Car Connect

Car Connection

“The car has become an article of dress without which we feel uncertain, unclad, and incomplete in the urban compound.” –  Marshall McLuhan , a Canadian philosopher 

Life is full of emotions . Every single day we experience a new aspect , a new insight & a new perspective . Our relations are bound by emotions . These emotions more or less governs our actions . Love , hate , happiness , sorrow , togetherness , possessions . We are attached with everything that matters to us  . Family , friends , surrounding & our belongings. It was said that a woman can never let go of the jewellery that holds some emotional value to her .Same goes with man .He won’t give up his first owned vehicle easily . In fact many keep their first vehicle ,especially first owned car , as their lucky charm .

Roaring sound of engine uplifts your mood ? The adrenaline rush you feel when you are sitting behind those wheels & zooming across the town ? No matter how expensive or ordinary the wheel is , you feel like the king of the world . Yes ! a car evoke such sentiments in most of us , men & women alike .  Those days are passe’ when women were happy occupying the passenger seat , changing the  songs & looking out of the window to soak in the beauty . Today , women like to hop on the mean machine as much as the man do . Although the type of machine you choose might differ .

The car is like a second home as soon as you step out of confines of your home. It embrace you in its lap & let you be . When you are happy , you sing & drive , When you are angry , you shout & drive . When you feel little romantic with your special someone , there is no getaway like a long drive . There is a connection between human emotions & CAR . I am going to call it Car + Emotions = Caromotion . lets see few of our favorite Caromotions 

1. The Happy Caromotion – Happiness is the most common emotion that one feels when he/she is driving their car . The touch of the steering wheel , comfort of the cabin & every twist & turn drives you straight to your personal universe . Don’t you remember many happy drives you had by yourself or with family & friends . They are treasured forever ……..

[youtube url=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]


2. The Friendship Caromotion – Friends are the craziest part of our lifves . You hate them as they drive you mad but you can’t even live without them . What better way to celebrate the unique bond of friendship than taking a road trip with your crazy bunch .

[youtube url=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

3. The  Romantic Caromotion– The sound of rain drops or a nice sunny day , soft music playing in the back ground & a long road ahead . If this is not a perfect romantic setting than what is ?

[youtube url=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]


4. The  Family Caromotion – There is no joy like the joy of togetherness. Family comes first . You don’t always need a fancy restaurant or an exotic location to share happiness with family. An impromptus drive to your favorite “Chat wala ” is as enjoyable as a dinner at a plush eatery . I am sure we all have our own Car-stories or Family Caromotions

[youtube url=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]


” For many car is just not a vehicle , its an extension of their personality . When you celebrate so many moments with your car why not celebrate your admiration for the car itself ? Now we have  an amazing website that understand your passion for cars . It enhances your car experience and  lets you enjoy the enchanting world of these mean machines . Ready to take “Tour de ” 

Car Connect


Amazing features of  


1. An interactive Website based on social networking-  Car Connect is an interactive website that encourage & enhances your car experiences. It is first of a kind web portable that not only provides the information about a number of automobile brands but also lets you share your own experiences . You can log in using your Facebook account & all your connection who are already using this portal would be shown in your CarConnect profile . You can view their experience  & learn a lot many new things about four wheeler.

Car Connect



2. – Share your car experiences – It is one of the best features of  Car Connect where you can share your personal car experiences  &  reads others . You can share your travelling tips , location information & also how your maintained your car during the journey .Little tips & tricks come in handy for armature users . It could help many others who are planning a road trip .

Car Connect


3. Experiences of other members –  Read the experiences of other members about their road trips . These travelogues are so helpful that you can virtually take a detour & decide which place is best suited to your next adventure trip . These experiences are personal anecdotes hence you can very well relate with the details given .

Car Connect



4. Car News  – Looking for any information on any particular brand or make . provides us the most comprehensive & precise information on cars . Owing a car is hardly a simple decision . Confused between a sedan & SUV , fuel efficiency or safety measures , looks or better leg room ? We look into many aspects before zeroing on the one that meets all our requirements .Apart from specifications given by the automobile company/brand , it is always better to read the reviews on independent site like Carconnect. They give their honest opinion about  how the car performs on road.


Car Connect



5. Simple User friendly layout – The website design is simple & clutter free . It doesn’t bombard you with  information. The menu is neatly placed & aptly designed for user comfort . It is as good as any social network allowing you to browse through the site seamlessly , interact & gather information.


6. One on one Interaction – There is a live Chat Room facility on website . You can talk to other car owners , ask for their opinion , put forward your doubts or even help others. It is an amazing  feature that is not present in most of the other automobile portal .

Car Connect


7.  Get the latest information on New Launches – Now no need to browse through random sites on Google . gives you the latest information on New launches with specification . It is a boon for Car lovers who love to keep all updated on latest cars .


Car Connect



Some friendly suggestion to improve the site

1. The  addition of social media sharing button would increase its reader base . It would also help the users to share the information on various other platforms other than Facebook .

2. The log in is only through Face book . Users who come directly on the site & don’t have a FB account would face some problem . Log in through other channels should be enabled .

3. It would be nice if rating system is introduced . The users who are posting /reading car reviews can rate the post  .It would be easier for the information seeker to get the quality content .

4. Compare cars options doesn’t display instant results . Instead it has “Email the comparison ” Options. At times users compare many cars .Hence reading all mails is not a viable option. Instant display of ‘Compare Cars’ result along with an “email the comparison” button   would be more user friendly .



The Verdict  – A glorious 4.5/5 stars with a double thumps up for unique interactive features 


Car Connect is one of the most  comprehensive automobile portal on net today . It is fast growing & providing valuable information under one ruff. An ardent car lover would book mark it for sure not only for information on cars but to share their personal journeys & connect with the community . Car connect is a good amalgamation of  technology meet social networking . It sure to win hearts & increase its users many folds.


This post is a part of contest by CarConnect in association with Indiblogger . Do visit the site for latest update , News & fun experiences by car enthusiasts . 

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