Breathtaking Sunset At Dara Park Tongyeong

Dara park  Tongyeong (city) in  South Korea is one of the frequently visited tourist attractions. The sunset from this point is a sight to behold.  The never-ending sea spread in front with beautiful mountains covered in greenery makes it absolutely irresistible.  People flock to this place way before sunset to have a glimpse of the spectacular sunset. Dara park Tongyeong is located in the Southern park of Mireukdo Island. It is a prime location to witness the sunset in Tongyeong city

What do you get to see at Dara park Tongyeong?

I presumed that it was yet another big park-like other parks in South Korea stretched over a vast area. But don’t be confused by its name. It’s just a sunset point. There is absolutely nothing else to see. The area is not even big enough to take a walk.

Breathtaking Sunset At Dara Park Tongyeong

This is what you are greeted with as soon as you reach Dara park tongyeong. Nature at its best!

Breathtaking Sunset At Dara Park Tongyeong

People start coming to the place way before sunset time. The greenery of this place is so calming.


Breathtaking Sunset At Dara Park Tongyeong

Sunset You Can’t Afford To Miss!

Plan a trip such that you visit other places nearby & get to Dara park tongyeong just in time for sunset. The view from this point is awe-inspiring. You will go crazy clicking pictures. I did :D. I wanted to capture every single moment. Sit there, relax & let your senses soak in the beauty of this amazing place.

Breathtaking Sunset At Dara Park Tongyeong

Every time I witness the art of nature, I completely fall in love with it. Look at the beautiful hues of sunset.

Breathtaking Sunset At Dara Park Tongyeong

This is another shot taken from the same spot. The two pictures show a drastically different scene. The colors, lighting, mood everything changed in a matter of a few minutes.

‘Another moment, different hues, different mood…there is no greater artist than nature

Breathtaking Sunset At Dara Park Tongyeong

The sun is slowly setting on the horizon with a promise to come back tomorrow. A new day…a new beginning.

Breathtaking Sunset At Dara Park Tongyeong

If this is what the parking area looks like, I could spend hours sitting in the parking lot :D

MIREUKSAN MOUNTAIN & HALLYEO CABLE CAR TONGYEONG is on the same route. You can plan a day trip covering all these places in a day. For complete details about the trip, click here 


1115, Sanyangilju-ro, Sanyang-eup, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

경상남도 통영시 산양읍 산양일주로 1115

How to get there:

From outside the Tongyeong bus terminal,  you can board bus no. 513, 530 or 536. The journey takes around an hour by bus


Free entry


Coffee shop/cafe available on the premise. However, you will get only packaged snacks & beverages. No Sandwiches or other freshly prepared snacks are available.


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