Dove play Indiblogger Meet at J.W Marriott

Dove play Indiblogger Meet at J.W Marriott


Dearest Dove ,


I am a woman of today. I am a multitask-er . I play the  roles of a  homemaker, mother , wife , friend , adviser & so on..on  a day to day basis . In the whole role juggling thing  one person is often left ignored .That person is ME. I am my last priority . Be it be eating , dressing up , relaxing or having some ‘Me’ time , I refrain from stealing a couple of minutes for myself. I know its important but some how I don’t ..well I can’t . My hands are always full. 

Since the day I heard your dove play song , I secretly harbored a wish to have a play date with myself . No daily chores, no wake up calls, no planning menus , no kanta bai’s khit pit , no ” mom come help me ” , just me with myself . I downloaded the song on my laptop & kept hearing it every now & then , imagining myself  giggling & dancing like a care free girl . Oh is that even possible ? I thought !! Well some times wishes are granted …

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 When I got the invite for ‘ Dove play Indiblogger meet ‘ I was literally jumping with excitement . The highlight was ” ladies only ” & dress code was ‘White ” .Just like the fabulous ‘Dove play song ‘ . Wishes do come true :) 

Dove play Indiblogger Meet at J.W Marriott


( I got an invitation by an email. This is just a  fragment of my imagination for  the perfect play date .Just to add a dash of drama :) )

Finally the day arrived . I searched my closet & picked the whitest & prettiest ensemble for my date . I wanted every thing to be perfect. Usually I hate putting make up & prefer natural look but this day was meant to be special . I stood in front of the mirror , made a pretty pout & dabbed on some lip color , lined my eyes with kohl , sprayed my favorite fragrance ‘Davidoff sea rose ‘ and voila I was ready for my date . ( I looked ok I guess , evident from my husband’s reaction when I stepped out of my room :) ) 

My dear husband volunteered to pick & drop me to the venue. As we reached the venue , J W Marriott hotel , I looked at my kids . I never went to any event or social gathering without them ever. I stepped out , my hubby held my hand & after a gentle press released it . He gestured me to go inside . ( on the lines of  DDLG classic scene where Amrish puri tells his daughter to go to her love & enjoy her life ” Ja Simran ja , je le apni zindagi “.)  I felt the similar expression in my husband’s eyes .Or was I just being a little filmy ? :D.

I took a deep breath & headed straight inside.There was a Registration desk right at the lobby. There I met smiling & cheerful Indiblogger staff who directed me to the hall . I was given a map , a wrist band with a team number ( mine was Team 12 ) , a name batch & baggage tag . ( Gosh , these people are so organised, My first reaction ) .

Dove play Indiblogger Meet at J.W Marriott


Finally I entered the ‘Grand Sangram Ballroom ‘  . It was breath taking . Decorated with hundreds of lanterns , soothing lighting , a nice stage set at the center & chairs covered in white in sync with the theme ‘All white ” . 

I took a seat & looked around  . It felt as if I  entered a fairy tale .Everything so pure , so white , so serene. I was ecstatic. I was trying to calm myself  & soak in the environment and there came the glasses of red & white wine.  ( So the pampering starts ) .   Lovely Freishia Bomanbehram , Hangout Amereeka NDTV fame, took the stage & the magic began…


Dove play Indiblogger Meet at J.W Marriott


We were divided into teams of 10 members each on arrival. We did couple of activities in the room & introduced ourselves to the other team members in quite a playful way .( Look at the image . We were holding hands & moving in circle. Back to kinder Garten :D )  . The interactive session helped us to loosen up  & bond with our team members. 

Dove play Indiblogger Meet at J.W Marriott


 We were all giggling like babies. As we were trying to catch a breath , two cute Zumba instructors came up on the stage & made us dance . It was hell lot of fun . I danced like no one was watching . It was sensual & energetic . I was getting into the fun zone .Oh yay !!

