer in India? Go for Hoegaarden Beer! Currently, it is one of the most popular beer brands in India & a sure-shot winner because of its exotic taste.

Pick it for an afternoon brunch, beach party or a barbeque setting, Hoegaarden Beer goes well with almost all kinds of food. It is best served chilled with a slice of lemon or orange to complement its flavors.


Variants Available⇓

  • Hoegaarden Beer – 4.9% alcohol

Hoegaarden Beer Price in India⇓ – INR 250.00 ( 330 ML)

Flavor Profile: Citrus & herbs with a smooth finish

Food Pairing: Barbeque, Burgers, Kebabs

Country of Origin: Belgium


10. Guinness Beer – INR 200

Guinness beerGuinness Beer is a dark Irish Stout counted among the best beer brands in the world. The Brewery was founded by Arthur Guinness in 1759.

It is made from roasted barley, unique brewery yeast, Hops & water. The roasted barley imparts deep ruby color & caramelized flavor to the beer.

Apart from being an alcoholic beverage, Guinness Beer is used as a leavening agent & an ingredient in desserts. Adding it to stew or gravy enhances the flavor & richness.

Variants Available⇓

  • Guinness Beer – 5.6%

Guinness Beer  Price in India⇓ – INR 200 (650 ML)

Flavor Profile: Malty & Sweet with Expresso & Cocoa

Food Pairing: Dark Chocolate, Barbeque, Burgers, Flavorful Stew

Country of Origin: Belgium


11. Bira 91 White Beer – INR 180

bira 91 beerBira 91 is an Indian Brand where 91 stands for the country code. It is manufactured in B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd that was launched in 2015. It is relatively new in the market yet it has gained quite a popularity among Indian Beer lovers.

Within a short span of time, it has become one of the best beer brands in India. Millennials & youngsters are a fan of its unorthodox flavor well suited to the Indian palette.

Bira 91 is an all-day craft beer with a delightful aroma of citrus fruits & herbs. You get a delicious sweetness from wheat & slight bitterness from hops with a smooth finish.

Variants Available⇓

  • Bira 91 White Beer- 4.7 % Alcohol
  • Bira 91 Strong Beer 7% alcohol

Bira 91 White Beer Price in India⇓  – INR 180  (330 ml)

Flavor Profile: Sweet with hints of orange peel & coriander with a smooth finish

Food Pairing: Chocolate, Salads, Burgers, Kebabs

Country of Origin: India


12. Royal Challenge Premium Lager – INR 95

Royal ChallengeRoyal Challenge Premium Lager was launched in 1993 by SABMiller Brewery.  It is one of the best beer brands in India & is the second-largest selling mild beer across the country.

Royal Challenge beer is brewed with the finest six-row malt barley. Its golden honey color is due to  Its long brew duration provides it with a distinct, smooth taste and rich flavor.

Go for it if you like a strong-flavored beer.

Variants Available⇓

  • Royal Challenge Premium Lager- 5% alcohol

Royal Challenge Premium Lager  Price in India ⇓

Royal Challenge Premium Lager – INR 95.00 ( 750 ML)

Royal Challenge Premium Lager – INR 50.00 ( 330 ML)

Flavor Profile: Malty & Sweet

Food Pairing: Mutton, Chicken Dishes, Grilled Fish, Spicy preparations

Country of Origin: India

13. Stella Artois Premium Lager Beer – INR 280.00

Stella AorticA brewery with 600 years old heritage, Stella Artois is popular worldwide. It was founded in 1366 by Den Hoorn. 

Stella Artois was first manufactured as a special batch as a Christmas gift. ‘Stella‘ is a Spanish word that means Star. It pays homage to the occasion of Christmas.

It is well known for its well-balanced & rich flavor. With a perfect balance of bitterness from hops & a smooth finish, Stella Artois’s sophisticated taste goes well with spicy food, fish & mutton dishes. It is noted as the best beer brand in India.

Variants Available⇓

  • Stella Artois Premium – 5.2% alcohol

Stella Artois Premium Lager Beer Price in India ⇓ – INR 280.00 (330ML)

Flavor Profile: Fruits Malty Sweetness with a smooth finish

Food Pairing: Chocolate, Barbeque, Burgers

Country of Origin: Belgium


14. Peroni Nastro Azzurro – INR 130

peroni beer

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is a pale lager beer with a clear straw-colored body. It is manufactured by an Italian brand Peroni. The brewery was established in 1963 by  Peroni Family.

It used the finest of ingredients from Italy including Two-row spring Barley, Italian Maize, Hops & Low carbonate water.

It goes well with fresh salads, pizzas, sausages, grilled fish & chicken dishes. With its light flavor, it is rated among the best beer brands in India.

