Best International Travel Destinations on a Budget 2020

Travel is not just about the luxurious places & fancy dining, but experiences and memories we make. There is so much to explore that it is not feasible to spend megabucks on each trip.

We have handpicked the best international travel destinations on a budget that will suit your pocket.

We got low down on the cost of living, food, and things to do for seven international destinations. Enjoy an exotic travel destination while keeping a tab on your expenditure.

Here are some of the highly recommended International travel destinations on a budget for travelers who love to explore more.


International travel destinations on budget


Best International Travel Destinations on Budget

Budget: $50/day on a backpackers budget or $140/day living luxuriously
Things to do: From a budget perspective as a tourist, now is the optimal time to visit Egypt! While Egypt has long been a bargain destination for international travelers, with a substantial dip in tourism in the last few years, it’s become even more attractive to visit. Not only is it affordable whether you’re on a tight budget or have some money to splurge, but imagine having some of the best to see in Egypt like the Great Pyramids (almost) all to yourself without the typical massive crowds!
Egypt is a country that most people have on their bucket lists and for many good reasons! From the ancient history and monuments to the landscape diversity and the amazingly hospitable locals, there’s so much to discover in this beautiful country!
To really experience all that Egypt has to offer, start off with a few days in Cairo to really get a feel for this incredible city, take in the hustle and bustle and visit the museums, the markets and of course the Pyramids!
Then travel further south and take a Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor and stop by all the important Ancient Egyptian sites to see temples you only dreamed existed! Lastly, take your pick of a sea, whether the Red or Meditteranean and go relax by the beach! There are so many reasons to visit Egypt, why not go now!

The Sacred Valley, Peru

Best International Travel Destinations on Budget

Budget: $215 USD for private driver for three days

$118 for hotel

$72 for entrance and visits

$100 for food

TOTAL = $505 (for 3 days)

Things to do:

The Sacred Valley is a perfect jumping-off point if you’re planning to visit Machu Picchu. It’s often overlooked as most tourists stay in the city of Cusco, but the Sacred Valley allows you to enjoy a slower pace of life. It’s also at a lower altitude, which is essential for acclimatization.

On the first day, you’ll be able to drive to the town of Urubamba and enjoy a leisurely lunch. In the late afternoon, you can visit the Maras Salt Mines and ancient Moray terraces before heading back to the hotel.

The second day is an excellent opportunity to explore the cultural side of the region with a visit to a weaving community in the Andes mountains. There you can learn about the ancient weaving techniques that are still used to this day in certain rural communities.

Spend the final day exploring the town of Ollantaytambo; it’s best explored on foot. There are also great hiking opportunities on either side of the town. Visit an Inca temple on one side and some ancient storehouses on the other side of the valley.

Because there is so much to see in the Sacred Valley, but it’s spread out, it’s best to hire a driver. This travel guide and itinerary for the Sacred Valley will give you inspiration and all the tips you need to plan.

 Pokhara, Nepal

Best International Travel Destinations on Budget
Budget: For $30/per day, you can live in luxury
Budget: Hostel dorm rooms cost as little as $3-$4 for decent backpacker hostels, and private rooms in hotels can be found for $7-$10 per night.
Local meals will cost $1 for fried noodles or momo’s, Nepali dumplings, while Western food like crepes or lasagna won’t cost more than $4.
If you want to live on a tight budget, for $10/day you can survive in Pokhara. If you budget $30/day, you will be living in luxury.
Pokhara is a colorful little town located close to the Himalayas and bordering a wide, beautiful lake.
It’s the gateway for many famous treks in Nepal including the Annapurna Circuit,  and Poon Hill, so it’s a popular destination for backpackers and trekkers.
Pokhara is home to countless quality restaurants, serving everything from Nepali food to Israeli food, burgers, crepes, lasagna… even fried chicken.
There is a large ex-pat population here because of how beautiful the surroundings and scenery are, and how cheap life is here.
Things to do: The most popular things to do in Pokhara include renting boats ($5 per person or less) to go out on to the lake, renting scooters ($7 per scooter) to drive around the valley, or hiking up to the Peace Pagoda.
The Peace Pagoda is a steep but worthwhile viewpoint to reach, to look down over Pokhara and the lake. On clear days, you can even see the Himalayas!


