Disposable Diapers Myths: To use or not to use?

Disposable diapers have been around for decades. It is widely used by moms the world over.  Infants and toddlers have different activity levels. They love to play, crawl, move around, take long naps the house. The last thing you would want is to restrict their actions.  Diapers keep the babies clean, dry and fresh.

There were conventional homemade fabric diapers which have been replaced by more advanced disposable diapers & cloth diapers. There is a constant debate going on whether or not to use them?

Some of the common disposable diapers myths

All the new moms will vouch for the fact that they have been advised against using disposable diapers. Many reasons are given to discourage the use of diapers all together. The first and foremost its being uncomfortable for the babies!

The matter of the fact is, if used as per instructions and consulting your pediatrician, diapers are more convenient for the babies. It keeps them dry and fresh for a longer time.

Another widely spread myth is that Diapers are not good for boys. It is said that diaper cause heating and adversely affect the reproductive health of the boys. The truth is the testicle starts producing sperms once the boy hit puberty, not before that. The temperature inside the diapers doesn’t increase as much so as to harm the baby adversely. However, care must be taken to follow the hygienic procedure and change the diaper regularly.

Diaper cause skin rashes. There are many reasons for diaper rash. Wrong size, not changing the diaper regularly, irritation from poo and urine, skin sensitivity, infections are some of the common causes of rash. Therefore, it is advisable to use the diapers as per the instructions. You can also consult the pediatrician & check if any of the content of the diaper is not suitable for your baby. The doctor can advise you on any medical condition or sensitivity.

Are disposable diapers any better or worse than the cloth diapers?

The answer is a YES & NO. It solely depends on the user experience. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. While in olden times, we had no other option but to use the cloth diaper. The point that many of us ignore here is that the cloth used to make the diapers were also not factory made. They were hand span (mostly) and were not treated with chemicals as we get in today’s time. They both are not easily degradable & end up in landfills.

However, with the technical advancements, disposable diapers have an upper hand.

They have better absorption power, they are lightweight and convenient for the babies. Especially if you are traveling with toddlers, you will find it pretty handy. 

Disposable diapers usage guidelines

Pampers, one of the leading diaper manufacturer since 1961, has been one of the widely used brands the world over. They have been constantly improved the product so as to keep the babies active.

There are different varieties, sizes and fit to help you baby stay fresh and happy.

They have clearly mentioned the proper guidelines to use a diaper for maximum comfort for the babies.

  1. Change the diapers at regular interval. It must be changed after every 3- 4 hours irrespective of the fact whether it’s soiled or fully used or not.
  2. Select fit for your baby. Choosing the right size is extremely important. Ill-fitted diapers can be uncomfortable for the babies as well as can cause leaks.
  3. Always keep the baby’s skin clean. Follow the hygienic procedures very carefully. Baby skin is very sensitive. You need to keep it clean and fresh.
  4. Choose the best diaper for your baby keeping in mind the stage, age and weight of your baby.

The verdict

There are no fixed rules as far the parenting goes. Every parent faces different issues and every baby behaves in a unique manner. Therefore, it is better to decide according to the convenience and health of the baby. Your baby needs proper sleep, be active and healthy. Hence, choosing a suitable product is of utmost importance.

Dear moms, if you have any queries, views or suggestion, you are welcome to share it with us here in the comment section. We always love to hear the views of our readers. Your suggestions might help other moms. And a little conversation is what we always look forward to. Happy parenting!


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  1. wow! am now relieved after reading this.I was told to do away with pampers because my baby is a boy. thanks for the info ?

    • Hi Damaris,

      There are loads of myths associated with usage of Diapers. We have tried to bust such myths & bring forth correct information. I am happy that you have more clarity on the topic.


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