Variants Available⇓

  • Peroni Beer – 4.7% alcohol
  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro – 5.1% alcohol

Peroni Nastro Azzurro Price in India⇓ – INR 130 ( 650 ML)

Flavor Profile: Malty & Italian Maize

Food Pairing: Sausage, Fish, Sushi, Chicken

Country of Origin: Italy


15. Miller High Life Beer – INR 115.00


The beer is manufactured by a Miller brewing company based in Wisconsin, USA. It was founded in 1855 by Frederick Miller. He came to the USA from Germany to establish his business.

Fredrick Miller established his brewery in Millwauki as raw materials were easily available here. He used the local ingredients with a unique brewer’s yeast.

Miller high life was launched in 2011 & since it’s launch it went on to become the fastest-growing mild beer in India. It is also called the Champagne of beers because of its classic taste profile.

Miller is a classic lager beer best known for its crisp flavor. It is an average-priced beer making it one of the popular beer brands in India.

Variants Available⇓

  • Miller High Life – 4.2% alcohol

Miller High Life Beer Price in India: – INR 115.00 ( 500 ML)

Flavor Profile: Malty & Sweet

Food Pairing: Chocolate, Barbeque, Burgers

Country of Origin: USA


FAQ’s About Beer: All You Need To Know

1. Are there any health benefits of drinking beer?

Drinking Beer is a part of the culture in many countries. People consume beer to bond, relax & entertain. Light to moderate consumption of beer is said to have health benefits.

Strong social relations & community activities are often related to longevity & mental well-being. Many studies have shown that regular gatherings & celebrations make for a well-balanced community & society.

Some of the well-known 10 health benefits of drinking beers are listed below

  • Lower the risk of heart disease
  • Fights Inflammation
  • Aids Digestion
  • boost cognitive and psychological health
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Help manage blood pressure
  • Reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes
  • Help Reduce Cholesterol
  • Protect against Alzheimer’s disease
  • Help strengthen bones


2. How much beer is good for your health?

According to U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, “If alcohol is consumed, it should be in moderation – up to one (1) alcohol drink- equivalent per day for women, and up to two (2) per day for men.”

As per the Beer Institute’s Dietary Guidelines, one should NOT consume beer or any other alcoholic drinks empty stomach. If you have any concerns about the consumption of alcoholic beverages with your healthcare personnel.


3. Side effects of drinking beer

As we have discussed the health benefits of drinking beer in moderation, there are many side effects involved if it is consumed more than the recommended limit.

Beer, just like any other alcoholic drink, can cause health risks & other issues. It is important to take into consideration your age, health, pre-existing health issues before consuming any alcoholic drink.

Some of the common side effects of drinking beer are listing below

  • Weight Gain
  • Belly Fat Gain
  • Loss of Coordination
  • Habitual Alcoholism
  • Low Blood Sugar
  • Fatigue
  • Blurred speech
  • Loss of coordination
  • Muscle cramps
  • Malnutrition


4. How many calories are there in a pint of beer?

Beer Calorie depends on the ingredients used & alcohol content yet one can of a regular beer can  ( 350ml) contains 159 calories.

The calories in beer come from two main sources, Carbohydrates ( from grains & sugar) & alcohol.


5. The Best way to Pour & Drink beer!

Yes! that’s a thing. Just like wine, beer needs certain panache & procedure to taste its best. Here is the best way to Pour & drink beer. ( Try it next time when you pick one of these beer brands in India or anywhere else in the world)

Step 1. ⇒ Rinse the pouring Glass to bring down its temperature. The colder the glass, the better

Step 2. ⇒ Hold the glass at a 45° angle for the perfect pour.

Step 3. ⇒ Pour the beer slowly & straighten the glass as it fills.

Step 4. ⇒ Skim the head

Step 5. ⇒ Let the beer settle & ENJOY!


6. How to store Beer so that it stays Fresh?

With beer as the most widely consumed beverage in the world, it is here to stay for good. Light to moderate consumption of beer is considered healthy and helps in multiple aspects. However, high consumption is never really advised.

It is best if you store your beer away from direct light or other sources of heat, in a cool area,  preferably in a constant temperature environment.

One pro-tip, if you are an avid beer drinker, the best option is to purchase crates of it to save a bit of money on them. Storage at home is also a concern if you do not own a good refrigerator.

Small, mini-refrigerators are good enough but might not be able to handle a lot of bottles at once. A good refrigerator under 30000 is good for your regular use, while you can also mark a compartment only for beer storage.

With the beer market so saturated with local breweries, imported beer, and home-grown brands, the prices are also just as varied. From imported beers costing the most, and locally brewed beers readily available at cheaper prices, the choice remains with the consumer as to what to indulge in.

Be it pints, bottles, or cans, there is something for everyone. Even categorized by alcohol content, you can get exactly what you prefer.


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 Beer Brands in India with Price 2021


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Final Words

Beer is a drink of celebration. The list of best beer brands in India will help you to pick the one that suits your palette & occasion.

Let us know which of the above-mentioned beer brands in India is your favorite in the comment section below. Or if you want us to include any brand on the list.

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