Best Way to spend One day in Geoje

Geoje is a small paradise in South Gyeongsang province in South Korea. It is a small island that offer a number of activities to the visitors. It is covered with lush green mountains that offers a panoramic view. Whether you are a travel enthusiast or an adventure lover, this small island will surely entice you.  if you are spending one day in geoje, these things should definitely be on your list.


Best way to spend one day in Geoje

  1. Oedo Island Tour

Best Way to spend One day in Geoje

Oedo Botania is one of the major attractions in Geoje. It gives you a Mediterranean vibe with its classical architecture & gorgeous landscape. The visitors are greeted with a variety of flora. The gardens are well curated and decorated with tasteful artifacts.

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it is interesting to know that it is a man-made island. Mrs & Mr. Lee Chang Ho created this beautiful piece of paradise in 1969. It took them 30 years to create this magical land. Every year hundreds of visitors flock the place and admire the sheer dedication of the couple.

Although one can visit the island throughout the year yet spring is considered the best season for a visit. You can find many rare flowers in full bloom. Check out the ‘Venus Garden’ & ‘Staircase to heaven’. There are several observation decks that give you a panoramic view of nearby islands and sea.

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The island is accessible only by ferry. Regular ferry services are available  at several docks Jangseungpo  (+82-55-681-6565), Wahyeon (+82-55-681-2211), Dojangpo ( +82-55-632-8787), Haegeumgang (+82-55-633-1352), Gujora (+82-55-681-1188 and Hakdong (+82-55-636-7755)

The ferry leaves at every two hours. It is better to make a reservation online to avoid the rush. You have almost 1.30-2  hrs to explore the place. So pick up your camera & go explore!

Address:  San 109, Wahyeon-ri, Irun-myeonGeoje, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea 

Timing: Summer :8.00-19.00

Winter: 8.30-17.00

Telephone: +82-55-681-4541

Entrance Fee: Adult- 11,000 won

Children -5000 won

Children below 2 years- free

(* Check for student & group discounts )


2. Windy Hill

Best Way to spend One day in Geoje

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The place will remind you of a fairy tale. The place has an old world charm. Cool breeze from ocean, greenery all surrounding  Dojanogpo fishing village, magnificent view from the cliff make it a unique site. No wonder it has been a hot favorite site for filming Korean drama.

There is no entry fee. Walk around & soak in the beauty of this place!

Address:292-11, Gelgot-ri, Nambu-myeon

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3. Sinseondae

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It’s hardly a 10 mins walks from Windy hill. The enchanting colors of dusk reflecting on the water, fading line of blue mountains, varied hues of rocks bridge make up for a spectacular view. There is no better way to wrap up your day than viewing this spectacle of nature.  Don’t forget to thank us later!

Address: 산21-14 Galgot-ri, Nambu-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

Admission: free

A piece of history while spending one day in Geoje

4. Historical Park of Geoje POW camp

Best Way to spend One day in Geoje

Recently one more exciting feature has been added to this place. Now you can take up a monorail ride from the POW camp base up til the peak of the mountain.

Address: 61, Gyeryoung-ro, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do


5. Hakdong Pebble beach

Best Way to spend One day in Geoje

The black pearly pebbles give the beach an unique feel. Although its not a long beach hardly stretching around 1.2 kms. Its interesting to note that the beach got its name ‘hakdong’ because of its resemblance to a flying crane

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Address: 18-1, Hakdong 6-gil, Dongbu-myeon, Geoje-si,Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do 53332, South Korea





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