He Found His Soul

He Found His Soul is a touching story of a boy who was suffocating under social pressure. HE couldn't accept his identity. But one...

Having only One Child Is An Advantage Or Disadvantage?

Most families have a single child or no child at all. Modern lifestyle, busy schedules, ambition, career, lack of support system, limited income sources n many...

What not to do in an indian wedding

Nothing is as entertaining as a great, fat, flashy Indian wedding. With all its razzmatazz, It is one of the most sought-after & well-attended events...

Just Uncomplicate Your Life

  Just read a sad ending of a man who in a fit of rage murdered his own brother. End of a gory tale.The media...

Never Give Up

A man was sitting at the edge of  a cliff, depressed, annoyed, angry & hopeless. He decided to jump off the cliff to end...



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