5 Best Road Trips in America 2020: The Epic Routes

A road trip is an American institution, something immortalized across a range of media including film, TV, literature, and games.

Some classic country and western songs have been focused on road trips, with Willie Nelson’s ‘On the Road Again’ and Hank Williams Jnr’s ‘Hamburger Steaks and Holiday Inns’ playing on the theme.

Coronavirus lockdown has put an abrupt halt on all travel & leisure activities. In the current scenario, road trips are your best option for a getaway when the lockdown is lifted. It is safe, personal & adventurous.

Keeping in mind the popularity of road trips in the US, we bring you 5 Most Exotic, Scenic & Best Road Trips in America.

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Best Road Trips in America 2020

best Road trips in america 2020

John Steinbeck’s American classic, Grapes of Wrath featured a road trip on the famous Route 66, one of the featured Best Road Trips in America,  with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas another literary masterpiece based around a road trip.

The latter was made into a film starring Johnny Depp, further enhancing the notion of the road trip being a part of common culture in the U.S.

In fact, the road trip is such an important part of American culture that is constantly touched upon across every kind of medium including online gaming. Foxy Games pays homage to this part of America’s heritage through ‘Wild Chase’ and a direct adaptation of ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ which was a road trip inspired horror film.

The very best way to experience the enigma of a road trip is to make one yourself. If you’re not able to follow our guide to 5 Best road trips in India, instead preferring to know where to go in the U.S, then we’ve selected five of the very best for you to enjoy.

Here is the list of Best Road Trips in America, most scenic & exotic drives on the planet.

1. Route 66

Route 66 USA

Route 66 is 2488 miles of history, running from Chicago to Santa Monica cutting through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona as it went. It is undoubtedly one of the Best Road Trips in America.

It’s tough to drive the whole route now as some of it has been replaced with interstates and the like, but it is still a road trip many looks to replicate.

Made famous by Grapes of Wrath, Route 66 has undergone several changes and upgrades over the years. It was officially decommissioned in 1986, but it is a road intrinsic to American history.

if you’ve got the time, one that gives a unique insight into American culture at every twist and turns.

Travel Time: Ten days

Distance: 2488 miles

Route 66 Route: Chicago to California running through 8 states

Route 66 Attractions⇓

State Place Attraction
Texas Conway Historic Route 66 Segment
Conway Buggy Ranch
Amarillo Cadillac Ranch
Amarillo Amarillo 6Th Street District
Oklahoma Miami Coleman Theater
Commerce Conco Hole in the Wall
Commerce Dairy King
Foyil The World’s Largest Totel Pole
Clinton Route 66 Museum
Catoosa Blue Whale
Missouri Carthage 66 Drive-in Theater
Fanning The World’s Second Largest Rocking Chair
Springfield Historic Rock Fountain Tourist Court Motel
Illinois Chicago Route 66 starting & ending point signs
Chicago Grand Park
Collinsville Historic Largest Catsup Bottle in the World
Madison Historical Chain of Rocks Bridge
Pontiac Murals in “Mural City”
Arizona Twin Arrows Twin Arrows Trading Post
Williams & Flagstaff Grand Canyon National Park
Joseph City the Jack Rabbit Trading Post
California Santa Monica Santa Monica Pier
Amboy Roy’s Cafe and Motel
Newberry Springs Bagdad Cafe
Needles El Garces


2. Great River Road

the great river road usa

This road trip can be completed in a day or two, but to truly enjoy everything it has to offer it is best to allow at least a week. It is one of the Best Road Trips in America.

It loosely follows the trail of the Mississippi River, winding away from its origin in Minnesota, all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana.

The Great River Road is well-marked too as it’s a series of different roads rather than a single route.

All along the road, travelers will find white signs displaying the green pilot’s wheel logo to let them know they’re on the right course.

Highlights include a visit to Memphis Tennessee, which has over 100 barbecue restaurants to feed the hungry traveler.

Travel Time: Seven days

Distance: 3100 miles

Great River Road Route:  Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi  &  Louisiana.

