Book Review – Soul Seeker By Neelam Saxena Chandra

Book Review - Soul Seeker By Neelam Saxena Chandra

The moment I saw the cover of this book , the tittle drew my attention  ” Soul Seeker” . It is a life journey of a girl that starts with a terrible incidents but ends on a happy note . The world of fiction has no limitations or boundaries. It gives you immense powers as an author . You can either use the might of the pen to create a beautiful world or simply ruin its potential. Neelam Saxena Chandra , always surprises you with her writing skills . She has a great aesthetic sense . Her writing always shines through .The story & characters weaved together beautifully . There is always a level of maturity in  portrayal of all her characters.

The Story 

Soul Seeker is a journey of a woman, Priyanjali Dubey,  who was unlucky in love not just once but many times over . Love came knocking at her door but she shut the door tight. She is an independent & clear thinking girl until an unpleasant incident changed her rational thinking & crushed all soft emotions .

Pia prefers to stay cocooned with her past & preconceived notions about males . She is shockingly rude & indifferent towards the other sex . The reason behind her behavior is latter explained fully well & is quite justified . Her circumstances & hardships she faced has drastically impacted her perception of life . Lack of affection & guidance were the reasons for the most profound changes in her personality .

On her journey she met few wonderful people who not only pulled her out of darkness & melancholy but also gave her a fresh lease of life . Her friend , Mita , is like her soul sister always there for her , giving her the push at the right time . She is responsible for many positive changes in Pia’s life till the very end . Mita’s character is dependable & likable . We all wish to have a friend like her in our lives . She has her share of problems to deal with yet she doesn’t become rigid as Pia . In fact she inspire Pia to break the walls & face the world . She is also instrumental in bringing ‘Yatin’ & ‘Pia’ together.

‘Yatin’ Pia’s love interest is a normal guy with good looks & sensible heart . His reactions & decisions establishes him as a regular guy whom you would like to take home to your parents . A dependable & straight thinking man who has his own past to deal with comes in Pia’s otherwise dull life as a breath of fresh air.

Like any other girl of her age , Pia too had glittering dreams that a prince would come & both of them would ride off on a steed. But do dreams come true ? You need to read the book to find out :).


As the story wanders in the past it is narrated that Pia is in college where she meets ‘Aryamaan’ ( her first boyfriend ) . After few pages her mother suggests her to concentrate on her studies rather than her love life as she is just in class 11th .It creates bit of a confusion.

Towards the end ‘Aryaman ‘ suddenly appears in the scene not once but twice with a transformed soul & a conscious . May be the author didn’t want to leave loose ends. In the bargain the story , which so far has been moving with a steady pace , had an added angel . The conversation between ‘Aryaman ‘ & ‘Pia’ was melodramatic but who wanted realism in the fictional world :) . A bit of twist & turn is what keeps the reader glued to the book .

The love story between ‘Yatin Guha ‘ & ‘Pia ‘ slowly simmers but never really sizzles . There are moments that leaves you craving for more . Considering the story solely focused on the life of Pia , a little more mush & romance would have upped the oomph factor .


As a reader I prefer distraction free reading . Grammar , typos or editorial mistakes disrupts the flow .Few glitches that could have been rectified at the editing table .

  • ” His mother heart too melted on to seeing …..”  ( Pg- 56 )
  • ” On the one hand & on the other….” (Pg-57 )
  • ” She won’t meet again ” ( It should have been they won’t meet again ) ( Pg-64 )
  • ” Any why should I not? ” (Pg-38 )

These are few & there were some more …..


Soul Seeker is a mature love story with enough twist in tale to keep you going . The end is bit dramatic & predictable with social message thrown in . The author is known for her socially relevant writing .Hence it is quite understandable.The character always look real & build an instant connect with the readers . Neither the characters nor the events are over the top.Soul Seeker  is a feel- good read . It doesn’t make any tall claims nor strive to achieve one . If you like sensible mature love stories this one is a surely a good pick . Enjoy reading !


Rating – 3.5/5


( Views expressed here are my own . The Review was commissioned by the author )

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