Best International Travel Destinations on Budget
Budget: Euro 20-30 per day on an average

While everywhere else in European capitals prices are getting more and more expensive, Chisinau in Moldova remains a budget-friendly destination. It is one of the cheapest cities to visit in Europe.

Chisinau uses the Moldovan lei and with an average daily budget between 20 and 30 euro per day you can do a lot in this city. For example, a meal in a budget restaurant is less than 5 euro’s and a one-way ticket for public transport is only 10 Eurocents.

Your highest cost will be accommodation, but even that won’t break the bank. A bed in a hostel dormitory costs around 5 euro and a private double room is available for 20 euro onwards.

On top of that, most things to do in Chisinau are free. Chisinau is a compact city with most tourist attractions like the beautiful nativity church and the triumphal arch in the center of the city.

There are also plenty of parks where you can go for a leisurely stroll and the Soviet architecture is visible everywhere you go.

Chisinau is also a great city from where you can explore the wine cellars and monasteries in Moldova or visit the breakaway region of Transnistria. As you can see Chisinau is a great budget destination with interesting things to do.


 Budapest, Hungary

Best International Travel Destinations on Budget


Budget: Approx $55/per day including accomodation& food

Budget: accommodation from USD 28 per night (double, private bathroom) outside of the high season; breakfast from USD 5 (at a café), lunch and dinner from USD 11 for a main (at a restaurant)

Things to do:

There are a lot of things to do in Budapest, for any budget. Depending on how many days you plan to stay, you can start by exploring the main sights.

Take the metro to Deak F. Ter. Now you can decide to explore Vaciutca, the famous shopping street, or walk to the Danube Embankment.

Again, you need to make a choice. Walk along the Danube to take in the sights or cross Chain Bridge to get to Buda Castle.

If you stick to the Pest side, walk towards the Parliament. Visit the shoe memorial right on the bank of the river and then check out the Parliament. Walk further to Margaret Island.

If you cross on the Buda side, walk to Matthias Church and Fishermen’s Bastion.

On another day, take Metro Line 1 and stop at Heroes’ Square. Check out the square, Vajdahunyad Castle, and City Park.

Still, have time for more? Spend time at one (or more) of the thermal baths, check out the ruined bars, or take a day trip to Szentendre.


Best International Travel Destinations on Budget

Bali is one of the world’s most beautiful, and budget-friendly, travel destinations. USD1 is approximately equivalent to IDR 14,000!

The Indonesian currency is very low, making Bali a super cheap option. The total budget varies from one person to another as people’s spending patterns and priorities differ.

For instance, if we’ll be talking about accommodation, you have various options ranging between hostels, Airbnbs, hotels, villas, and lavish resorts.

You can land a decent hotel room per person per night at the same price range as a
bunk bed at a hostel, for example! It’s affordable!

Despite all of that, it’s commonly stereotyped as a honeymooners’ Destination and nothing but that. This is wrong! Yes, Bali’s a great option for couples, but it has a lot to offer for everyone!

There, you can party in Kuta, surf in Canggu, enjoy vegan cafes in Seminyak, hike Mount Batur, drive all the way to the famed Gates of Heaven, or take a boat and go on day trips to the iconic Penida islands.

You can also go admire the wildlife, see the rice fields in Ubud, rent a scooter, swing above the jungle, go rafting, or even go shopping!


Best International Travel Destinations on Budget

Budget: you can get food as cheap as $ 5 & stay $12 per night

Budget: The crazy city of Bangkok is Thailand’s capital and it’s known for awesome cheap street food, affordable shopping, and budget-friendly accommodation.
Bangkok is one of the best cities that accommodate budget travelers. There are plenty of cheap hostels around and ton markets serving cheap local Thai street food.
You can find yourself a filling meal full of delicious Thai flavors for around $3 USD. Soft drinks and snacks can be as cheap as $1 USD.
Things to do: Bangkok is such a big city so there are plenty of things to do! Some of my favorite things to do are to visit the incredible temples such as Wat Arun and Wat Benchamabophit.
Wat Arun is very unique as it’s covered in small mosaic tiles that have incredibly detailed patterns.
It is also located right by the river and many people visit at sunset to see the sky explode in color behind the temple.
Wat Benchamabophit is known as the Marble Temple because of its bright marble interior. From the floors to the large pillars, you’ll find everything made out of intricate marble details.
What’s your favorite international destination on a budget? Do share your experiences in the comment section below.



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