Upcoming Events: Busan Festivals in October you can’t miss

Busan, the second largest city in the Republic of South Korea, will be bustling with activity in October. The fall is welcomed with a bang. There are some Busan Festivals in October that will compel you to visit the city or maybe plan an extended stay.

From Busan international Film festival to Busan International Fireworks Festival, these annual events of Korea draw a significant crowd to the city. Not only the locals but people from different towns travel to Busan to attend these vibrant festivals.


A list of Busan Festivals in October

Starting First Week ( Oct 1-Oct 7 2018)

  1. Busan International Film Festival ( Oct 4- Oct 13)

Commencing in the first week of October, Busan International Film Festival is a significant event. It hosts people from all over the world. Movie buffs, Movie producers, Directors, Actors, Tv personalities, Critiques and every one who has a penchant for good movie attend the fiesta.

Upcoming Events: Busan Festivals in October you can't miss

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2. Asia Song Festival 2018 ( Oct 2- Oct 3)

3. Busan International Ocean Marathon ( Oct 7, 2018)

4.Asian Film Market ( Oct 6-Oct 9)


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Starting Second Week ( Oct 8 -Oct 14, 2018)

1.27th Busan Jagalchi Festival (Oct 11-Oct 14)


Starting Third Week ( Oct 15-Oct 21 2018)

  1. Busan Choral Festival & Competition (Oct 17-Oct 20)
  2. Busan Garden Expo (Oct 18-Oct 21)
  3. Busan International Food Expo (Oct 18-Oct 21)
  4. Busan One Asia Festival (Oct 18-Oct 21)


Starting Fourth Week ( Oct 22-Oct 30 2018)

  1. 14th Busan Fireworks Festival  (Oct 27)



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2. Busan International Seafood & fisheries Expo (Oct 31-Nov 2)


The month of October is full of action & entertainment. This fall season you have ample reasons to go outdoor & have a complete blast. We will keep you posted with the latest events & places to see in the coming days. Keep reading & Keep traveling!


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