A Glimpse Of Busan Fireworks Festival 2016

One of the most awaited festivals of the year is the Busan Fireworks Festival. It commences at the end of the month of October every year at Gwangalli beach. It is said to get over 1 million visitors every year.  Here is a glimpse of Busan Fireworks Festival 2016. There are many tourist attractions in the city of Busan. This festival, in particular, attracts millions of visitors.

A Photo Gallery of Busan Fireworks Festival 2016

A Glimpse Of Busan Fireworks Festival 2016

The fireworks started at 8 Pm. Unlike last year, this year the fireworks were coordinated from three different spots simultaneously. It looked visually stunning. :)

A Glimpse Of Busan Fireworks Festival 2016

The theme of this year fireworks was romance & festivity. The latest pop songs added to the appeal.

A Glimpse Of Busan Fireworks Festival 2016

The reflection of the fireworks in the river gave it a surreal feel.

A Glimpse Of Busan Fireworks Festival 2016

The fireworks run for an interval of 10 -15 minutes. There is almost 15 minutes gap between two presentations. Keep your snacks & a hot cuppa of coffee handy to ease the waiting. :)

A Glimpse Of Busan Fireworks Festival 2016

The Laser light show is among the best in the world. If you are in Busan around this time of the year, keep the Busan fireworks festival at the top of your itinerary.

A Glimpse Of Busan Fireworks Festival 2016

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A Glimpse Of Busan Fireworks Festival 2016

Travel Tips before heading for the festival

  1. If you are not living in Busan & travelling from some other city, be mindful of the traffic on this particular day. The whole city seems to head for the Gwangalli beach. Leave early to avoid traffic hassles.

  2. The promenade at the beach become overcrowded. People start flocking the place way before the scheduled time. If you are travelling with kids or elders, avoid going at the last moment. You won’t even find a place to stand.

  3. Carry a trash bag. Keep your surrounding clean :)


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