7 Best DIY Wedding Decorations Ideas For A Budget Wedding

Millennials have changed the way they live, dress up, study, and even the way they wed. Gone are the times when wedding used to be a family-only affair.

Millennials have gone a step further & started the new trend of ‘DIY Wedding Decorations’.

The wedding is a happy celebration when two people unite their destinies. It’s a relationship of a lifetime. This event is celebrated during two or even more days in Kolkata.

DIY Wedding Decorations

A good wedding is impossible without a proper decoration because it will look as any other holiday event.

You can prepare it yourself  DIY wedding decorations or hire professional wedding decorators in Kolkata to do the job for you. It greatly depends on your budget and on your free time. Let’s take a closer look at both variants with some tips included.

If you have enough time and resources, you can easily make the location of the wedding beautiful and luxurious. DIY Wedding Decorations are not as difficult as it seems. 

1.The flowers – But be careful with them and find out in advance how to make their life longer. No one will want to see them wilted. Flowers arrangements should be on top of your DIY wedding decorations as it can set the look of your dream wedding.

2.The next thing is using different types of drapery. Look at them in a different light and choose the ones that shine and look great in both sunshine and candlelight.

3. Sitting Arrangement– Think of little sofas for relaxing and for the photo zone. They should be of high-quality materials & as per the wedding theme. 

The chairs for the guests should be decorated as well. There are many beautiful linen chair covers available nowadays that look pretty & are comfortable in all weathers.

Pay attention to the table for the food. Food art & tastefully done decoration look inviting.

4.Pay attention to the service staff that will help you on the day of the wedding. You can rent some clothes in the Kolkata shops.

DIY Wedding Decorations VS Wedding Planners

Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

Nowadays, wedding planners take over & kind of commercialize everything.If you are looking for a personalized touch we would suggest to get involved in the whole process.

Fortunately, there are many people in Kolkata that call themselves brilliant wedding decorators. But you need to choose the only one to make the wedding different from others. The first thing you should ask the decorator to show you is the portfolio.

You can ask for drawing a picture or designing the decoration on the tab using a special software. After you have chosen the right decorator, you should sign a contract. You can write there all your requirements and wishes.

Don’t forget to indicate what you’re going to do if you don’t like the result. A professional wedding decorator will offer you several variants and you will choose the right one together after visiting the future location of the wedding.

DIY Wedding Decorations VS Wedding Planners

Make a choice

No matter which variant you choose for the wedding, DIY Wedding Decorations VS Wedding Planners, you need to remember that this happens only once in your life and it should look the best way possible.

Pay attention to every detail of decoration of the location and even the way you and the guests look like. You can ask them to wear something special of a specific color. Or wear a special accessory that will match the style.

It’s important to remember that you will look at the photos in ten, twenty or even fifty years, so try to make this holiday the best one in Kolkata.

DIY wedding decorations are not as intimidating as you may think. It’s just a matter of proper planning & budgeting. You will be amazed how much money you will end up saving & a gorgeous wedding with your personal touch will be a memory to behold.


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  1. I am a big enthusiast for wedding planners. You only marry once and you have to make the most of not only the wedding day but also the ones before it. For a stress-free wedding planning, you need professionals. And now there are so many budget-friendly wedding planners available on online portals to choose from all over the country!


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