7 Most Bizarre Buildings Around The World

The world is full of strange places, hidden treasures,  shocking secrets. Some of these are natural while others result of human imagination. People love to explore out-of-ordinary-things. The vivid imagination of the human mind has created few of the most Bizarre buildings around the world.

A product of pure engineering genius & bold imagination, these buildings has left the people in awe. Few find it interesting while other a bit ‘ unconventional’. Whatever is the opinion of the people, there is absolutely no doubt that these structures are one of its kind.

Let’s take a look at 7 of the most bizarre buildings around the world

1.Dancing Building of Prague 

One look at the building is enough to make you understand why it has earned the moniker! It looks as if it is literally dancing. The structure is in striking contrast with the rest of the architecture of the city, Prague. It is pretty unconventional & truly bizarre… for some at least.

7 Most Bizarre Buildings Around The World( Source)


2.Basket Building, Ohio

This building takes direct marketing to a whole new level. It is the headquarters of ‘The Longaberger Company’, which happens to be a manufacturing company of handmade maple wood baskets!

7 Most Bizarre Buildings Around The World(Source)

3. Rotating tower, Dubai

You can call it The Dynamic Tower, Rotating Tower or The Da Vinci Tower. This building is a hot favorite among the locals & tourists visiting Dubai UAE. The most remarkable fact about this huge structure is that it runs entirely on renewable source of energy, Solar panels & wind turbines. Pretty interesting isn’t it!

7 Most Bizarre Buildings Around The World(Source)

4.Stone House Portugal

Stoen House or Casa Do Penedo is an architectural structure located in the northern Portugal. It gets its name stone house as it is made from four large boulders. It was once a holiday home of the engineer who built it. Now it is a small museum that houses many artifacts.

7 Most Bizarre Buildings Around The World(Source)

5.Atomium, Belgium

If you get t live another decade, this is what your home would look like. One of the most futurists buildings in the world, Atomium resembles the structure of a unit cell of an iron crystal. It was built in 1958 for an expo & is now a museum.

7 Most Bizarre Buildings Around The World(Source)

6. U-Shaped Sky Scrapper, New York 

The big bend is still in the planning stage. It would be the world’s longest building if the project gets completed as conceptualized. The concept looks mind bobbling, however, the shape of the building is little weird. Don’t you think so?

7 Most Bizarre Buildings Around The World


7. Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht, South Korea

A luxury hotel situated on the coastal cliff of Jeongdongjin South Korea, Sun cruise resort & Yacht is one of its kind in the world. It takes pride in offering the best Sunrise view in South Korea.  If you fear sea but still want to experience the luxuries of a cruise, Sun cruise resort is a perfect option for you.

7 Most Bizarre Buildings Around The World

So, which one is your favorite among these bizarre buildings? Or do you have another one to add to this list? Share your opinion, experience, the suggestion in the comment section below.

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