Coronavirus Self Isolation Activities for Families: 10 Useful Ideas & resources

There has been an exponential growth in the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus all over the world. Many infected people are quarantined while the majority of others have gone in Self Isolation with families to avoid the risk of getting or spreading the infection.

It is a difficult time for families considering they are forced to stay at home without any physical activities or social interaction. The problem is bigger with families who have young kids.

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Here are some of the useful Coronavirus Self Isolation Activities for Families that you can together.

Make a Hygiene Chart

We have been teaching our young kids about good hygiene & the importance of frequent hand wash. It is a good idea to make them explain these ideas in a creative way.

Provide them with some chart papers, glue & other art supplies. Ask them to make signboards, Home Hygiene rules or placards using their own imagination.

Put these placards around your house especially kitchen & bathrooms so that everyone reads it & follow the instructions. You can even impose a fun penalty for anyone who doesn’t follow the rules.

Take Virtual Tours

It is apparent that people won’t be going out or traveling for a while. All museums, entertainment arenas, gyms, malls, etc are closed for a time being.

However, there are tons of online/ virtual tours available that you can check out while staying in self-isolation. If you are interested in Museums & art, more than 2500+ museums around the world have their collection online for virtual tours

You can take a virtual museum tour through Google Art & Culture

Take up an online fitness challenge

Staying active and healthy is paramount is such a situation. While most of you might be a regular in the gym or some fitness class, self-isolation shouldn’t be a hindrance in your active life.

You can take up an online fitness challenge for 15 days & stay on schedule. There are plenty of youtube videos & apps available on Google Play or Apple store. Pick the one that is similar to your workout pattern & enjoy the activities at home.

Samsung Health is a good app that has various tools to keep track of your activities. You can log in to your weight, activity, calorie count. Apart from the log they also have stress level calculator, hydration level, Blood pressure, etc. There are plenty of such free apps available.

If you are not a big fan of fitness apps, you can simply log your own workout routine & check the process after a while. Keeping a track of stuff is always a good idea. It gives a great sense of accomplishment & keeps you going.

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Do a Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Coronavirus Self Isolation Activities for Families: 10 Useful Ideas & resources

If you have a nice backyard or a home garden, you can plan a scavenger hunt for a fun-filled day. It is a good family activity that will help you move around & stretch a bit.

You can plan a treasure hunt, leave some clues around the house & watch the fun unfold.

Apart from the daily study & work schedule, kids, as well as adults, need to fix a physical activity schedule too. Being active is extremely important to keep you fit & agile. It will also help the kids to stay focused & entertained.

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Check out Online Libraries

Many online libraries like Gutenberg have hundreds of thousands of ebooks available online & for downloads.

You may also try these great places to find Free Online Books for kids like Hoopla, Cloud Library, Goodreads, Oxford Owl.

Reading is a great stress buster for adults and kids alike. This is one of the most recommended Coronavirus Self isolation activities for families.

Do a Messy Science Experiment

kids Science experiments

Science is fun & conducting an experiment at home could be a great experience in terms of learning & keeping the kids entertained amid coronavirus pandemic.

Search for some fun experiments & make a list of materials needed. We are sure you will find most of them at home. Include your kids in planning & execution. There is nothing more thrilling than watching a mini scientist ( read your kid) solving science mysteries.

Home learning for kids- Maintain The Routine

Mother & daughter reading

While families are self-isolation amidst coronavirus pandemic, it is important to keep your routine going. It is even more crucial for kids to follow a time table as soon as they have to go back to their school routines.

All the educational institutes are currently closed. Teachers & instructors have provided study packages to children to complete at home. Teachers are using various platforms like Zoom for online teaching.

Parents’ involvement is equally important to help the kids learn at home. Online teaching is only effective when teachers, students & children work together. It is also a good time to check your kids’ development & learning techniques.

Plan a hangout session with Family & friends

Coronavirus Self Isolation Activities for Families: 10 Useful Ideas & resources

Most of us are constantly in touch with our families, friends & dear ones through Facetime, Skype or Whatsapp. Why not put a great use of the technology & plan a hangout session.

Usually, we don’t get time to speak with our close circle on a weekday. Our conversations revolve mostly around work & routines. Break the pattern & talk about some old memory or stuff you feel excited about.

Make your self-isolation an opportunity to connect with people who you haven’t reached out for a long time.

It will be like a virtual get together. You could also keep some snacks & drinks just for fun’s sake while you chat away with your friends & family.

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Revive Old memories

In today’s digital all our memories are on Fb albums or Instagram. You can take out the old family videos, picture collections & other memoirs & revisit the old memories.

You will be surprised to see how much kids love this session. Storytelling is a lost art today. Millennials had a wonderful opportunity to hear folklores, family stories from their parents & grandparents. But Gen Y is deprived of these wonderful moments because of physical distance from extended families & reduced family time.

Make most of this time by introducing a new aspect of your life to the kids. Tell them about your childhood, student life or other interesting incidents. Pictures & videos will be a great way to share your world with your younger ones.

Time for some redecoration

Coronavirus Self Isolation Activities for Families: 10 Useful Ideas & resources

Redo your room or rearrange the furniture. Admit it, you have been planning it for so long but kept postponing it for the longest time. Now, with your family members, you can accomplish this fest.

Kids will participate with all willingness to rearrange or redo the room. Instead of making it a chore, ask for their advice, prepare some fun craft to add colors to your home. Kids love to create crafty stuff & love it when it adores the walls of their home.

It is a proven fact that redecoration or rearrangement is a great stress buster. It fills your home with positive vibes & kills the monotony.

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The time is difficult for us. We are in this together. Governments all over the globe are taking necessary precautions to deal with the Coronavirus Pandemic. We, as responsible citizens, can help by isolating ourselves to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

We hope these Coronavirus Self Isolation activities for families will help you through the difficult phase. Stay Alert, Stay Safe!

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