Soothing Deokpo Beach Geoje

Deokpo Beach is located in the island city of Geoje in Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea. The beach is situated in Deokpo village. It is a small white sand beach stretched around 450m in length & 40m wide. The water is clear & the air is crisp. It is perfect for a weekend picni and just takes around 20-25 from Goheyeon to reach Deokpo beach. Did I mention that its one of the Top 5 beaches of Geoje

Deokpo Beach Geoje

The beach is not very crowded which makes it ideal for a comfortable weekend trip. Pack in your swimming gears beach ball, swimmings rings & you are set for a fun weekend.


Fun things to do at Deokpo Beach

Deokpo Beach Geoje

There is a fun activity awaiting. Try out the Zipline that runs across the beach. It’s a quick ride but fun nevertheless. You can kayak, swim or go snorkeling. A beach can never disappoint you.

Deokpo Beach Geoje

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You will find many cafes in the promenade, perfect for chilling with a hot cuppa. You can buy knick-knacks from small stores in the locality.

Deokpo Beach Geoje


Get dazzled by the tranquility of this beach


Deokpo Beach Geoje

The atmosphere is calm & relaxing. Deokpo beach offers you a cozy place to unwind & relax. Don’t forget to pack your swimming gears and a picnic basket to enjoy a beautiful summer day.

Deokpo Beach Geoje

Deokpo beach is clean & quiet. It’s beauty magnifies during sunset.

Deokpo Beach Geoje

Bluewater & greenery all around makes such a great picture.

Deokpo Beach Geoje

If you are looking for spending a perfect day in spending a perfect day in geoje deokpo beach is just right for you. Should you need any tips or want to give any suggestion, drop-in in the comment section below

Watch out for this space to discover South Korea. Happy Travelling! :)


364-4, Okpo 2-dong, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

How to get there

You can take a bus from Goheyeon bus terminal. Bus No. 35. Get down at Hadeok Bus stop.

Another option is to hire a taxi. It is going to charge somewhere near about 12000 w to 14000 w ( taxi fares have incresed0 from Goheyeon to Deokpo.

Travel Tips

1. It is always advisable to bring your food. You can also try the nearby cafes if you are fond of Korean Food.

2. Try the Zipline. It’s sheer fun!

3. Bring along your camping gear or a mat to sit. Barbeque is another excellent idea. Sea, sand & hot barbeque food.

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