Great River Road Attractions⇓

State Place Attraction
Minnesota Park Rapids Itasca State Park
Winona Minnesota Marine Art Museum
Wisconsin Cassville Nelson Dewey State Park
Prescott Great River Road Visitor & Learning Center
Iowa Dubuque National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium & National Rivers Hall of Fame
LeClaire Buffalo Bill Museum & River Pilots Pier
Illinois Rock Island Mississippi River Visitor Center Lock and Dam 15
Alton National Great Rivers Museum
Missouri Hannibal Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum
Jackson Trail of Tears State Park
Kentucky Wickliffe Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site
Columbus Columbus-Belmont State Park
Tennessee Memphis Mississippi River Museum at Mud Island River Park
Tiptonville Reelfoot Lake State Park
Arkansas St. Charles Dale Bumpers White River National Wildlife Refuge
Wilson Hampson Archeological Museum State Park
Mississippi Clarksdale Delta Blues Museum
Vicksburg Lower Mississippi River Museum
Louisiana New Orleans Louisiana State Museum
Baton Rouge LSU Rural Life Museum & Windrush Gardens


3. Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway usa

Whilst this could be driven in a single day, if you want to take in the sights as well as make the journey, three days is going to be advisable.

Running from San Francisco to San Diego, you can see such landmarks as Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge as you set off on the I-5.

This is one to do in the summer, with the stunning scenery complemented by the warm sunshine.

California is one of the most vivacious and recognizable states in the U.S and simply must be enjoyed with the music up and the top down.

Travel Time: Three days

Distance: 656 miles

Pacific Coast Highway Route: San Francisco to San Diego

Great River Road Attractions⇓

Place Attraction
New Orleans Luisiana State Museum
Mississipi Tunica River Park & Museum
Arkansas The Lakeport Plantation House
Kentucky Wickliffe Mounds Historic Site
St. Louis The Missouri Botanical Garden
Iowa The Trail of Tears State Park
Wisconsin The 19th century Villa Louis
Minnesota Fort Snelling


4. The Loneliest Road- Nevada’s Highway 50

the loneliest road usa

The Loneliest Road, otherwise known as US-50, runs from the east to the west coast.

It starts in Ocean City, Maryland, and taking you all the way through to Sacramento in California. As it cuts across the U.S you’ll take in 12 states different states and four state capitals.

This drive gets its name from one stretch in particular; the bit that winds through Nevada. This is one trip you’d need a companion on, as there is nothing but miles of towering mountains, dusty highways and only the odd small town to keep you occupied.

In 2008, the British television show Top Gear traveled the road in some classic muscle cars. Driving across Nevada, host Jeremy Clarkson stated he was ‘mesmerized’ by the straightness of the road.

Travel Time: Two days

Distance: 410 miles

The Loneliest Road Route: Ocean City to Sacramento

The Loneliest Road Attractions⇓

Place Attractions
Reno, Nevada National Automobile Museum
Fallon Historic Middlegate station
Austin International Cafe
Eureka Eureka County Opera House
Ely Nevada Northern Railway Museum
Baker Great Basin National Park



5. The High Road to Taos

The High Road to Taos

If you don’t have time for a long journey, but still want to take a road trip, then the High Road to Taos, a World Heritage Site, is just the trip for you.

It winds its way through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, from Santa Fe to Taos in New Mexico.

Whilst not being the longest trip it takes in deserts, mountains, and forests and has been recognized as an official scenic byway by the state of New Mexico, and rightly so.

You might not need to plan too far ahead to make a road trip here, but you won’t regret doing so. That’s the reason it makes a place in our list of Best Road Trips in America

There will be plenty to fill your day, with the road as passing through Chimayo, a community known as the beautiful Santuario de Chimayo and the El Posito.

Travel Time: 1 day

Distance: 56 miles

The High Road to Taos Route: Between Santa Fe & Tao

The High Road to Taos Attractions⇓

Place Attraction
Nambe’ The Pueblo Plaza
Chimayó Santuario de Chimayó
Córdova Check WoodCravers Cordova Style
Truchas Truchas Peaks
Ojo Sarco Carson National Forest
Las Trampas Las Trampas Village- National Historic Landmark
Picurís gold-hued micaceous pottery
Sipapu Scenic Road & Fishing Spots
Talpa an ancient site
Ranchos de Taos San Francisco de Asis Mission Church


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Parting words

A clear indication of how audiences from every demographic are always looking for new ways to embrace this cultural touchstone (even from their phones).

The wide range of road trip material on offer proves it’s an American institution just waiting for you to discover it.

These are the Best Road Trips in America. The gorgeous routes mentioned here are full of adventures, gorgeous Scenic & historic sites.

There is nothing like taking a long road trip across the stunning landscape of the USA. Enjoy the best sights, delectable food & an epic journey!

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