10 Awesomely delicious Malaysian food You must try

Malaysia is the country for foodies. Every single Malaysian is passionate about food. If you are in Malaysia, you must not ignore it’s various yummy, tasty and delicious delicacies.

There are many places to visit in Kuala Lumpur. But you cannot afford to ignore its aromatic food. We are giving you the best Malaysian food you must try whenever you visit this beautiful place.


Best Malaysian Food You Must Try


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Malaysian food delight for seafood lovers. Listed below are some of the most delicious & popular Malaysian Seafood dishes that you can’t miss.

Malaysian food has the choice of dessert to try. You must sample some of its crepes, they are totally drooling worthy.

Nasi Dagang

10 Awesomely delicious Malaysian food You must try

Nasi Dagang is a tasty and delicious dish. It consists of steamed rice in coconut milk and fish curry as main ingredients. Other ingredients are Solok Lada, boiled eggs, fried coconut, and pickles.

It is a very popular breakfast in the states of the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Kelantan and Terengganu. This dish has originated from Kampung Ladang. It is a must to eat when you are in Malaysia.


10 Awesomely delicious Malaysian food You must try

Bakuteh consists of pork ribs that are cooked in the herbs and spices. The taste of cloves, anise, cinnamon, fennel seeds, and garlic is just awesome. It is cooked for a longer period.


Nasi Kandar

10 Awesomely delicious Malaysian food You must try

Nasi Kandar is a popular local North Malaysian food. It has originated from Penang. The mildly flavored steamed rice is served with a variety of curries.

It contains many other dishes like curried mutton, beef, fried chicken, prawns, and fish roe. To enjoy this dish, pour the curry sauces on the rice. Enjoy the awesome taste with the aroma.

Oyster Omelette

10 Awesomely delicious Malaysian food You must try

Oyster Omelette is a culinary delight among the street foods in Penang. The oysters are cooked in rice flour batter and egg. Make it crisp with chives.

Serve it with garlic or spicy chili sauce. The fluffy Omelette simply bursts with flavor in your mouth.


Crispy duck with rice

10 Awesomely delicious Malaysian food You must tryThis is a famous Chinese dish in Malaysia. The crispy duck is everywhere on the menu of restaurants. It is served with a sweet and spicy sauce. Boiled rice is eaten along with it.


Popiah (fresh spring roll)

10 Awesomely delicious Malaysian food You must try

It is a Chinese spring roll. A thin crepe from outside and is full of saucy ingredients (turnips, French beans, soybean curd, tofu, shredded egg, and peanut) from inside. This spring roll melts in your mouth.


Apom Manis ( Stuffed coconut crepe)

10 Awesomely delicious Malaysian food You must try

Apom Manis is very common dessert in Malaysia. It is made with coconut milk, flour, egg, and sugar.

A mixed flour batter is poured into a clay pot to form a crispy pancake. It is very light, fluffy and tasty.


Chengdu ( Malaysian dessert)

10 Awesomely delicious Malaysian food You must try

This dessert is similar to ‘Filipino Halo-Halo.’ It is made from green rice flour noodles, ice, red beans, and coconut milk.


KOPI-O ( Malaysian coffee)

10 Awesomely delicious Malaysian food You must tryIf you want to drink coffee, enjoy this local brew in Malaysia. It can be consumed cold with ice and condensed milk. This is one of the top Malaysian food you must try to enjoy the rustic taste of Kopi. You won’t find it elsewhere.


10 Awesomely delicious Malaysian food You must try

Rojak is a yummy fruit and vegetable salad. You can also include fried pastry and dried seafood. Fruits can be pineapple, cucumber, and mango.

The salad is dressed with dark sauce. This dark sauce is made from tamarind sauce and shrimp paste.

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 Final Words

Enjoy the beauty in Malaysia but don’t dare to forget to enjoy these delicious & popular Malaysian foods. Do share your own favorite Malaysian food in the comment section below. Or something that deserves a place on this list.


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