Indian Restaurants in Geoje: Tips & Review

Weekends are mostly filled with families fun activities and eating out. When you live on an island that is so diverse in its topography, it would be a shame to stay at home on a day off.  Geoje Island, South Korea has many eateries offering quality local Korean food and international cuisines. There are many Indian restaurants in Geoje to tantalize your taste buds.

Whenever we go out, we make it a point to try a new place & cuisine.  However Indian cuisine remains top on our list most of the time. The desi vibe of the Indian restaurants exuberate homely feel we all long for.  Although, the food remains the primary draw but meeting with people from your home country, speaking your language & the Bollywood songs playing in the background adds to the whole experience.


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India Restaurants in Geoje island

  1. Hello Indian Al Waha

Indian Restaurants in Geoje: Tips & Review

I have had tried and tasted food at many Indian eateries, but this one remains my favorite by far. It serves Indian & Arabic/Lebanese food.  It’s not just the food but overall experience that counts. This particular restaurant has two branches in Geoje. One is at Okpo and other in

It is probably the most popular joint with the Indian & foreigners who like Indian cuisine. The biggest draw is perhaps their moderately priced lunch set at W 10000. It has vegetarian & nonvegetarian option. Most of the items are common like Hummus, pita bread, salad, french fry ( not an Indian item but we are not complaining) rice while the curry is served as per your preference. At the other branch, the lunch set is for W12000 which has all the item same as listed above except for a vegetable soup added to it. I wish they changed it with some other dish or soup as I hardly see anyone finishing it ever. Raita will be a suitable replacement.

I am particularly fond of their starters. They serve it piping hot on a sizzler plate sitting beautifully on a wooden carved plate ( pretty gorgeous design of elephants) The portion size is quite generous sufficient for a small family. The menu is pretty extensive giving you ample choices( Vegan, vegetarian & nonvegetarian)

The prices are reasonable considering the overall experience. I frequent the place whenever I crave for Indian food & recommend it.

Ambiance: 3.5/5

Service: 3.5/5

Food: 4/5

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2. Bombay Brau

Indian Restaurants in Geoje: Tips & Review



Recently reopened restaurant Bombay Brau has multiple branches across South Korea. We have been to their Okpo, Busan & Seoul branches. Overall, the experience has been satisfactory. I have tried their thalis ( set lunch menu) as well as a la carte menu. They have a good proportion of vegetarian & nonvegetarian dishes on the list.

They have an in-house brewery serving craft beer. Many patrons return to get the taste of house beer. The place comes to life on weekends. The air is filled with fragrant aroma, Indian music in background & lovely ambiance.

Some of the dishes especially the lamb preparation are good while few are pretty mediocre. On an average, the combination of house-brewed beer with decent food is a good enough reason to visit the place — an experience you won’t find in any other Indian restaurant.

Ambiance: 3.5/5

Service: 3/5

Food: 3/5


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3. Everest

Indian Restaurants in Geoje: Tips & Review

The restaurant serves Indian & Nepalis food. The place is at a prime location in Opko just opposite the Lotte Mart. ( Btw, loads of deals running on winter apparelspersonal accessories, cosmetics & electronic items in store & online stores as well ;) )

As soon as I walked into the restaurant, I was quite impressed by the setting. Unlike the other Indian restaurants in Geoje, Everest gives you a lovely semi-private setting. The seating is separated by walls making it possible for a family or bunch of friends to enjoy the food in some privacy.

Many tiny little artifacts are decorating the walls and corners adding to the look and feel of the place.  There is a pool table placed at the center to keep you occupied till your food arrives ( which took quite some time a bit longer than usual if I may say). The restaurant is relatively new opened a year and a half ago.

We ordered two dishes which took a good 30 minutes to arrive. The presentation was tasteful. However, the quality was quite less. It was barely sufficient for a single person. Eventually, we had to order a third dish for a family of four ( that has two kids mostly unwilling to eat :D) The naans were quite stretchy which gave our jaws a good exercise. The saving grace was the nonvegetarian dish – Aachari lamb. The recipe was different from what we get in the north Indian restaurants, but it was quite delightful nevertheless — overall an average experience.

The staff was friendly & cheerful. I want to give another try to this place. This time around I would like to order some authentic Nepalis dishes. Although the Indian cuisine was not as appealing, maybe their authentic food tastes better.

Ambiance: 3.5/5

Service: 3.5/5

Food: 2.5/5

4. Delhi Indian restaurant


Delhi is one of the prominent Indian restaurants in Geoje. It has been around for some years now. Its proximity to  Samsung Heavy industries office gives it an edge over other restaurants located further away.

It was the first restaurant I tried after coming to South Korea. I loved their biryani, fragrant & flavourful. However, one thing that has kept me off for a long time was excessive use of food color. Mostlt all the restaurants use food coloring. But here the tandoori dishes are laced with food coloring which looks quite unappetizing. The color won’t go off even after you wash it thoroughly with soap.

They have a weekend buffet with a variety of dishes. If you are going to the restaurant for the first time, I would recommend trying its buffet. You will have a fair idea of what pleases your taste buds & what to order in your next visit.


Ambiance: 3.5/5

Service: 3.5/5

Food: 2.5/5


Parting note…

Well, the recommendations are standard for all the restaurants mentioned above. The menu is somewhat unchanged for a long time. There aren’t any exciting or new dishes added to the list.  India is a vast country with the most elaborate & diverse cuisines than anywhere in the world. It would be nice to see some season add-on in the menu. Like during winter these restaurants could offer Makkai ki roti with sarso ka saag or maybe gajar ka halwa would be a great dish to serve.

Interestingly, all these restaurants have more foreign patrons than Indians. I think a regular change in the menu or seasonal variation would give them not only frequent visitors but also new customers after all, who won’t appreciate a colorful thali ( serving plate) with mouthwatering dishes at their disposal. Some restaurants have pretty little portion size. A tasty meal with value for money is what a customer looks for.

Dining out is not just about the food. Its an overall experience with family or friends. In many countries, especially in The USA & Europe, customers flock the place due to the outstanding experience. If these restaurants can incorporate occasional live music, Karaoke session on weekends, I think that will be a great move.


Which one is your favorite among these Indian restaurants in Geoje? Do you have any suggestions or tips? Do share with me & other readers.


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