Dove play Indiblogger Meet at J.W Marriott

We were told there were  series of activities lined up for us . I couldn’t wait any longer . It was so much fun. The volunteers took 3 team each for an activity .Our team  was taken to ‘Teesta ‘  . A whole range of hair accessories were lined up for us to go crazy . We were suppose to do a hair style on our team members . It was a fun contest & the team with maximum points after finishing all 4 activities was to be declared the winner . We got all competitive & were having so much fun too !!

Dove play Indiblogger Meet at J.W Marriott


It resembled a green room that was gushing with activities . The energy was high ,so was  the spirits . All the girls were enjoying every moment of it  . The world has caught the ‘Selfie ‘ fever . We were not spared even . Here is a selfie we took after our task was completed . ( don’t we all look like princesses :) ) 


Dove play Indiblogger Meet at J.W Marriott


We moved to other activities like ‘Hip don’t lie ‘ in Sangram ballroom ( Hula hoop ,it was the funniest one ) , “Have a ball”  in Kaveri ballroom  ( we were suppose to collect balls with dove written on it .) , ‘ Puzzle Mania ‘ in Indus ballroom ( jigsaw puzzle with dove ad .Total fun ! )


Finally we went to Saraswati ballroom or the ‘Dove Salon‘ for the day . We were asked to relax & get our hair styled by dove professionals ( can you imagine ! ) . we did as we were told, sat & relaxed while the professional dressers took care of our tresses.It was totally divine . There was a selfie booth & photographers right outside the salon. We pout & posed in front of the dove hoarding.



Dove play Indiblogger Meet at J.W Marriott


After the hair play at salon , we posed for group & individual pictures . I felt like a celeb walking  the red carpet & posing . It was my moment of glory !


Dove play Indiblogger Meet at J.W Marriott



 And no this was the end of the evening .One more activity awaited us .‘Be the bartender’ at Salt water pool side .

We learnt the ropes of making a perfect cocktail . It was also the last leg of the  team activity . One member from each team was asked to make a cocktail & give a name to it. I made ‘ Sunshine’ , a gin , tomotato juice , mint, lemon & ginger cocktail. And guess what IT WAS ADJUDGED ONE OF  THE TOP THREE COCKTAILS OF THE EVENING  & I WON GVs FOR THE WHOLE TEAM :) .  It couldn’t get better .



It was getting better by each passing moment. We were handed over the ‘Dove Goodies bag’ . It had a

1. Dove damage solutions Shampo I have been using dove products since a long time. Dove bar was the first product that I used & been a fan of dove product ever since. They are gentle yet effective. Dove damage solutions shampoo contains 1/4 moisture milk  & Keratin Actives that works at cellular level, repairs the damage  and make hair resilient to damage.

2.Dove intense Repair conditioner Hair damage is self -inflicted. Harsh chemicals , busy lifestyle, improper diet , environmental factors  & styling take its toll. Unlike other products that works  superficially, dove works at deeper layer. Repairing the damage & making hair healthy & shiny.  

3. A cute hair pin , My darling daughter loved it !!

4. Philips hair iron , now I am not afraid to play .I have dove :) 

(  Boy they are pampering us silly & how !! . ) 


Dove play Indiblogger Meet at J.W Marriott


After all play & fun , the finale concluded with heavenly food that not only looked divine but tasted out of  the world.

Dove play Indiblogger Meet at J.W Marriott

Its a long letter but one can’t go miser on words when it comes to expressing one’s joy & happiness.It was one of the most exciting event I have attended. It was so well organised . The Indiblogger team was very professional & helpful.Thank you for the wonderful opportunity, Dove and  Indiblogger  team , I absolutely had a great time . You guyz are simply amazing !! Kudos !!

Dove play Indiblogger Meet at J.W Marriott

“My appreciation & love for  you in form of a short VC , with  all precious memories & one of my favorite song that just felt right for the magical moments. I would cherish these memories forever :) .Thanks for giving me a day just for myself full of  fun ,joy & pampering . Feeling like a princess after Dove play date :) “




With Dove  ..err..Love :) 

Garima Nag 


  [ P.s – Now my morning starts with this beautiful message ] 

Dove play Indiblogger Meet at J.W Marriott




This post is part of Dove Play event experience  with Indiblogger 

(  Personal pictures & few others courtesy Google  )

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