10 Best Romantic Getaways Around The World

Planning a vacation with your special someone away from the maddening crowd & deafening sounds? Tired of the usual tourist places swarming with people? What if we help you pick one of the best romantic getaways from around the world to make your vacation a memorable one!

We bring you the best romantic getaways from around the world


Maldives is another name of the ultimate luxury & romance. White sand beaches, extensive reefs, great nightlife & sumptuous food, what else can you ask for on your romantic getaway?!  No wonder it is the hot favorite among the celebrities.

 10 Best Romantic Getaways Around The World



One of the most picturesque towns in Greece, Santorini is truly the lover’s paradise. It can literally take your breath away with the very first look.

10 Best Romantic Getaways Around The World

you’ll fall in love with Santorini bcoz…

  1. It is probably one of its kind place where you will find red, white & black sand beaches. All thanks to volcanic eruptions in the past. ( fear no more :D)
  2. Watch one of the most spectacular sunsets right here in Santorini
  3. Experience the soothing hot springs.

3.Bora Bora

The tropical heaven, Bora Bora is a piece of paradise.  It is one among the French Polynesia Leeward islands. Explore its quaint beaches, Its untouched beauty will soothe your soul.

 10 Best Romantic Getaways Around The World

Fun Facts about Bora Bora…

  1. Among the native Polynesians, Bora Bora is known as the ‘Romantic Island’. ( Still, need a reason to visit this place? ;) )
  2. There is no letter ‘B’ in Tahitian language. Yes NO BORA BORA, it’s actually Pora Pora!




4.Nice, France

Nice or ‘Nice de belle’ which means ‘Nice the beautiful’,  is one of the most beautiful cities of France. It was a retreat for European aristocrats during the 19th century.

10 Best Romantic Getaways Around The World


Amsterdam has been a source of inspiration for many artists around the world. Its rich architecture, vast canal system & museums attract visitors to this city.

10 Best Romantic Getaways Around The World


The word exuberate sheer beauty & elegance, Tuscany is a piece of heaven on earth. If you want to live a moment, head to Tuscany. You will never regret it. It can easily top the list of best romantic getaways.

10 Best Romantic Getaways Around The World

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The most sought after location in Indonesia, Bali attracts visitors throughout the year. The hospitality of this place is well known.

10 Best Romantic Getaways Around The World


In the past few years, this city of Hungary has become a hot property. Many Hollywood & Bollywood movies are shot here. Budapest is a perfect amalgam of old world charm & new age advancement.

10 Best Romantic Getaways Around The World

You should visit Budapest because…

  1. Budapest hosts the one of the biggest music festival in the world, Sziget Festival. If you are a music lover, you wouldn’t want to miss it :)
  2. The Budapest Zoo is one of the oldest in the world
  3. Familiar with the Rubik’s cube? Erno Rubik, the inventer of Rubik’s cube, was born in Budapest.

It was once the capital city of Japan, Kyoto is famous for numerous Buddhist temples. The beauty of the bygone era is restored beautiful There are well-curated gardens, palaces, museums & art houses to give you a glimpse of past. Tha fall foliage of Kyoto is outstandingly beautiful. You have to see it believe it!

10 Best Romantic Getaways Around The World

10.Udaipur, India

Last but not the least our very own The lake city, Udaipur is a royal pick on this list. Nothing can beat the old world charm & opulence. Udaipur offers you unmatched royal experience like no other city.

10 Best Romantic Getaways Around The World

Royal Facts about Udaipur…

  1. Jag Nivas or Lake palace heritage hotel was voted as one of the world’s most romantic hotels.
  2. Walk on the world’s  second longest wall after the Great Wall of China, Wall of Kumbhalgarh Ford

Tell us about your pick from the best romantic getaways we have listed here for you. Which one has been your favorite? Or do you have any other destination in your mind? Do share your suggestions in the comment section below. Happy Travelling! :)


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