Dilwale Vs Bajirao Mastani

Dilwale Vs Bajirao Mastani

Movie Review of two major Bollywood release on 18 DEC 2015, Dilwale Vs Bajirao Mastani. Agreed both are poles apart, different genres, different sensibilities, different treatment. …BUT as an audience, you tend to compare the movies on few basic grounds

Viewer engagement



Bajirao Mastani

I shall start with BM, in one line ‘delivered as promised’. Grand, opulent, commendable acting by all three main characters. Personally, I didn’t find a single dull moment. I could easily sit through another 30 minutes had the movie been stretched for that long. A story well narrated.

Although all the three actors, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone & Priyanka Chopra,  worked well but Ranveer Singh was the clear winner. He literally walked away with the movie. From building up a warrior’s body to typical Maharashtrian accent, showing warrior’s skill to looking convincing in subtle romantic scenes, Ranveer Singh looked flawless. He has shown tremendous growth as an actor. He is definitely one actor to look out for in 2016…

There have been a lot of talks about molding historical facts or wrong representation. That could be true. But the efforts put in to make something at such a big scale lets you forget about it for a while. I enjoyed it till the end….


Dilwale looks more like a David Dhawan movie collaborating with Shetty for car stunts. Donno why Varun Dhawan adapted this Salman-ism. From his body language to his dialogue delivery ( mostly hamming) looks highly ‘inspired’ by Salman Khan.

Srk & Kajol looks slimmer, younger & way better than they ever looked during their heydays. Special effects, botox or olay that fights 7 signs of aging…whatever it was looked really ‘unrealistic’They have good chemistry. We have seen that in their previous movies. Dilwale showed just the repetition. Now Kajol emotions look more like period cramps & SRK googly eyes…a bad mimicry of Mr. beans

Shetty aims to deliver a potboiler with every possible masala thrown in. Nothing wrong…Along with as many as 4 straight lifts from movies & sitcoms. There could be more that I could have missed. It was a major put off.

In a nutshell, nothing new, nothing entertaining or engaging & surely not something you will choose over other movies.


Dilwale Vs Bajirao Mastani……….This time, it’s not ‘Dilwale’ but ‘BM’ dulhania le gaye!!!

(P.S – M not a SLB fan)

(PSS – nothing to do with the past #intolerance fiasco. Just a movie watcher being raw & honest )


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  1. Thank you for this honest option Garima..much needed it was :) Always wanted to watch BM and this review will help me in pataoing patidev for BM :D


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