Diesel Watches: The Exotic Temptation

Since its inception, Diesel, as a brand has been on par with some of the most iconic names in the fashion industry. To quote the company founder Renzo Russo, Diesel is the only example of a casual wear or sportswear company that became a luxury brand.” Here we present you few of the most elegant Diesel watches available. 

The appeal of this premium Italian brand is so huge and all-encompassing that it has become synonymous with the style statement adhered to by an entire generation.

The same logic applies to their trendy line of watches. Irrespective of what you are looking for – a sporty, ultra-casual, or an elegant timepiece – there are Diesel Watches that fit the bill. Here are a few of the Diesel watches available on Ethos that you should consider if you want to invest in a new purchase.

Mega Chief DZ4281

It doesn’t get any better than this exquisite watch from the Mega Chief Chronograph collection. This watch is ideal for any occasion or setting and, thanks to its elegant styling, you can expect some heads to turn when you walk into a room sporting this beautifully crafted watch.

Diesel Watches: The Exotic Temptation

The blue dial, the extremely well-cut 59 mm gunmetal ion-plated steel case, and the leather strap give this watch a rugged yet sporty look. It’s perfect for men with big wrists. And the best part? It’s water resistant for up to 100 metres!

Diesel Analog DZ1467

Watches like the Analog DZ 1467 always remind us that retro design elements are always in vogue. Equipped with a silver case, dial, and a brown leather strap, this watch looks rather simple. But don’t mistake its simplicity for lack of sophistication, because it’s a handsome piece that will add a dapper finishing touch to any ensemble.

Diesel Watches: The Exotic Temptation

Mega chief DZ4318

You can be forgiven for mistaking this timepiece for a futuristic sci-fi movie’s interpretation of a 90s watch, especially because of the black dial, which is illuminated with a dual-tone orange and blue light. But don’t worry, it’s more accessible than that!

Diesel Watches: The Exotic Temptation

This super trendy watch features a stainless steel case with a steel strap. There are three mechanisms on the right: the crown, which allows you to unwind the watch while the other two can be used to control a stopwatch and date respectively. But what will interest you more is the reflective glass that gives it an otherworldly look. You’ll see “Only The Brave” engraved on the top signifying that it is from the revered OTB lineup of accessories. 

Diesel DZ7291

Diesel Watches: The Exotic Temptation

Diesel, ever since the birth of the brand in the latter half of the 1970s, has been revamping the way people perceive fashion. This has been showcased in the DZ7291 from the Little Daddy collection. To start with, this watch combines both functionality and style to provide you with a great casual accessory. It features a black dial with two quartz, one for the chronograph on the right, and the other for the date on the left and blends finesse with practicality. 

Ironside DZ4361

Diesel Watches: The Exotic Temptation

The Ironside DZ 4361 is yet another spectacular timepiece from Diesel’s fashionable accessory line up. With a dynamic chronograph black dial with quartz movements, a 48 mm sleek brushed and polished stainless steel case, and black leather straps, this watch is a versatile statement piece. If you are looking for a sporty timepiece with maximum functionality, this particular wristwatch definitely meets your requirements.

To sum it up, the list of refined Diesel watches is endless. Whether you’re adventurous or have a refined palate – there’s something for every man (or woman!). Find your perfect watch today!

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