Coronavirus Norway Lockdown: Important Facts & Info on Covid19

The situation as of 20th March 2020. There were 43,735 people tested for Coronavirus. There are 1913+ confirmed cases of Coronavirus by far with 7 reported deaths in Norway. The government has imposed Coronavirus Norway lockdown to contain the situation.

The government has started taking more stringent measures since so many cases of coronavirus appeared within a short span of time. It. Coronavirus Norway Lockdown has brought life to a complete halt.

School, College, restaurants, etc are already closed until the end of the month.

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All major sports events are canceled.

You need to take permission for public gathering.

As someone who has moved to Norway recently, it is a bit intimidating to understand the things happening around. For a starter, the medical system is pretty different here.

Unlike many other countries, I lived in before, in Norway, you are allocated a GP ( General Physician). Every time you fall sick you are supposed to make an appointment with your doctor which could mean the same day or a month after.

Thankfully, the disease response centers & helplines are available in case you can’t contact your GP.

The goal is to stop the virus, although it’s not certain we’ll be able to,’ – Bjoern Guldvog, the director general of the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

Facts about Coronavirus

Coronavirus ImageSource

We are hearing a lot of information, rumors, statements about Covid-19. It is creating a lot of confusion, fear & anxiety.

The best thing is to check the information on reliable sources. Some of the useful links on Risk factors, Quarantine, Stats, Coronavirus Norway Lockdown, and symptoms & testing are given at the end of the post.

  1. Coronavirus can infect anyone irrespective of a person’s age, race or ethnicity.
  2. Although the risk of becoming seriously ill is low, still the infection rate is pretty high.
  3. Coronavirus is transmitted between animals & humans.
  4. Covid-19 can be transmitted in a hot & humid Climate.
  5. It can also be transmitted in Cold Climates.
  6. Taking a hot bath or drinking warm water won’t prevent Coronavirus.
  7. It can’t be transmitted through Mosquito.
  8. People of all ages are susceptible to infection.

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When to go for Coronavirus testing?

Coronavirus Norway Lockdown: Important Facts & Info on Covid19

According to the CDC ( Center for Disease Control & Prevention) guidelines, if must contact your GP if you experience any of these symptoms. You could also contact the health center through helpline number in case you can’t get through your GP.

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Cold
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • If you have recently traveled abroad or came in contact with someone who returned from a foreign country.

The person feeling sick shouldn’t go to the GP or health center. Rather he/she should self -quarantine at home so as to avoid the risk of spreading infection.

Is the Coronavirus crisis over-exaggerated?

Certainly NOT! People have opinions about everything. Many feel that the Coronavirus issue is not as serious as it is made out to be. Perhaps these are people who either are not following the official news or checking the impact of the Covid19 virus through reliable resources.

Some might argue that more people die due to flu, in road accidents, killed by whales, then why Coronavirus should be given such attention?

Let’s see. Covid 19 is affecting more than 151 countries. The first Coronavirus case was reported in China on 31st Dec 2019. Since then it has spread all over the world.

  • Confirmed Coronavirus cases – 155,939
  • Deaths – 5,819
  • Recovered- 74,451

These are current stats & the situation is rapidly changing. There are more cases reported every day. Coronavirus Norway Lockdown & travel ban is completely justified considering the seriousness of the situation.

Protect yourself and be supportive to others. For example, check-in by phone on neighbors or people in your community who may need extra assistance. Working together as one community can help to create solidarity in addressing #COVID19 together – WHO Tweet

Even after following all these precautionary measures we can’t be sure to eliminate the virus.

We do not have a vaccination for Covid-19 which makes it even more dangerous for people at risk of getting infected.

Although the risk of getting seriously sick is comparatively low yet the infection is spreading at an alarming rate.

Even if a person doesn’t fall sick himself, chances are that he could pass on to people around him.

The best option here is to restrict your movement. Venture out only when & if necessary. Travel is already banned in many countries. One should avoid traveling within the country too.


‘Today, Norway will take its strongest-ever peacetime measures,’ Erna Solberg,  Prime Minister told  in a  news conference

Coronavirus Norway Lockdown: What does it mean?

Coronavirus Norway Lockdown

  1. The country has imposed travel bans. Airports are blocking all foreign visitors from any country for now. ( outside of Nordic countries which consist of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland.)
  2. If you arrive at Oslo Airport, you will be sent to a hotel and put back in a return flight.
  3. All schools, playschools, colleges, gyms, libraries & restaurants are closed.
  4. All sporting events are canceled until further notice.
  5. Anyone who has recently traveled to a foreign country has to undergo 14 days of compulsory quarantine.
  6. Many offices have imposed ‘Work from home‘.
  7. Free parking facilities are provided to encourage people to use private vehicles instead of public transport.
  8. Public transports trains, buses, ferries are still running but it is only time when public transport will be banned too if the situation arises.
  9. Medical stores, grocery stores & health centers will remain open.
  10.  Hair Salons,  skincare Salons, Massage Parlors, and body care, or other such services will remain closed.


What you can do to avoid spreading the virus?

Coronavirus Norway Lockdown

The most important thing to curb the spreading of the Covid-19 is to maintain basic hygiene. It is the best & possibly the only way is known to us to avoid getting or spreading the infection.

Here are some useful tips to avoid spreading Coronavirus.

  1. Do not travel if it is not absolutely essential even within your country
  2. Maintain basic personal hygiene. Repeated & thoroughly cleaning your hands with soap & water can reduce the chances of getting infected to a certain extend.
  3. Avoid touching your nose, eyes or mouth.
  4. Stay home if you experience cold, cough, fever or any discomfort.
  5. Cover your mouth when coughing & sneezing.
  6. Use a mask or elbow instead of hands when you cough or sneeze. The use of tissues is recommended. Dispose of the used tissues immediately.
  7. Follow all the guidelines of Coronavirus Norway Lockdown.
  8. Even if one member of the family is quarantined, all the other members are expected to follow the same procedure. Stay away from public places, which means shops, stores or other public spaces. You can go out but must stay away from public places & housing areas.

Useful  Links: Coronavirus Norway Lockdown

  • Check the Norway Coronavirus stats here VG
  • Coronavirus Symptoms & testing Here
  • Information about quarantine after traveling outside the Nordic countries here
  • Risk Factors for Death From COVID-19 here

The situation is really grave. People are struggling to go to work, parents with kids at home, normal life is fully disrupted. No one knows when the situation will come under control or when the world will bounce back to normalcy.

We will try to update the post to the best of our capacity.

We are in this together. Let’s hope we all can cope up with the situation.

Please feel free to share the information!

Coronavirus Norway Lockdown has been imposed to deal with the situation. More stringent measures are expected in the coming days. We all can only hope for it to get over soon. Stay Alert, Stay Safe!

( * All the information here is taken from official and reliable resources. Still, if there are any updates or corrections, feel free to suggest us in the comment section below)

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  1. On whether coronavirus can be transmitted between animals and humans. the general answer is no although it apparantly started in the wild game market in Wuhan, with bats. Panicked chinese started abandoning or killing pet dogs and cats. No you will not get the virus from your pet dog or cat.

    About the only way the virus can be transmitted by a pet is if YOU have the virus and sneeze on your dog or cat and then the dog or cat is touched by someone else. Your pet will act like any inanimate surface in such cases. So if you have the coronavirus, be careful not to spray it all over your dog. But your dog himself or your cat herself cannot be a carrier of the virus. Just a passive surface like any other.


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