How to fight common diseases during Monsoons

Beat the Common Diseases During Monsoons with these Tried-and-Tested Methods

As you bid adieu to the warm rays of summer and gear up for the coming rainy months, you’ll need to keep an eye out the flu this season brings. In the rainy months, frequent viral infections can cause you to miss work, draining valuable time and money. Even with a medical health insurance to help you with medical bills for your family, prevention is definitely better than dealing with the disease when it finally hits.

Here’s what you can do to avoid catching the flu and that will save you a trip to the hospital, even if it’s for day care procedures.

1. Layer Up and Protect You

Walking home in the rain can be fun, especially after being stuck behind that desk all day. However, carry an umbrella and avoid getting the drenched head to toe. In the rainy season, pack your umbrella along with other essentials—like your cell phone and wallet—every time you step out.

If you’re uncomfortable holding an umbrella, or commute by two-wheeler, protect yourself with a raincoat and waterproof cap. Go in for waterproof footwear to avoid getting your feet drenched; this makes a world of difference, comfort-wise.

2. Load Up On the Vitamins

When weather reports start predicting dark clouds and ‘likelihood of rain,’ load up on multivitamins prescribed by your physician. Vitamin C and E supplements help you build resistance against the flu and boost your general immunity.

A daily dose of this charge your body’s antibodies, helping them react faster during an infection. A disciplined commitment to monthly medical check-ups helps your doctor keep a tab on your health; this often helps you nip an infection right in the bud.

3. Exercise the Blues Away

Getting to the gym sometimes seems like a Herculean task; when it’s pouring outside, this simple task seems practically impossible. If the idea of going to the gym all drenched is off-putting to you, simply work out at home.

Exercises like planks, crunches, squats, and push-ups require no fancy equipment. Take your gym mat and place it in the living room, or any other area with a space that lets you exercise without blocking complete motion.

Why do you ask?

When you exercise regularly, you don’t just get into shape and increase core strength; you also increase your immunity against most common diseases during monsoons  like colds and flu.



4. Hydrate To Flush Germs Out

If you thought you only sweated during the summer, think again; monsoon’s high humidity levels makes you sweat too. Hydrate frequently to keep up your vitality. This helps with immunity and fighting off diseases.

Ensure that you drink clean water, preferably boiled to avoid the transmission of common water-borne diseases. Drinking water also drains harmful microbes from your body through its natural mechanisms.

5. Avoid All Junk

Curb your cravings for unhealthy foods by eating fresh fruits and vegetables instead—you need to keep your immune system fighting fit. Avoid sugar- and caffeine-rich foods like soft drinks, ice-creams, and anything made using trans fats.

Always heat up food before you eat it. Treat yourself to a steaming bowl of hot soup if you get drenched in the rain; this will help flush out all the phlegm from your system.

6. Get Your 40 Winks

Your body needs a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. It undergoes repair and recovery when you sleep. No matter how many health tips you follow, your body simply can’t make do without adequate sleep.

Depriving yourself of enough sleep makes your body vulnerable to stress. Immunity takes a hard hit too; the lack of sleep often leaves you prone to immunodeficiency disorders.

7. Clean Up Act

No matter how ‘laid back’ you might be about sanitation, the cold, hard fact is that your body thrives in a clean, healthy environment.

Regularly sweep the floor, and mop using disinfectant solutions. If you’ve got an open fish pond that hasn’t been cleaned in a while—or another such water-holding vessel—ensure that you clean it before mosquitoes start calling it home.

Stagnant water makes ideal breeding grounds for mosquitos. When you don’t clean up such surfaces, you put yourself at the risk of diseases like dengue and malaria.  

8. Quit Smoking

Generations of smokers have shown how deteriorating this habit can be, not just to your lungs but also to your overall health. Smoking affects your respiratory system, constricts healthy blood circulation, and unnecessarily exerts your cardiovascular muscles. Though smoking a puff might seem like a warm relief against this cold weather, it’s simply not worth it. Stub this habit to breathe better and increase your immunity against one of the common diseases during monsoons – the flu.

Use these methods to reduce your chances of contracting the flu; they help increase your immunity and general wellbeing and make you less prone this virus. If you do come down with the flu, visit your physician and undergo the required treatment.

Don’t self-medicate with over-the-counter drugs. If you don’t have health insurance you should get yourself one; even a small infection sometimes leads to complications. Make the best use of these health and lifestyle tips to ensure that you don’t fall sick often this monsoon, and good luck!   


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